Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder Reviews

Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder Reviews

Last updated: 16th August 2018

Benefits of the Zorb powder in a glance

  • This is a carpet maintenance powder to absorb the dirt and make the carpet look fresher.
  • Best for wool and stain resistant carpet
  • 100 % biodegradable ingredients and safe for health
  • use this powder with a rotating brush bar only.

Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder Reviews


How to use Zorb powder

Using Zorb Groomer is very straightforward. First you need to vacuum the carpet to remove the dust and dirt so that the zorb powder can work better. Then, you spray the zorb powder on the carpet and use groomer to brush the carpet so the powder can be set evenly on the carpet fiber.

Wait for 20-30 minutes for the powder to stick to the dirt. Then, use an upright vacuum cleaner to remove the Zorb powder out of the carpet.

How to use Zorb powder without Dyson Groomer

Dyson recommend to use Zorb powder with the Dyson Groomer. In case you do not have a Dyson groomer, other groomers are okay to use with the Zorb powder. Personally I use a floor cleaning brush to scatter the powder and it works very well for me.

floor cleaning brush for Zorb

Questions and Answers about Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder

Can you use dyson zorb with other vacuums

Yes you can use this zorb powder with any vacuum cleaner you have, as long as your vacuum has a great suction power.

Dyson zorb ingredients – what are the ingredients?

According to the package here are the ingredients: “Less than 5%: Alkane Sulphonate, Sodium Isotridecanpl, ethoxylated Propan-2-ol; Preservative: 2-Methyl-2H-Isothiazone-3-one Citric Acid; Perfume: Alpha-hexylcinnamaldehyde Linolool” The packaging also states that the ingredients are 100% recycled and biodegradable.

Dyson zorb where to buy?
You can get zorb powder from amazon.com website, dyson website, wallmart website and other retail shops.

Dyson zorb safe for pets?

Dyson zorb is bio-degradable and it is safe to pets and human health. When using the zorb powder you need to lock the room so that you pet will not accidentally inhale the powder while using.

Do really need a Dyson vacuum cleaner to use this?

Answer: No, just use any upright vacuum cleaner you have with this zorb

Question: Is it one bag per single use or can one bag be used for more than one use? I probably have about 600 sqft of carpet. Thanks.

Answer: One bag goes a long way. We did 2 large oriental rugs, bedroom carpet and stairs with 1 bag

Question: Do you use this product on the entire carpet or is it just for spot cleaning?

Answer: I have used it on the entire carpet. Works great. Just make sure it dries for at least an hour.

Question: Can this be used with other types of vacuum cleaners?

Answer: I see no reason why not, if the the vacuum cleaner is sufficiently energetic. However, the ZORB is quite dense and requires considerable pull to remove.

My Dyson smells strongly of dog. Does this product absorb the odor from inside the vacuum? I’m thinking of leaving some of it in the dust container.

Answer: The odor is absorbed once you sprinkle the powder and brush it into the carpet, then let it sit for 20 minutes. When you vacuum it up the canister will smell of the powder for the most part.

Question: Can this product be used on natural fiber rugs such as jute?

Answer: It is designed to be used on wool, and stain resistant fiber carpets, which is exactly what I use it for. I have never used it on a “jute” fiber, so I can’t really answer your question. It has kind of a spongy consistency, and I would think it would be safe, because you throw it on dry, and I run the vacuum.

Question: Should I do a light vacuum of the area first, for best results?

Answer: Absolutely. Get as much loose excess as possible first.

Question: Can I recycle the powder i used and use for next time?

Answer: No…

Question: Does this have a scent ? Is it safe around crawling children even if vacuumed up

Answer: Citrus scented. Unsure about child safety.

Question: How does this product get all the dirt out of the carpet without leaving a residue?

Answer: Not very well. Zorb did very little to remove the dirt out of my carpet and there was a bit of a residue left afterward. I won’t buy this again.

Question: Can this be used on lush shag carpet, 4″ pile?

Answer: yes

Question: Does it seem to leave a residue that will attract more dirt in the long run?

Answer: No however, I do vacuum the floor 3-4 times to make sure I got it all. I’ve use it on couches and have seen no residue either.

Do you have to stay off the carpet after you apply this until you vacuum it up, or can you walk on it?
Answer: I walked on it a little and it made my socks feel damp but it didn’t ruin the socks.

Question: It obviously is BUT what makes this products results different than just using baking soda or normal carpet powder?

Answer: Honestly not sure except if you use a Dyson vacuum this will not hurt it.

Question: Can this be used on berber carpet?

Answer: I would think so. It’s just a powder that you sprinkle and vacuum.

Question: Does this have a smell to it?

Answer: Yes, I has a pleasant fresh clean citrus smell. The smell is not overwhelming.

Question: I heard powders are awful for your vacuum. my dyson’s motor got jammed when i used baking powder. is this different?

Answer: I have used Zorb since I have had my Dyson vacuum over 3 years now and NEVER had a problem. In fact I order on a regular basis as it keeps carpets fresh and fragrant. I do empty the cannister one time a week but I dont know if that is necessary. Hope this helps as this is an AWESOME product!!

