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Question: Can the hard floor cleaner head (fluffy head) replace swiffer dry cloths for dust and hair removal?

Answer: Yes! This vacuum can also replace the need for a broom. Both brushes will remove dust hair and dirt. I use it in my home with pets and it’s incredible!

Question: Is it easy or hard to empty the dust/trash from the V8?

Answer: I just received it and tried it out.

In our experience we had to pull the motor section up and the bottom popped open. Do it over the trash bin.… see more

Question: Does the cyclonic flow push the dirt down into the cup or do you have to pick hair and dirt out of the filter.

Answer: There’s a fine dust in the filter but the hair, carpet fibers, dust, debris, etc. gets blown into the canister. It’s quite easy to rinse the filter out periodically and let dry overnight.

Does it work well on hardwood and tile for lifting pet hair

Answer: I just received it in the mail and used it this morning for the first time. Have white dog hair on hardwood floor (have to vacuum nearly every day) and the Dyson V8 did a great job.

Question: does new dirt ejector really work as advertised? i have v6 and want v8 for this feature, but would love to hear if it actually works.

Answer: Yes it does. We have been using it for a week now. Sometimes you have to tap the last bit of dirt out, but all the dust and hair falls out right away.

Question: What is the size of the wall mounted charging station?

Answer: The wall bracket for the charging station is 3 3/4″ by 12 1/2″ and 1 3/4″ thick. It is very easy to get the Dyson out and it works great.

Question: Will this work for pet hair?

Answer: Absolutely, have have two dogs that shade a lot and the Dyson cleans up after them brilliantly.

Question: what has better sucking power? The V8 aboslute or a upright animal?

Answer: The V8 Absolute has more power and it’s Cordless!

Question: Does the v8 absolute have a replacement battery

Answer: No; it is a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that should never need replacing. This model is for home use only, has a two-year limited warranty, and recharges quickly. In addition to the “hanging port” answered previously, there is an ac charger that can be plugged in anywhere. The battery has an automatic shut off whe… see more

Question: Do the cordless come with any cord such that when the power goes away, you can “cord up”? ? meaning Battery power is only used for cleaning???

Answer: There is cord but i think its only for charging. Haven’t tried using the vacuum when plugged in.

Question: Can this vacuum run at 220V?

Answer: All Dyson handheld vacuums have traditionally come with international chargers (100-240V) so unless that has changed it should be ok for 220V.

Question: South Korea to ship it to you directly? Note 7 because of battery carrier that they will become a problem.

Answer: I’m sorry, I don’t know if Note 7 can be shipped to Korea.

Question: Does it directly shipping to South korea? If it does, how about the taxation from shiping to other countries, The price including it?

Answer: No.

Does this v8 absolute include both “soft roller cleaner head” and “direct drive cleaner head” as the other v8 absolute products?

Answer: Yes!

Question: Will this unit stand upright or does it have to be hung on the wall?

Answer: It’s hung on the wall and you get to mount 3 of the attachments – there aren’t enough mounts for all 6 that come with the vacuum. I had some mounts 3D printed and now have all the attachments on the wall.

Question: Does it come with wall mount

Answer: Yes, ours did.

Question: Do you have to hold the power button in while you are using it?

Answer: Yes you do. You just need to lightly hang on to it.

Question: What is the difference between v8 fluffy and v8 animal?

Answer: Same motor and wand. The attachment cleaning tool kits are different. The animal has a standard vacuum beater tool, combining stiff bristle brush and hard plastic scraper to loosen debris ; it doesn’t come with the fluffy tool-a full, bushy soft brush that physically sweeps debris off the floor. It has 4 other attachme… see more

Question: Is it quiet enough to use while others in the house are sleeping? Would it wake a baby?

Answer: Its very quiet. I don’t think it would wake a baby. I would not vacuum in the room with baby sleeping.

Question: Is an adapter available so I can use the Dyson animal grooming head? Such a disappointment to not get full use out of an otherwise awesome vacuum.

Answer: I just bought the Absolute and found that the accessories lacked an articulable non-motorized hard surface head I wanted for picking up dog fur. A callout to Dyson resulted in the information that such a head is not yet available for the V8 but will be made. “Keep checking.” The V6 has such a head, but it was explai… see more

Question: What is the battery DC voltage?

Answer: Free voltage

Question: Does the power station need to be plugged directly into an electrical outlet high on a wall? Alternate way to charge?

Answer: It doesn’t require hanging it to power it. The charger is just a plug and wire that can be threaded into the hanging “station”. I’ve got my hanger a few great away from the outlet it’s plugged into.

Question: What are the included attachments? Does it comes with the wall charger?

