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Dyson V7 is the update version of Dyson V6. It is a cord-free stick vacuum which has 75% more brush bar power than the V6 model. It also can last for 30 minutes. Read the FAQS of Dyson V7 below to see if it is a right tool for you.

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How does the suction compare to the Shark Rocket?
Answer: It’s amazing, we use it for tile & carpeted floors.

Question: Is it noisy
Answer: IT’s a lot quieter than my corded Dyson and other vacuums that I have owned in the past. It’s the only vacuum that my kids don’t freak out when it’s running because they can’t hear the TV.

Question: The v7 doesn’t have the hepa filter for allergens found is some v6 and v8 models. do any of you regret not getting a model with the hepa filter, or does the v7 already output clean enough air that you think it’s not needed?
Answer: I love my v7. In fact, I bought a second v7. Only issue I have is that the battery operation life won’t do my whole house at one time.

Question: does this support 240v
Answer: Hi It has a US plug.

Question: do you have to hold the on button
Answer: Yes. Funny, I love the vacuum but holding the button does become tiresome.

Question: does it have a on button
Answer: No, you need to use your finger to control the machine on and off, not bad

Question: does the battery have a memory and if I use it for only a few minutes, then charge it, will this shorten the battery’s capacity?
Answer: Not sure….
Don’t think so

Question: I want to know which is better: the motorhead, the animal, or just cord free? the v6, v7, v8 just indicate newer models, i think.
Answer: Hi, bought the animal V6 animal for my kids house while hanging here, love it. Already own two V6 non animal at home. Love love love the V6 animal, but anything Dyson is wonderful in my books with a shedding black lab

Question: how long is the warranty on the dyson v7 motorhead
Answer: 2 years

Question: What is the warranty with this purchase, if any?
Answer: Dyson cordless vacuums have a 2 year manufacturer warranty. This warranty is good as long as you are purchasing it through an authorized seller. Most Amazon sellers will be so you should not have to worry.

Will this scratch my wood floors?
Answer: No, I use it in mine

Question: how do you clean the filters on this vacuum?
Answer: The filter can be rinsed with warm water and rung out. Make sure to only use water and ensure that the filter is %100 dry before putting it back in the machine.

Question: What attachments come with the dyson v7 motorhead? there is an offer on dyson’s site that includes 3 extra attachments.
Answer: Comes with extra attachments.

Question: All of my electrical sockets are about 12-16 inches from the floor. Can the motor charge with being attached to the stick?
Answer: Yes, that will be fine. The charging cable is a couple feet long.

Question: Some people have said it has problems on carpets that have somewhat higher than flat pile. What’s your experience?
Answer: Correct, this vacuum or most any vacuum is not really good on high pile carpet. The issue with these heads is they start to wear down on the bottom sides because there is no wheels there or some kind of metal. When this happens it does not roll on carpet as easily because its sitting lower and does not pickup dirt as w… see more

Question: I recived my order. It is a gift so I haven’t opened it, but it does not state on the package that it includes the docking station?? Is it there?
Answer: Yes, the docking station is there, as well as some attachments and the charger.

Question: Will this work with an adaptor for countries that use 220v?
Answer: We only guarantee it for USA.

Question: How does the battery hold up after a couple months or a year plus? Suction remained consistently strong and run time similar to when you first got it?
Answer: Very good.

Question: How loud is the V7?
Answer: It’s not unusually loud but you can’t use it while someone is on the phone.

Question: Whats the voltage on it?
Answer: These machines are standard 120V US machines

How power is it?
Answer: The power is good. We use it to vacuum our carpets and wood floors.

Question: international warranty
Answer: US Only.

Question: Is this price in US or in Canadian
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Answer: USA.

Question: Price in us dollars or Canadian dollars?
Answer: US dollars.

Question: How big is the box that it ships in?
Answer: The box dimensions are roughly 7x11x29 and it weighs about 9 lbs

Question: is the v7 good for animal hair?
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Answer: Very good.

Question: Does the V7 come in different colors?
Answer: Not V7 Animal.

Question: Hey,is its a.c. 220v?
Answer: Yes it does work for me who is in Singapore (220v) just need the plug adaptor for the 2 pin (US) head.

Question: Do you have to hold button on
Answer: Yes, you have to hold the trigger down to run the vacuum (it is on the handle right where you grip the vacuum, so it is easy to do). You do not have to hold the “max” suction button down, it stays on whichever you switch it to.

Question: Does it stay on
Answer: Yes, if leaned on the wall

Will this unit vacuum bathroom rugs? If not, will the soft roller (Absolute model) work?
Answer: this unit will vacuum the rug as well

Question: Would it work with 220v?
Answer: You will need an adapter.

Question: Will this vacuum scratch laminate floors?
Answer: No it does not scratch wood floors. Goes right from carpet to wood with no problem. Love it.

Question: Is it easy to get in small crevice spaces, such as between the seats when vacuuming the car, or under the refrigerator, with the crevice tool?
Answer: Yes it is.