Question: Has anyone used this on their mattress to remove dirt, etc.?

Answer: I would just recommend on carpet. Have never tried on mattress

Question: How long does the fragrance last? Thanks.

Answer: It cleans very well but the fragrance only last about a week..

Can you use this on wet carpet?

Answer: I wouldn’t…

Question: Can upholstery be cleaned with Zorb?

Answer: I only used it on carpet

Question: Guide for thomasville polypropylene area rug from costco says clean with water or soap and water. will zorb be ok to use?

Answer: I think it will be ok. It will vacuum right up. I have not experienced this removing deep stains from carpet though. At least not like a good ‘ol scrub with carpet cleaner but it does leave a nice scent

Question: can this be used with other than a dyson?

Answer: I’m sure it could. The only issue would be does your existing vacuum have the suction power to collect all of the powder out of the carpet. Just like with any other carpet powder, for it to work, you have to be able to get it back out of the carpet. If your current vacuum doesn’t have adequate suction, some of the powd… see more

Question: I thought you couldn’t use carpet powder with a dyson??

Answer: Its made specifically for dyson. Its not really a powder. It is almost like moist play sand. My Dyson picked it up with no problem.

Question: Can’t figure out the scent as I want to get a similar air freshener. I see that it is labeled as “Citrus” but it definitely isn’t a typical “citrus”.

Answer: I am looking for the same answer. I describe the smell as tea (white tea) with citrus. You might try: Pier 1 has a lot of nice air fresheners, not exactly Zorb, but I also love their “Cilantro Citrus” as much as I love the Zorb (very different, but nice citrus punch and helps mask odors in bed and bath). They have c… see more

Question: how much does 1 bag clean -sq. ft?

Answer: I have only used it once, so I may not be the best judge – but I would say I used it over roughly 1000 sq ft and could likely get 8+ more uses.

Question: Would this work for cleaning a fabric couch?

Answer: I have never used this product on a fabric couch. I normally use it to get difficult pet stains out of carpet.

Question: Is this pet safe?

Answer: Yes I hope so I used many times never had a problem

Question: How much do I need to do 1000 sf ?

Answer: David, I’ve never done that much square footage but I would have to guess that it would be up to two bags of Zorb especially if you have any stubborn stains. Hope this helps.

Question: can you use this on persian rugs

Answer: OH yes, I have two and it is fabulous. I have two pugs with little dirty feet prints from time to time on my black and white zebra large area rugs. Other than full cleaning I can actually spot clean and little dirty foot print is gone. I take a pinch of the cleaner rub in over the dirty spots leave over night and vac… see more

Question: has anyone tried this on old dry dog urine stains?

Answer: I love this product !!! It works on new stains as well as old, dry stains. To remove old, dry stains I mist the stain with water (mist only to moisten the top layer; do not moisten down to the pad ). Let stain sit a little while and then continue using the product as though the stain was new.

Question: do you vacuum this up or have to get on your hands and knees and scrub?

Answer: It will clean stains if you do an awesome scrub job. I use a scrub brush on my hands and knees and scrub until it’s as clean as i want it to be. Then let it dry and vacuum.

Question: Can you use this on duvet. Or mattress that cat pee on.

Answer: You can use it anywhere mainly on carpets, but it’s meant to be vacuumed throughly after you apply it.

Question: what is in zorb

Answer: I have no idea. My daughter got it with her Dyson and liked it so I got some. It brings life back to the carpet. Sorry!

Question: can i use to refresh an old smely sofa?the material is soft like corduroy or velvet but don’t know what it’s called)?

Answer: I wouldn’t. The product’S main purpose is to act more like a spot treatment than a refresher or cleaner

Question: Has anyone tried this on a braided rug? Thank you.

Answer: No, I have not.

Question: How do you “groom” this into the carpet? I don’t want to rent another machine. Can a Carpet Rake of some kind be used, and if so, what type? I

Answer: I just use a sweeping action with a regular old broom. Then let it sit 20-30 minutes. Works great!

Question: Do i need to purchase something to apply this to the carpet?

Answer: No. You just apply it over your floor, let it sit for a bit and then vacuum it with your Dyson, or any other vacuum. Hope this helps. Thanks

Can this be used on a area carpet that is on a wood floor

Answer: Yes! I have area rugs and use Zorb all the time. Works great.

Question: Is this safe to use around birds/ finches?

Answer: I can’t “professionally” answer that- BUT I used here with my African Grey in the house and had no problems, this “powder” is not really a powder, it is more like a fine moist sawdust and dust not give you a “cloud of dust” when you use it .

Question: Although it says “For use with all upright vacuums”, can I use with my cordless V6?

Answer: Personally I wouldnt see why not. I would use this in ANY vacuum.

Question: Would this help with the smelly vacuum itself?

Answer: Absolutely would help the smell of the vacuum

Answer: Yes

Question: Has anyone tried this with a non-Dyson vacuum?

Answer: I have tried it with a Panasonic Jet Force bagless vacuum and it works fine; however, when I went over the same area the next day with my dyson, it picked up some Zorb granules which the Panasonic must have left behind. These granules were not visible.

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