Hoover FloorMate Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner, BH55100PC reviews wont answer these questions

Hoover FloorMate Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner, BH55100PC reviews wont answer these questions

update January 23, 2018

Hoover FloorMate Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner, BH55100PC reviews

Hoover Floormate cordless floor cleaner is a bare floor cleaning machine which is featured by Li-ion for more portability. The Hoover Floormate cordless can run for about 50 minutes maximum (extended battery models). However, Hoover Floormate cordless is not very favorable as users find that running time is just insufficient for them to clean the whole floor. Besides it is also costly (almost 2 fold more than the corded model). The better alternative is Hoover Floormate Deluxe corded model. Check for the technologies and specifications of Hoover Floormate cordless unit and other cordless models in this series.

Hoover FloorMate Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner, BH55100PC reviews
Hoover FloorMate Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner, BH55100PC reviews

Technologies and specifications of Hoover FloorMate Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner, BH55100PC

  • Construction: upright cordless stick unit with Li-ion for 50 minutes running time when fully charged for 3 hours.
  • Batteries: 2 packs
  • Charge time: 3 hours
  • Warranty: 5 years on machine and batteries
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs
  • Dimensions: 12 x 11.5 x 43.8”

Compare Hoover Floormate cordless series

 Hoover Floormate SpinScrubHoover Floormate DeluxeHoover Floormate Cordless
Tank Capacity32 oz.48 oz.24 oz.
Wood Floor BrushNoYesYes
Clean Boost ControlNoYesYes
Weight16 lbs.13.8 lbs.12.6 lbs.
Vacuum FeatureYesNoNo
Cord Length27 ft.20 ft.No cord
Nozzle Width13 inches / 15 inches on the Hoover Floormate SpinScrub Special Edition.11 inches11.5 inches
Folding HandleYesYesNo
Warranty1 year2 years2 years / 5 years for the batteries

Questions about Hoover FloorMate Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner, BH55100PC

is the floormate safe on pergo?
Answer: Probably, but I have concrete floors so…I’d check with Hoover.. this thing is great though I’d like 2 batteries, don’t really need more than one in 2500sq ft

Question: What material is the scrubbing head made of and is it safe to use on vinyl/laminate planking flooring
Answer: It is safe it’s made of soft plastic material

Question: does it come with the battery ?
Answer: Yes! The Cordless FloorMate comes with a 20V battery pack!

Question: How long is the factory warranty. i bought one in may 2017 and it just quite running. how do i return it?
Answer: Save your receipt! Hoover will tell you to take to an authorized repair center, then in about a month, you get a new one. Then the new one will quit working after a few months, so you have to start all over.

Question: Can you use it as a regular vacuum to pick up dry dirt and animal hair
Answer: Yea you can but I don’t recommend because it will clog up if you don’t clean it up well.

Question: Should I buy this one or the corded one?
Answer: Do not buy this if you want a trouble free product. This one leaks and rust as screws are not stainless steel type. Motor will not last as long as a year, if you are lucky.

Question: Will this work with the 18v lithium battery from the hoover linx?
Answer: I’m not sure, but i strongly recommend NOT to buy this model, because it has a design problem and it gets broken after a week of use. I had to return them to the Hoover recommended repair shop TWICE! In the end, i’ve lost my money, as they won’t refund you and i didn’t want to keep sending it back weekly for a new one

Question: Is this work without batery?
Answer: No, it only works with the battery.

Question: Is this cleaner very noise?
Answer: Yes is as loud as a normal vacuum cleaner. I would recommend this product if they use a better and reliable electric motor. Mine kaput within a couple of months.

Question: can you use your own cleaning solution? Like vinegar or Mr. Clean?
Answer: Yes, anything you want. I use the regular cleaning solution and sometimes vinegar and water.


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