Answer: All the attachment are included and the wall charger.Great vacuum tbe best i ever owen

Question: does this shampoo carpets with solution or heated water

Answer: No. Is strictly a dry vacuum.

Question: Is this a bundle? Can you tell me specifically what this package comes with?

Answer: Attachments and a wall mount, recharger. If wall mounted the charger attaches.


Question: Will i get the 3 free tools talked about on the dyson website when i buy on amazon and register at dyson?

Answer: It comes with tools.

Question: Does this v8 absolute include fluffy soft roller & combination tool, mini motorirized tool, crevice tool, docking as the other v8 absolute products?

Answer: Yes

Question: Can batteries be replaced

Answer: Yes.

Question: My v6 only stays charged for a short time. Is there anything I can do to make it last longer than 10 minutes?

Answer: If you have charged for 3.5 – 4 hours then there should be a full charge. If you are not running the machine on max power and still have a very short run time it may mean your battery is malfunctioning. If the machine is less than 2 years old it should still be covered by Dyson. Suggest you contact them after you tr… see more

Question: Can I use V6 attachments to the V8?

Answer: No.

Question: Will it work as a duster for furniture? Hate the filth and inefficiency of rags, stiffer dusters, etc.? Thanks!
Answer: i do use it with the little brush that comes with it for dusting some of the furniture but it is too big to use it alot on or around pictures and little things sitting on the tables stick with your swiffer…

Is this the latest and best of dyson cordless?

Answer: Yes, My husband researches tons and he bought this one because it was the latest at the time we bought it.

Question: do the filters need to be replaced?

Answer: This is brand new and never used or opened. You can replace the filters whenever u want

Question: hi you mean all the tools I can see on the official website? Including free 3 tools? Extension hose and so on?

Answer: What you see, is what you get. All the tools/attachments are easily transferable. The extension hose is for the carpet and tile attachments. The other attachments clamp directly to the head. I have owned this model for 3 months, and I have to say I love it. Easy to handle, light weight, suction is outstanding, cordless… see more

Question: I’m tall with a bad back and was wondering if there was a way I could make the stick a few inches longer. Any ideas ?

Answer: call dyson

Question: Except two cleaner head, is electric wand set, mini motorized tool, docking station, combination accessory tool, crevice tool all included?

Answer: All tools mentioned, and the docking station, are included. There was even a packet of screws and plastic anchors to hang the docking station. You will need a few basic tools to mount the docking station but until the station is mounted to the wall you can just plug in your Dyson directly to the outlet, charge, and g… see more

Question: Does this Dyson V8 come with the charging hang up charging station?

Answer: Yes, it is a plastic case that you mount to the wall. Then you feed the charger into it so that when you hang up the vacuum the vacuum plugs in and is charged. The catch is that you have to be near an electrical plug also.

Question: Do i need to buy “dyson dc58 dc59 handheld vacuum cleaner wall mount bracket / docking station”?

Answer: The V8 Absolute comes with the docking station

Question: Does the battery life really last 40 minutes, or even 30? So many of these things run out of gas, and take 4 hours to charge.

Answer: Mine has gone 40 minutes and has lasted slightly over 40 minutes on several occasions on the low suction speed which is what you would normally use. High suction will lower that to about 10 minutes but you would rarely need that. This is the best vac, by far, I have ever used. It is very easy to use and nimble and c… see more

Question: Is the tube available in silver??

Answer: Yes, but not V8.

Question: Handheld tool kit included?

Answer: You can see which tools are included. Most of the components can be attached when using as a handheld, including the main direct drive head and the fluffy, if for some reason you want to. The amount to which you can reconfigure this thing is great.

Does it come with the extension hose?

Answer: No, it is cordless

Question: does this product work in voltage 220v environment?

Answer: Yes. Input is 100-240v.

Question: Do you leave this plugged in all of the time or do you have to unplug it when fully charged?
Answer: As with every battery tool/appliance, it should be left unplugged when charged. When I get ready to use it, I simply plug it in for a few minutes to ensure a full charge. We get around 45 minutes per charge unless you use the “turbo” mode which we never need to use. Then you get around 15 minutes use.

Question: does it work with dyson v8 cordless absolute..???

Answer: It is the same thing.

Question: I have all hardwood floors. Which model do you suggest?

Answer: The V8 has the “fluffy” head, which is awesome on wood, tile, etc. I’ve put it to the test and am very impressed. The regular head works well on hard floors also, but the fluffy is even nicer. Hard to explain, but I’ve used both so that’s what I’ve found. If there was no fluffy it would still be great, but I do like th… see more

Question: Can you buy extra batteries? So you can charge one while using one?

