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Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Frequent Asked Question

Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Frequent Asked Question

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FAQs and troubleshooting of Dyson V8 Absolute 

What is the difference between this v8 absolute, and the v8 animal? it is unclear?
Answer: I believe the difference is the soft roller brush for floors.

Question: Is the product warranty global or just in the USA?
Answer: USA.

Question: In your opinion, is the v8 worth it?
Answer: Absolutely!!

Question: how long does it take to recharge the V8 Absolute?
Answer: As stated in the ad: “Customers must charge their V8 for a minimum of 4 hours prior to it being functional”

Question: Does it work for 240V?
Answer: Hi You need an adapter for it.

Question: How do you empty out the dirt?
Answer: Hi Their is a button you hit to release the lid to dump.

Question: what is the difference between the Dyson Absolute v8 and the animal V8?
Answer: The animal one is supposed to better pick up pet hair. I have the non-animal kind and it picks up my dog’s hair just fine.

Question: wand include
Answer: Comes with 7 different attachment

Question: how long does it take to recharge?
Answer: Pretty quick I guess Never timed it

Question: Can I separate the head from the stick portion and only keep the head in the wall mount? I do not have the height to keep the entire unit hanging.
Answer: Yes you can. The wand detaches from the vacuum unit.

Question: Is it product come with docking station with 6 types of brush head?
Answer: Docking Station included, yes. Plus 6 attachments, not all brush style heads. Video in Advertisement is good view.

Question: I purchased two v8 absolute from this.. but one of two is not working. i live in south korea. how can i fix it?
Answer: If it’s not working after charging the battery maybe you should send it back or if you have a laboratory in your area, go there

Question: Does this have enough suction to function as the primary vac or is it primarily for quick cleanups?
Answer: Yes… and we have 2 dogs.

Question: What voltage does the Dyson V8 sold on this webpage operate on?
Answer: The transformer works for both 110 and 220V. Just need a plug for 220.

Question: How low to the ground does it go to get under beds and tables
Answer: As low as you can bend over. A few inches from the ground.

Question: What is the Difference between this vacuum and the v8 animal version?
Answer: The animal v8 has a switch you can push for more sucktion

Question: Is the voltage suitable for Europe?
Answer: It’s USA version.

Is international shipping available?
Answer: No.

Question: Can I use it on matress? Is the battery included or I need to buy it seperately?
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Answer: Yes and yes.

Question: what is the power supply volatge for the docking station? 220V can be ok?
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Answer: 110V

Question: Does this model come with 8 attachments/tools?
Answer: Yes.

Question: How long is the charging cord?
Answer: looks like about 6 feet

Question: Does this vacuum perform well on shag rugs?
Answer: Do not have a chance to vacuum on shag rugs.

Question: Can this be used in Singapore with voltage 220v?
Answer: Mine is 110 volts, love it don’t think it comes 22p

Question: How long does it take to fully charge the dyson v8 absolute? i am worried that the run time may not be long enough and i will need to recharge often.
Answer: I have not timed it but it does take an hour or two. I wait until the lights on the battery go out or maybe go all solid, can’t remember nut they stop changing.

Question: Does this come with a docking station
Answer: Yes

Question: Does the accessory include fluffy soft roller?
Answer: Yes.

Does anyone else get little shocks once in a while when vacuuming wood floors?
Answer: No

Question: Hi, i asked for international shipping. and out of sudden today i got a notification that it’s a prohibited item to get delivered. what does it mean?
Answer: We ship to US only.

Question: I have chunky wool area rugs made in India will the suction be too strong?
Answer: No, it will not be too strong. The dyson has two settings. One low and one high

Question: How long does it take to recharge?
Answer: Very fast.

Question: How many cleaner heads are attached?
Answer: Three plus a dust brush. I really love mine. The only problem I had with it is the emptying mechanism was hard, I gave it a shot of WD 40, solved the problem. One of the heads are for furniture, does a fantastic job. Will get cat hair off.

Question: can ship to Taiwan??
Answer: I Don’t know

Question: Do they make a spare battery to have on hand?
Answer: You would have to buy the top part where the handle is . It doesn’t have abattery that can be be taken out and replaced.

Question: How is it on hard floors? I have had several vacuums that claimed worked on hard floors, but it would end up just throwing the dirt and dust behind?
Answer: It does awesome on the hard floors. It comes with both a carpet and hard surface power head attachment.

Question: Does this work on hardwood and slate and carpet?
Answer: Yes.

Question: how much AW is it?
Answer: The AW is 115aw.

Which attachment would clean a fluffy rug?
Answer: Use the one the instructions says to use on carpets. It works fine except it fills up fast.

Question: Does Dyson have to be wall mounted to charge?
Answer: Yes

Question: Can you spray a hardwood floor cleaning solution then use the bare floor brush attachment to clean and vacuum?
Answer: I doubt that’s a good idea. Dyson does not mention that application. In any case, I think that might leave water streaks.

Question: Does it bow air out of the filter?
Answer: Yes, I was just using it in a tight spot and it was blowing air in my hair. Never noticed that before. I usually don’t have it close to my face.

Question: If you shipped the vacuum to hong kong and found that your vacuum did not work. what can i do? any new replacement shipped to hong kong again?

