dyson-groom tool review

Dyson Groom Tool Reviews

Dyson Groom Tool Reviews

Last updated: 15th July 2018


Dyson groom tool is a tool specialized for pet owners to get the pet grooming without messing. It is basically an attachment with the brush and bristles on the top to collect pet’s loose hair so you do not need to clean the home around. This is a nice kit when you have pet and carpet and you don’t want to clean the floor every day.

364 bristles made from stainless steel, retractable for storage
works on long hair dog results
Dyson groom tool reviews
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Why you need a pet groomer

Because some types of dogs tend to spread the hair for the whole day and vacuum the pat hair for the entire floor every day is a lot of work. In this case you might need a pet groomer to save your home cleaning time.

Why don’t I use a vacuum cleaner for per grooming in stead

Using a vacuum cleaner for a pet is too intensed because the vacuum cleaner is designed with a lot of suction power. You will scare you your pet away from the vacuum cleaner for the first time. The pet groomer is designed with the purpose of removing loose hair and allergens such as pet skin and dust. It is a small tool that you can attach to the hose end of a vacuum cleaner, and it suck up gently so your pet won’t be get mad.

Can Dyson pet groomer work on carpet

It is pretty sura that Dyson pet groomer is designed for pet hair collection but on the pet body, not on carpet. When using this little kit with intended design, it works amazing. For cleaning pet messes on carpet, you might need a vacuum cleaner/ carpet cleaner for pet owners.

Can Dyson pet groomer work on short hair dog

This tool has 364 slicker bristles which is relatively short so it works well on short hair dog and long hair dog with a lot of breeds.

Is Dyson pet groomer a product from Dyson

The Dyson pet groomer is a product developed by Dyson brand and you know that Dyson is a very famous manufacturer in Home Cleaning Equipment (high end quality) so in terms of quality, you can rely on any product from Dyson

Accessories of Dyson pet groomer

Dyson pet groomer comes as a complete kit for pet caring which includes:

  • Zorb powder: sponges at micro sizes that will absord dirt from carpet
  • Zorb groomer: long bristles
  • Stiff bristle brush

How long is the warranty time

This little kit from Dyson has 1 yr warranty

Description of Dyson groom tool

Dyson groom tool is a special tool/ brush that is made for cleaning the pet loose hair and dead skin before it spread around the home. It is a brush with bristle (adjustable length to work with any breed of dogs and cats) that when you connect the tool to the vacuum, it will gently catch and suck the loose hair away. Because it is designed by Dyson so it can work with any Dyson vacuum.

dyson groom tool review

Is Dyson Groom tool durable as Dyson vacuum cleaner

The plastic part of this tool is made of PP and ABS which is very durable (it’s not like any junk plastic out there) and the bristles are stainless steel so, in terms of quality, it is a good investment for using a long time.

Any pros and cons of Dyson Groom tool

The obvious pros are that it will save your time because you won’t have to clean the carpet every day. Especially during winter when you can’t bring the pet outside, it tends to spread more hair and dead skin that’s why cleaning its loose hair with the grooming tool is a big pro for any pet owners.

Second, it is made from durable materials and fit any Dyson vacuum model so you can be sure this is a quality product from Dyson.

The downside is that not every pet loves vacuum cleaner (actually the pet dislike any vacuum cleaner). Therefore you need to make your pet get familiar with the vacuum cleaner, otherwise, it will run away.

Dyson groom tool compatibility

The tool is compatible with other Dyson upright and portable vacuum cleaners (corded versions). Dyson groom tool is not compatible with Dyson DC01, motorhead units and cordless units.

Other related questions and answers about Dyson Groom Tool

Is there a tool for this that makes it easier to use on the dog? the wand of the vac is too long, need something flexible, to attach to the wand.
Answer: You remove the wand and it attaches directly to the hose.

Question: Does it Come with the hose?
Answer: No, I does come with an adapter to accommodate a standard type hose, but it’s only the grooming tool that fits the Dyson and the adapter for the standard hose. My dog loves it.

Question: Is this made by Dyson or an OEM manufacturer?
Answer: On Amazon, the OEM one is called Dyson Groom. The regular Dyson one is called Dyson Groomer, or just “the Groomer.” it can sure be confusing because at least in the photos on Amazon, they look identical, and the OEM is about $14 less. i don’t know if they ARE identical, just saying the photos look the same.
I believe it’s manufature product. But to be very honest I thought the product will be much better.

Question: Is a vacuum cleaner necessary for this tool, or can it work independently?
Answer: Yes, you definitely need a vacuum.

Question: Does this tool work with the new Cenetic.
Answer: Yes it does. All dyson tools are universal for every product they make. This tool is amazing and works better then I anticipated

Question: Does this work on the dyson animal v8? will it attach to it?
Answer: I would say yes. It comes with an adapter for many of the Dyson models; I have the Dyson Ball, and it attached right to the hose. Love it!

I purchased one for my mom who has a non-dyson vacuum. This has the standard dyson attachment port which is the button that slides into the female piece, as well as an adapter for a hose nozzle.

Question: Do i absolutely need a hose to use this? i have a dyson v6 animal.
Answer: Not sure what a V6 Dyson is but I own a Dyson Animal and use the hose from my vacuum.

Answer: I have a German Short-hair and it works good on her. The only thing I’m not super happy with is that the bristles are a little sharp so you need to go easy on areas where the coat isn’t as thick. Hopes this helps…..



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