Answer: YES! The battery can easily be replaced. Remove 3 screws, pull out old battery, slide in new, replace 3 screws. SEE Dyson Support Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYSR-flz00k

Question: when not using vacuum., should i keep plugged into wall? is this okay for the battery?
Answer: Yes that would be okay . It does not harm the battery

Question: Is this considered an authorized dealer? The warranty says dyson won’t cover it if it’s from an unauthorized dealer.
Answer: It’s my understanding anything that’s board under prime is considered new and 100% warrantable but I’ll tell you it’s a great machine

Question: How noisy is this? I have 3 cats that are scared of loud vacuums.
Answer: It’s actually the least noisy vacuum we’ve owned. I have two cats who usually get pretty spooked, but have no issues with this vacuum.

Question: Opinions on whether this would be good for a frail 90-year-old? Concerns: weight, complexity.
Answer: Easy to use! Little heavy! You would have to try.

Do you have to use the wall mount to charge it or does it come with a plug in charger?
Answer: No other charger came with it. I love the wall charger and the vacuum!

Question: are the batteries replaceable
Answer: YES! Easy P easy.. SEE Dyson Customer Support Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYSR-flz00k

Question: South Korea to ship it to you directly? Note 7 because of battery carrier that they will become a problem.
Answer: Yes, it was directly shipped to me. There’s no problem.

Question: How many batteries does it come with? How many volts is the battery? How many ampature hours the battery have?
Answer: It comes with one battery which is fixed by screws to the main body hence not intended for quick replacement. It is about 2800 mAh 21.6v. I didn’t see any electrical current consumption specs published by dyson, so this information is a bit meaningless. If you reverse engineer by the working time, I would estimate abou… see more

Question: Is there an extension for high ceilings

Question: Does this come with attachments?
Answer: Yes. It comes with a couple of attachments. If you go on the Dyson website you can see the list.

Question: Is this include soft roller cleaner head, direct drive cleaner head, quick release mini motorized tool, and convenient docking?

Question: Does it still shock you like the v6 model when you go over carpet?
Answer: No. It’s a great vacuum. Really powerful.

Question: I have 3500 sf of tile and laminate. how is the soft head cleaned, as i assume that it will get dirty eventually?
Answer: It comes with instructions. Shows how to take apart and clean. Be sure totally dry before putting back together.

Question: Dyson website shows that v8 yellow colour is v8 fluffy and absolute is grey colour. that’s confusing me
Answer: V8 Absolute is yellow.

Will this pick up food under the kitchen table after I feed my toddlers?
Answer: Yes

Question: What is the overall life of the battery, how many full charges?
Answer: 40 minutes

Question: I will use it in argentina where the voltage is 220. What kind of converter should I buy?
Answer: You may want to check with Dyson but I think you would use a standard adapter which you would by here in the U.S. to take abroad when you travel. But be safe and check with Dyson.

Question: Does this stand upright for rest periods in between vacuuming as an example, stopped vacuuming so i can move something to the side?
Answer: No. It will fall, top heavy, to the ground. Dyson will not back up anything despite their high end prices. The battery wil no longer charge in 18 months and you will be held hostage for another $200. Pass on this overrated machine

Question: Is the charger/wall mount included?
Answer: Yes it is.

Question: Why are there 2 kinds of dyson v8? and the other one has less description. this is when you search dyson v8 in the search box.
Answer: This is real Dyson.

Question: What does battery required mean ? Do I need to buy it separately?
Answer: Needs a battery to run the vacuum which means it doesn’t have a cord. Battery is included.

Question: Does it come with the wall mount?
Answer: Yes it does. And it is amazing. Every day I love it more. You can mount it anywhere discretely as long as you a plug in near by.

Question: How well does this work on very thick carpet as well as shag rugs?
Answer: It is a nice vac for bare floors and area rugs, not sure about thick or shag carpets. Probably not ideal for them.

Question: what type of battery does it use?
Answer: Am “assuming” it has some form of a lithium battery. In any event it is part of the machine and rechargeable. Previous models had batteries that heated up during use and it was recommended that the battery be allowed to cool before recharging. This battery lasts longer and does not heat up.

Question: Do you have to hold down the power button?
Answer: Yes, but it’s no problem.. I love my dyson v8!!!!

Question: does it come with the wall mount dock?
Answer: Yes

Question: Where do most people store it? i’m a ocd type and everything must be out of sight when not in use! the permanency of a wall mount doesnt allow moving.
Answer: I use the wall mount in the living room. The main idea of getting a wireless vacuum is to get the best mobility when needed.

Question: Wondering how well it does on long hair. (my wife and daughter) long hair is horrific on my current shark vacuum.
Answer: Just make sure your don’t use the motorized head. I tried it once and it got all twisted in my wife’s hair. She screamed like hell!