Question: Is there a difference between this one the v8 and the v8 animal hair one?
Answer: I don’t know. This one cones with so many attachments, I can’t imagine anything else to use. We have used the upholstery one, bare floor(my fave), the brush to ckean our ceiling fans and spider webs, and on. Best attachment is the magic pixie dust that makes my husband like to vacuum.

Question: Does this come with a spare battery and charging station?
Answer: No it does not come with a spare battery and the mounting station is also the charging station.

Question: Can you get this one in the red or must it be the color shown
Answer: V8 Absolute comes in yellow only.

Question: is it one box? or separate with body and tools?
Answer: The item comes in one box. It does have a separate body and tools – but they are extremely easy to change. There is a wall mounting bracket that took me approximately 5 min to secure to the wall and hang the dyson.

Question: Can this vacuum be broken down to fit into a suitcase?
Answer: It’s pretty small.
Could someone tell me how far the cradle and vacuum stick out from the wall when mounted? Trying to plan on where to locate it. Thanks in advance!
Answer: 9″

Question: Is it necessary to buy the two or three year warranty for the dyson v8
Answer: i think dyson need to provide a free 2-3years warranty to customer.

Question: Is it necessary to buy the 2 or 3 year warranty?
Answer: I have no idea, warranties are generally not recommended in most circumstances- you take a chance either way

Question: Does the unit come with the docking station and everything I need to use it once charged
Answer: Yes

Question: If this is a us set, do you mean the warranty is only within us that i need to ship it to us for repair?
Answer: Yes.

Question: does a cordless Dyson vacuum do stairs and also the floor
Answer: Yes.

Question: when was this Dyson cleaner?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Will this ship in a dyson box or in another amazon box? Want to send as a gift but don’t want recipient to know what it is from the box.
Answer: We always ship double boxed in brown box without Dyson logo.

Question: Does this Dyson V8 work like a beater bar such as Oreck self propelled?
Answer: I am not familiar with Oreck. It does have a rotating cylinder with bristles that sweep up debris into the suction for rugs and it has a felt like surface for hardwood or tile floors that catches dust and draws upward the dust and debris rather than have the bristles disburse it outside the suction area… Suction h… see more

Question: made in
Answer: Malaysia.

Hello, what about the warranty? i’m ordering this product with shipment to israel. do i have a warranty?
Answer: US warranty only.

Question: Hi, can I check if the plug is uk type?
Answer: It’s a US plug.

Question: Does it ship with the battery installed?
Answer: Yes battery is inside

Question: Can I buy a spare battery for this vacuum?
Answer: There really isn’t a replaceable battery. When you’re not using it, you place it on your wall charger to recharge.

Question: There are conflicting answers whether it can be used in countries with 220 volts. Can it be charged with 220 volts?
Answer: Yes, but you will need an adapter for your outlet.

Question: Hi, i live in singapore, if it should be repaired, can it be repaired in singapore?
Answer: It’s US version.

Question: How does this compare with the dyson cinetic big ball animal plus allergy – corded?
Answer: Never owned a Dyson big ball so I have no way of comparing to one another.

Question: What is the difference between the v6 and the v8?
Answer: I am sorry I don’t know the difference. I have the V8 and it is excellent. I would highly recommend it.

Question: What is the different between ‘Stick Vacuum’?
Answer: Far more effective due to independent powered vacuum heads. Particularly effective on hard floors with that head attached. We have shedding pets and use it daily on hardwood floors. Excellent results. Note, we’ve had many vacuums over past 50 years and this one is the best purpose designed vacuum we’ve had.

Question: Is it shipped with the charger for Spain?
Answer: No. The standard electrical voltage in hong kong is 220 volts ac, 50hz. can dyson v8 absolute cord-free vacuum be used in hong kong without transformer?
Answer: It’s US version.

Question: I have tile throughout my entire house, 2 boys, and a dog that sheds a lot, will it scratch the tile? will it pick up all the dirt and dog hair?
Answer: We have 2 dogs, hardwood and tile floors. The hard floor adaptor works great on wood and tile, no scratches, picks up dog hair.

Question: I live in Israel, can I use this product in the local electricity voltage? if not what do I need to add in order to use it?
Answer: You will need an adapter.

Question: If I need another battery for dyson v8 absolute, which one is it?
Answer: The battery is built into the vacuum and not easily replaceable, if you could find one

Question: Will i get “quick release upholstery tool”? this is not shown in the box, but i want to choose it as one of 3 free tools which written in dyson.com
Answer: I don’t remember

Question: Does the V8 fit on the same wall mount as the V6’s?
Answer: Sorry I don’t know this is my first Dyson

Question: Can you tell me exactly ? what are included with this product? has short brush..crevice brush..?
Answer: It has the carpet and floor heads (full size heads, as shown), a motorized small carpet/drape head, a small head (good for dusting), and a crevice tool (long skinny head). This product was the best vacuum I have EVER bought. You will never use a regular vacuum again.

Question: V8 socket suit for hong kong ,and free ship to hong kong?
Answer: No.

Question: This doesn’t say animal in its name. Is it good on rugs for dog hair???
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can you tell me whether the AC charger adaptor will wok at 220V and would that damage the device or not?
Answer: I don’t know the answer to this question.


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