hoover max extract 77 reviews

Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro FH50240 reviews

Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro, FH50240 reviews

update 05. 2018

Hoover Max Extract 77 reviews

max extract 77 reviews

Hoover Max Extract 77 is the upgrade version of Hoover Max Extract 60, by adding three special features: brush speed level control, water/rinse selector and multiple floor cleaning tools. The addition of these features allows users to customize for different cleaning tasks from dedicate area carpets to sealed wood floor types.

Hoover Max Extract 77 has 77 counter-rotating brush unit on the brush head for more scrubbing activities than the Max Extract 60, and it has remained all of the technologies such as forced heated air, water recovering from carpet and edge cleaning ability.

The downside of Hoover Max Extract is heavyweight and this model is somehow not very durable when compare to Hoover Max Extract 60 (users rate it lower than the Max Extract 60 and tend to pick up the Max Extract 60 more than this unit). Check for the technologies and benefits of Hoover Max Extract 77.


hoover max extract 77 reviews
hoover max extract 77 reviews

Technologies and benefits of Hoover Max Extract 77

  • Construction: corded, full-size upright carpet cleaner
  • 77 counter rotating brush unit on the nozzle
  • Auto rinse selector so it can wash the carpet with fresh water without the need to replace the water in the tank
  • Heated cleaning for faster carpet drying time
  • Clean surge: there is a fingertip control to spray more detergents on the areas with more traffic

3-speed brush roll setting for various carpet types

Specifications of Hoover Max Extract 77

  • Cord Length 20 Feet
  • Hose Length 9 Feet
  • Motor Amps 10 Amps
  • Nozzle Width 13 Inches
  • Clean Water Capacity 147 Ounce(s)
  • Product Weight 22.5 Pounds
  • Tools: squeegee
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Dimensions: 23.8 x 16.2 x 26.8’’

Pros and cons of Hoover Max Extract 77

It appears to have better features for maximal performance when comparing with Hoover Max Extract 60 and other units like Hoover Powerscrub or Hoover Steam Vac, however when using, in reality, a lot of users do not very appreciate this unit. Instead of choosing this unit, you can move to Hoover Max Extract 60 to have a more durable model.

Recommendation about Hoover Max Extract 70

You can just pick the similar model (Hoover Max Extract 60) to have a consistent unit for years, or you can choose other best full-size upright carpet cleaners like Hoover Powerscrub FH50150, Hoover Powerscrub Deluxe FH50251.

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Compare Hoover Max Extract 77 vs Hoover Steam Vac and Hoover Power Scrub FH50150

 SteamVac Carpet Washer with Clean SurgePower Scrub Deluxe Carpet WasherMax Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet and Hard Floor Deep Cleaner  
3-Speed Brushroll Controlyesnoyes
Wash/Rinse Selectornoyesyes
Edge Cleaning Bristlesnonoyes
Nozzle Width11.25"11.25"13"
Weight20 lbs.18.1 lbs.22.5 lbs.
Multi-Floor Cleaning Capabilitiesyes
ToolsSpinScrub Powered Hand ToolSpinScrub Powered Hand Tool, Stair Tool, Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool, 16 oz. Solution and Mesh Tool Storage BagSpinScrub Powered Hand Tool, Upholstery Tool

FAQs & troubleshooting of Hoover Max Extract 77

Does this machine scrub linoleum And work on carpets? Pukey pets..
Answer: I purchased 2 of the machines for cleaning hard surfaces. I could not get the squeegee to stay on the machine(necessary for hard surface cleaning). I returned both machines(non returnable so I received credit). I recommend the Hoover model that is less expensive. I have that one as well and it works great.

Question: How do you put the squeegee on I can’t get it to stay on?
Answer: Did you read the reviews before you purchased this unit? It will not stay on period.

Question: I can’t seem to get it to suck up the water/detergent after it cleans the carpets. Am I doing something wrong?
Answer: There is a small screen that is probably plugged up . Just clean it and it should work fine

Question: How do you put the green snap on on the machine to pick up water
Answer: Don’t bother. It will NOT stay on. Especially if you have tile and grout lines.

Question: The machine is putting out the water but not sucking it up.
Answer: First time this happened, I had a bunch of dog hair clogging my intake hose (had to take it to a vacuum shop to get it cleaned out–tech said it happens with this model all the time and is a function of too narrow hose design). The second time it happened, I had forgotten to screw all 3 caps in tightly (this fixed the… see more

Question: I have no suction? Any ideas?
Answer: Clean the screens there are 2

Question: how well does the hand held upholstery attachment work? I would like to use it for the interior of my car.
Answer: Works very well

Question: How many amps is the motor?
Answer: According to the Hoover website the motor is 10 amps.

Question: Can i use it in the west side of japan? the ac power is 100v 60hz. i have the power plug attachments.
Answer: As far as using this machine on something other than the house current available in the United States I have no idea. I have no experience with any of that. Perhaps the factory can help.

Question: Have you used this to clean unpolished concrete?
Answer: No, we haven’t just carpet and tile
Does it work on vinyl floors
Answer: Haven’t tried it on hard surface floors.

Question: There doesn’t seem to be much air suction when using the upholstery attachment; any suggestions to make it work?
Answer: I haven’t had that problem. Are you sure that the attachment is seated properly?

Question: so what’s this going to do for hardwood floor? I’d really be interested in knowing
Answer: Says that it will clean sealed hardwood floors. I have yet to use it for that purpose though. I had its predecessor the all terrain and it worked ok. This one has more brushes so probably will do as well if not better.

Question: Anyone still have this item and still recommended it after several uses?
Answer: I do. And it’s still working well.

Question: Can you use other cleaning solution or just Hoover solution.
Answer: I must say, I don’t have an answer for that because I’ve never used anything but Hoover products and I’ve always found the end result to be completely satisfactory. Furthermore, it would be entirely wrong of me to recommend anything else unless I was willing to accept the responsibility and liability of someone having … see more

Question: what is the input current for the machine 120v or 240v?
Answer: 120V

Question: What is the length off the electric cord?
Answer: About 20 feet, give or take an inch

Question: Can you clean your car with it ?
Answer: Yes. There is an attachment

Question: can you turn off the scution compleaty so you can just scrub
Answer: yes,
You can just use rinse for regular cleaning without suction. I you are referring to the attachments the suction only comes into play when you attach the hose.

Question: can you turn off the suction and just scrub
Answer: when you push the button and move the forward the scrubbers move. when you continue to hold the lever down both the scrubbers and suction continue. I believe you can release the lever and the scrubbers will still continue.


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