Question: Has anyone had this for several years? how long does a battery last? since it’s not replaceable i want to make sure i’m not buying a throwaway for 600
Answer: Jeffrey, the V8 is a new model so I don’t think there is a long history with use. Perhaps someone who has the V6 could answer your question but that is a different machine. I purchased the V8 because it has a much longer run time than the other cordless Dyson’s and the folks who had purchased them were pleased. I am… see more

Question: I have bought a v8 in the uk which runs on 220 volts. Could this be used in a 110 volt country?
Answer: I copied and pasted this answer from a website.
Converting an Appliance from 220 to 110
Buy a 110 volt to 220 volt adapter. While this may sound backward, remember that the wall voltage is 110 volts and your appliance needs 220 volts to run, so you need a device that will take 110 volts and step it up to 220 volts (in short, 110 mains to adapter to 220 device). These are available in most electronics stores and usually cost less than $20. Many of them will also say explicitly on their packaging that they are designed to let you use European appliances in the United States.
Connect the voltage adapter to the 110 volt wall outlet. Depending on what part of the world you are in, you may also need an outlet adapter to connect the voltage adapter. Most travel guides have information on the types of outlets that are used in different countries. Before traveling, consult one of these to make sure you will be able to plug your voltage adapter into the wall outlets. Outlet adapters are also inexpensive and available in most places that sell electronics or travel supplies.
Connect your 220 volt appliance to the outlet on the 110 volt to 220 volt voltage adapter. Verify that the outlet shape on your voltage adapter matches the outlet shape your appliance uses. If it does not, you can attach another outlet adapter to your voltage adapter to make it match with your appliance.
Use your appliance normally. If your voltage adapter is functioning properly, you should notice no change in the function of your appliance.
If you prepare ahead of time, voltage differences are a minute problem. However, if you travel unprepared, you may find that your appliances cannot be used or are even damaged by different voltages. Always make sure to consult travel guides for the area you plan to visit to ensure you have the correct adapters. Some companies also sell dual voltage appliances, designed for travelers, that can be used with different voltage outlets.
Question: Can I use this item in Australia ?
Answer: It’s US version.

Question: can it be used in China 220V?
Answer: yes, sure

Question: Is this meant to be your homes only vacuum or is it not able to handle heavy duty cleaning?
Answer: I don’t know what it’s intended for, but I find the Dyson to be most useful for “in-between” vacuuming. It’s incredibly easy and quick to grab it from the charger, snap on the appropriate attachment, and go. It allows me to tidy up a room or a few messy areas frequently. As a result, I don’t need to drag out my “big un… see more

what is the width of the head on V8?
Answer: It is 10 inches wide.

Question: can I take out the battery
Answer: The operators manual gives instructions on how to do this

Question: Whats the Model number
Customers are chatting about this View conversation
Answer: Don’t mean to be ugly, but look it up. Its on the Amazon site right next to the Dyson V8 pictures

Question: what heads are included?
Answer: Hard floor & carpet heads along with hand tools.

Question: I have small children and one dog, who sheds a lot,all year round. does this work good?
Answer: This works very well!!

Question: can I use docking station for V6 model?
Answer: This question was asked via the page for the V8 Dyson which is the model I have. Never having had a V6 model, I know nothing about them. May I suggest you look up the V6 Dyson model on Amazon or call Dyson directly at 1-855-533-1098. Hope this help. Good luck.

Question: Would it reach 11 foot high ceiling?
Answer: Well, it depends on how tall you are, but at 5’2, I couldn’t do it. Seriously.

Question: Does the Absolute include everything the Animal does?
Answer: Hi Edan, I am not sure. I have never had the Animal as this is my first Dyson. But it does seem to have a LOT of attachments and I haven’t used them all yet. But no doubt I will, over time, because we have two dogs that leave a lot of hair which ends up in nooks and crannies. Good luck with your decision. It really is … see more

Question: Does anyone have experience with this in a beach house – hard floors and lots of sand? And add in a little short-hair breed dog hair? I’ve found a lot of vac tend to blow the sand around instead of suck it up..,
Answer: I used the vacuum after the remodeling of my house with lots of dust and dirt and it performed fine but I’m not sure about sand. I have wood floors and it sucks up the dirt without a problem. The only issue with the vacuum is the limited battery time but otherwise it works fine.

Question: How is this with shag rug?
Answer: the most frequently uesd is the main suction cutter for wood floor and common rug. degree of satisfaction is 90% . But honestly i thinks the greatest strength of it is wireless design and 40mins standby time for normal mode.


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