deebot n79 reviews

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner reviews

DEEBOT N79 reviews

Last updated: 16th August 2018

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner reviews - #most popular robot vacuum

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner reviews

Deebot N79 is Ecovacs most famous and popular low price robot vacuum cleaner. When you search for low price robot vacuum cleaner with wifi connection, Deebot N79 is the most popular model with a very high rating. The reason why Deebot N79 is so popular is not only about the cheap price (in 200 range), but it is packed with all of the standard features to run smoothly and clean effectively.

In 2018, Ecovacs has updated the Deebot N79 with Deebot N79S model by adding more features but remaining the cheap price. Let’s check for the benefits and technologies used in this model.

Notice: Deebot N79 is a standard robot vacuum, which does not have wet mopping feature. If you need an affordable robot vac with mopping, check for the Deebot M80 Pro version.

deebot n79 reviews
deebot n79 reviews

Technologies and benefits of Deebot N79

Deebot n79 skills

  • Wifi connection with App control (Ecovacs app, alexa incompatible)
  • smart nagivation and 3 tier cleaning system
  • 3 cleaning modes
  • anti drop sensors
  • 100 minute run time
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Accessories:  instruction manual, remote control w/ batteries sponge filter,  high efficiency filter, side brushes, power adapter,  docking station & customer support

deebot n79 package

  • Dimensions 13 x 13 x 3.1 inches
  • Item Weight 6.7 pounds

Compare Deebot n79 vs roomba

Deebot N79 is very similar to Roomba 600s series (especially the Roomba 690 model). The main difference is about the suction mode, run time and Alexa Voice. Deebot N79 has a single suction mode, Roomba 690 has 2 suction modes. Deebot N79 can run for over 100 minutes. Roomba 690 can last for about 60 minutes. Deebot N79 does not work with Alexa voice while Roomba 690 does. Both are at the same price range.

Compare Deebot N79 vs N79s

Answer: Deebot N79S inherits the N79 model strong points, such as 1000 Pa motor, optimized helix brush, long run time and adds 2 important features: Deebot N79S can work with Alexa voice and it has a max suction mode to deal with tough cleaning areas. Deebot N79 does not have max suction mode.

Deebot N79 troubleshooting and FAQs

Question: Where can I get the deebot n79 manual?

Answer: You can find the Deebot N79 manual here.

Question: How to troubleshoot when Deebot N79 side brush does not work (malfunction)?

Answer: you may need to check for clogging issue, such as hair wrapping, or you may try to do a factory reset to see if it could work again. You may contact Ecovacs to resolve the issue.

Question: Can Deebot N79 work with Alexa?

Answer: Deebot N79 can’t work with Alexa. The 2nd generation Deebot N79S works with Alexa. Some models from Ecovacs that are compatible with Alexa are: DEEBOT M80Pro, M81Pro, M87, M88, R95, R96, R98 and DEEBOT OZMO 610

Question: Where can I download Deebot n79 App?

Answer: Just head to Ecovacs site, you can get the app there.

Question: How to troubleshoot if Deebot n79 anti drop malfunctioned?

Answer: You can find the answer of this issue on the instruction manual here.

Question: Where can I get Deebot n79 battery replacement?

Answer: You should check for Ecovacs website.

Question: Why deebot n79 not charging?

Answer: There are 3 main reasons: you have not turn on the switch of the robot at the bottom (-> turn it on); your Deebot is not connected to the charging dock pin (-> check for the connection, you may need to do manually); your Deebot battery is discharged (-> you have to re-activate the battery, placing the robot on the charging dock, charge for 3 mins, remove manually, repeat 3 times to reset)


Question: Where can I get Deebot n79 amazon coupon?

Answer: Check here to see if there is any coupon of Deebot N79 on Amazon.

How often do filters need to be changed?

Answer: You may need to replace the HEPA filtration of Deebot N79 after a while depending on your frequency of use. If you use daily, then you may replace HEPA filters after 6 months. You can find the great deal of Deebot N79 replacement parts here.

Question: I have dark burgundy and black floors. Will it work on such dark floors?

Answer: Yes, the color doesn’t matter. Mine runs seamlessly from my dark brown floor to the light brown and even over my low pile rugs. This particular model is specifically for hard floors and low pile rugs.

Question: Is there a way to “lock” the deebot n79? the manual recommends not turning it off while cat has walked on it and turned it on a few times.

Answer: Hi there, Unfortunately, there is no option to “lock” the Deebot N79.

Question: How does it work from tile to heavy pile carpet?

Answer: This unit is for low pile carpets only.

Question: How well does this vacuum handle cleaning the corners?

Answer: I am impressed with Dion (my Debot) overall. If I want him to do the edges, he does. If I want him to do the middle, he does. Sometime he is so engrossed in his duties that I cannot get him to go home.

Question: My N79 is on the charger in the on position the auto button shows blue and the wi if is blinking can someone explain this?

Answer: Hi there, if the Deebot is on the charging dock the auto button will show a flashing blue light that means that it is charging. If the wifi light is blinking while it is on the charging station it only shows that it is searching for a wifi connection.

Question: The auto blue light is on and the WiFi is blinking?

Answer: I’m not sure as I have not used the WiFi on the unit.

Question: How do you empty the trash after it runs the cycle?

Answer: Hi, For you to empty the collected trashes of the Deebot N79, you just need to take out the dustbin which is located at the back of the Deebot.

Question: Once hooked up to Wifi, can I control the vacuum away from my house using the app, or do I have to be connected to my wifi to control it?

Answer: Idk just hit the button on it and it does it’s thing and before I know it the house is clean.

Question: This device uses a lithium battery, correct ? Any reports of any of these devices blowing up or catching fire, etc. ?
Answer: I have not researched it’s battery or reports of the device blowing up etc. Mine has not blown up or caught fire.

Question: Does it memorize its location?

Answer: No, but it does return to home base on its own.

Question: does the Deebot N79 clean dark wood floors good

Answer: Yes! Very good at getting dust off dark floors. The 3 rollers also make sure it gets everything off the floor. Good suction power!

Question: I notice it is possible to disable wi-fi from the manual at does this in fact completely disable the wi-fi radio?

Answer: Sorry, I cannot answer that question not sure about that.

Question: what if you don’t have wi-fi?

Answer: The WiFi allows the app for the phone to be used. It worked fine with the supplied remote as that is how I programmed the N79 to run each day at 10:30 am. I will say again.. I’m a bit of neat freak and I am amazed of how much dirt “Sheldon” picks up over a couple of days.

Question: Does this model work with Google Home?

Answer: Hi there, there’s no support for third-party smart home services like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Home for N79. You an check the Deebot 8 series or Deebot 9 series.

Question: What is considered low carpet?

Answer: It works well on carpets that are not shaggy or with a high pile. Ones that are in other words flatter work best. There is a spin bar in the front that it can get hung up on. I love mine for the daily clean ups, especially with 2 dogs. Push the button and let her go!

Question: why does it not return to charger

Answer: Hit the reset

Question: My home is small but has an unusual layout, no simple rectangular rooms, rather dividing walls and several different “zones.” Will this work?

Answer: I don’t see why not. It goes through my foyer, long hallway, kitchen, dining and living room.

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