Genuine Dyson Extension Hose, 917250-04 Frequent Asked Question Part 1

Genuine Dyson Extension Hose, 917250-04 Frequent Asked Question Part 1

last update January 24, 2018 can this fit for cicnetic big ball animal?
Answer: I am not sure, but I can tell you that it fit our little ball animal, and a larger, older Dyson at work.

Question: does it fit DC25
Answer: Yes. Fits really good

Question: Will this hose also fit the v7 cordless vac’s?
Answer: Sorry I DON’T KNOW!

Question: has anyone actually used this with Animal 2 vacuum?
Answer: No

Question: I have a dyson v9 does not fit. is there an adaptor so that i can use it?
Answer: I don’t know

Question: Does it fit V6 Matress? Thanks!
Answer: I know it fits the Dyson V6 Animal.

Question: Does it fit v8
Answer: yes

Question: will it work with the v6 top dog handheld?
Answer: I have the v6 complete vacuum that can be a handheld. Ii fits perfectly and makes the handheld able to reach tight spots

Question: Would this fit a v6? it looks like it..
Answer: Yes. I use it for my v6 total clean

Does this fit the Dyson V8 Absolute?
Answer: Oh absolutely! It will fit from V6 thru V8.

Question: Is it possible to snap two together to make longer extension?
Answer: Not 100% positive, but one end of the extension hose will snap into the the other end of the same hose. So I would expect that you can connect two hoses together. At least in theory, that sounds logical.

Question: does this fit dc25 multi
Answer: I use this for “Dyson V6” in KOrea. I have no idea about DC25….

Question: Does it fit a dysonDC34
Answer: Not sure what DC34 is. I bought it for my handheld Dyson and it works great!!!

Question: Does it fit a DC 36 ?
Answer: i use it for v6 absolute

Question: Does it fit the V8
Answer: I just purchased direct from Dyson v8 967764-01; it is shorter and the only place I found it

Question: Does this fit the D27 “the ball” upright?
Answer: Mine is V6 in Korea, I don’t know about D27. Good Luck~

Question: help me!! this hose can be used on DC-08?
Answer: It seems to fit the older model Dysons. I would try it.

Question: Will this fit a DC 18???
Answer: No, call us at 8005111417 or email at daltonvacuumatgmaildotcom

Question: Does this fit the dyson – v6 motorhead bagless cordless stick vacuum?
Answer: Yes, that is what I use it on……

How flexible is this hose?
Answer: It’s very flexible

Question: Does this work for DC25 models?
Answer: After looking at pictures of dc25 accessories, the extension hose should fit with no trouble.

Question: Does it fit DC16
Answer: If the DC16 has the same hose connections but I don’t know for certain

Question: Can this hose can be used on Dyson V8?
Answer: No, it doesn’t. Have both here to test–based on previous incorrect answer. And Dyson US says they don’t offer one that does “at this time”. (Though one shows on a Dyson UK web site.)

Question: Does this fit the DC33?
Answer: I bought this to use on my DC61 not sure about the DC33.

Question: Does this fit the newer model dyson animal allergy cinetic? i see answers going both ways in the q&a and am hoping for clarification. thank you!
Answer: this fit ok

Question: this hose can be used on Dyson V6 Hepa ?
Answer: i think it can be. ’cause i use v6 absolute.

Question: Does this work with Dyson V8? the connection mechanism looks different.
Answer: Not sure. I have a DC39 and it is not on the list but it fits like a charm.

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