Question: Have no place to hang it near an outlet. Can it be charged and then stored somewhere else?
Answer: Sure. Just keep in mind that if you pre-charge it, it may not have full power if you let a lot of time elapse between charging and use. The unit was designed to be “ready to go” when you remove it from the rack because it is constantly in charging mode.

Question: What is the country of origin of in this item?
Answer: Malaysia.

Question: Can this be used to clean under beds (5 inches from floor to bottom of bed frame)?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does the wall mount have to be plugged in at all times?
Answer: No it does not but obviously it will not charge the battery until it is plugged in.

Question: Dyson v7 motorhead cord free vacuum page under frequently bought together it shows dyson articulating hard floor tool. states it won’t work with v7
Answer: Sorry don’t know

Question: Can it work in Hong Kong
Answer: Yes.

Question: why do they sell a hardwood floor attachment if this motorhead cleans both carpet and hardwood floors?
Answer: Some floors require a softer vacuum head

Question: Where is the hepa version that costco sells?
Answer: This is the one.

Question: What is the total height of the unit when plugged in. From floor to top when charging .
Answer: The height is 55″

Question: does it come with any warranty or do you have to pay extra for it?
Answer: I’m sorry, I do not know.

Question: Are accessories interchangeable with v-6 or v-8?
Answer: Yes.

Question: How about plug? I live in NewZealand.
Answer: USA plug.

Question: What is direct drive cleaning head ?
Answer: It has a motor.

Question: Can this product be used in 220v AC countries?
Answer: It can be used in 220volt

Does this come with soft cleaner head brush
Answer: Hi This does not.

Question: What kind Vacuum cleaner suction head in the item?
Answer: Our package includes a couple of different heads

Question: Does it run with 220 volts? will it work in india? what is the range of charging adaptor? is it for 110-240 volts range? please clarify
Answer: 120v, this is a battery operated vacuum stick. It does not directly plug in to A/C current. Cannot be used while plugged in. Charging cord length ~6ft.

Question: why does my vacuum stop and go continuously
Answer: Hi Sometimes when that happens it is dirty but call Dyson direct and they will give you further instructions on this.

Question: The attachment kit doesn’t seem compatable with the D7. What’s up with that?
Answer: You need adapter.

Question: What is the voltage of the charger? is 110v or 230v(for country like singapore & malaysia)?
Answer: It’s US version.

Question: is this a HEPA filter model?
Answer: Hi No it is not.

Question: Do you need an outlet high enough for the docking station to fit into?
Answer: No, the cord is long and will reach all the way to the floor.

Question: where do you buy top filter for the motorhead ?
Answer: Apparently they last for a long time but I would also try Amazon.

Question: Does it pick up Cherrios and small dog food pieces?
Answer: Hi Yes it will.

Question: Is there other option besides wall as docking station?
Answer: Hi You can just plug it in and lay it on the floor

Question: Is there a hepa filter available for this model?
Answer: Hi Their is no HEPA filter available for it.

Question: Where I can I buy the soft rollerhead attachment that fits the V7 that doesn’t have a ripoff price on it?
Answer: Welcome to the wonderful world of Dyson. It is not the retailers ripping you off. There stuff is very pricey, the margins for those of us selling it, very very slim. Sorry, no idea where to get a deal on the soft head.

Question: Does it come in different colors
Answer: nope. different colors are different models

Question: Is this strong enough to remove pet hair that’s stuck in between the fibers of a couch? We have a tweed couch, & my dog’s hairs are constantly stuck.
Answer: It is one of their strongest vacuums therefore yes

Question: Does this require a 120v or can it plug into 22v (overseas)?
Answer: The vacuum requires 120V

Question: How tall is the vacuum head? What height couch/furniture will it fit under?
Answer: Hi It should it’s like 3 inches.

Question: What’s the difference between this v7 and the more expensive v7 for 399?
Answer: Hi All the V7 are the same some come with more attachments.

Question: How does this vacuum work with food? We have a toddler and I would need it to pick up banana and noodles… not just dry goods.
Answer: We have cats and they eat can food…
not to good with the brush attachment.

So how does this vacuum get its power ? I don’t see a cord attached to the docking station ….
Answer: The Dyson V7 is rechargeable, therefore you charge it overnight and it is cordless

Question: can you turn off the brush
Answer: The brush can only be turned off when the head is removed and another attachment is added

Question: Is it good for picking up dog hair?
Answer: I have a cat & it’s amazing at picking up the hair

Question: Is this vacuum safe on hardwood floors? Do you have to mount the charger to the wall or no?
Answer: You do not have to mount the charger to the wall. I’d say yes to hardwood floors, but I don’t have such so best to go by another’s response.

Question: Will this pick up bigger things or only push them around? For example spilled cheerios.
Answer: i think it would clog with cheerios

Question: When you are using this like a regular vacuum (so not converted to handheld where you’d be bending – will it pick up scattered cheerios or similar?
Answer: Absolutely

Question: If I keep it charged to wall outlet is this an electricity hugger?
Answer: Hi It would not be a hugger.

Question: How long do I have it plugged to the wall outlet for a full charge?
Answer: normally around 3 hours is sufficient

Question: Hi there! I need an upholstery brush for my shag carpet. Do this have one? Thank you in advance!!!
Answer: Hi Yes it comes with an upholstery brush.

Question: How does it do with sweeping long human hair (10 inches or longer)?
Answer: I don’t have any experience with hair that long.
I can say that it picks up all of my dogs hair and it is surprising what I don’t see that it cleans.
I LOVE IT!!! Worth the money.

I have a d35 and the charger came mounted in my rv. is this charger the same or will i have to replace it?
Answer: you need to replace it.

Question: Will this scratch bamboo floors? And can it be used on carpet too?
Answer: It is multi surface and will not scratch

Question: Will this work on a shag area rug? Carpet fibers are about an inch long.
Answer: The V7 will work with shag carpets as well

Question: What is the best model for picking up cat litter
Answer: Hi All the cordless vacuums will do the job.

Question: Can i vacuum in while gettin charged, pluged in.
Answer: Negative

Question: Does the voltage indicate on physical item from 110-240? Or it’s just mainly for 110v only.
Answer: Hi It’s set up for 110 but you need a converter for 220.

Question: What is weight of unit?
Answer: Extremely light and very easy to maneuver.

Question: I need to use my vacuum in my sewing room. Can the brush be turned off for this?
Answer: You can take the head off and just use the attachments.

Question: Is this a good vacuum for a beauty shop?
Answer: I have 7 dogs and it works GREAT on picking up hair. My ONLY issue with the Dyson is battery life. It has 2 settings, however. If you can get by with the lower setting, the battery lasts longer. There’s also a V8 version that has a little longer battery life, but it is more expensive.

Question: Do you need to buy filters for this or is that built in?
Answer: It includes everything and you may want to replace the filter in about a year

How long does it take to fully charge between uses?
Answer: not long.

Question: How wide is the floor cleaning head?
Answer: 9 3/4 inches.

Question: All of our electrical outlets are low to the floor. How would we use the charging station?
Answer: You take the long attachment off to put it in the charging station.

Question: Are there any hardwood/tile floor attachment for dyson v7 motorhead cord free vacuum?
Answer: What you see is what you get and it works on both tile and wood floors. You don’t need any other attachments for tile or wood floors. Or, at least I don’t. Hope that helps.

Question: How many and what kind of attachments come in the box?
Answer: It comes with two attachments. A short one with a brush and a thin narrow plastic crevice tool.

Question: Is this the 2017 Fifth Generation model? Does the motorhead swivel?
Answer: It’s a v-7; v-6 had 20 minutes run time, this one has 30 minutes, don’t know about the one you’re asking about, and yes, the motorhead swivels very nicely. screws aren’t provided for mounting, and it protrudes from the wall after mounting, might want to mount high so you won’t hit it when walking by it.

Question: If I wanted to buy an extra battery which one do I get for the V7?
Answer: None. The battery is built-in and not accessible. Don’t buy it if you plan to use it more than 20 minutes per use. Plan to use the wall mount and charger to keep it always charged.

Question: what tools dosles it come with?
Answer: It included only crevice tool and a small dusting tool with extension.

Does this include the wand set?
Answer: Wand and duster are included.

Question: Does this come with the soft roller tool for hardwood floors?
Answer: I’m still confused about all the tools that are made for this machine. But I can tell you I only have hardwood floors and it is working perfect with what the set came with. I noticed that there is another tool for hardwood floors that does not come with this set and was worried about not having it.. Now I’m not I’m goo… see more

How long does it take to fully recharge?
Answer: The start-up instructions says 3-and-a-half hours since the battery comes already 20% charged. In the book they say 5 hours for when I assume it is “empty”. The vacuum stops dead cold when the charge falls to “empty”. It does not wind down as with other battery powered products.

Question: does it work on carpet?
Answer: it works on low pile carpet, persian rugs, hardwood floors it does not work on mediun or high carpet, the roller brush jams on the higher carpets

Question: What is the difference between the dyson v7 and the dyson v8 motorhead cord free vacuums?
Answer: Hi The V8 works up to 40 minutes where the V7 does up to 30.

Question: Does this come with Hard wood floor Attachment?
Answer: Hi You can use that head on both applications.

Question: Does the docking station requires electrical professional installation?
Answer: Not at all……mount to wall then plug in …..all done…

Question: Do you have to hold the button down to keep the vacuum on while in use? I read this is the case with the V8 pet version.
Answer: Yes. That used to bug the heck out of me on the older version, but for some reason I don’t find it an issue at all on the V7.

Question: is this voltage free, eg. available to 220 input voltage ?
Answer: vacuum is battery operated charges from a 110 voltage charging station plugged in to a standard 110 volt wall power plug in

Question: Can i buy the “mini motorized tool to remove pet hair and ground-in dirt” seperately and use it with this model? i cannot find the v7 animal anywhere.
Answer: Hi You would have to find the on that fits the V7 and V8’s. The other ones will not fit that machine.

Question: Is it normal when this vacuum stops sucking intermittently even when holding down the button? Usually when pointed down.
Answer: We have both a V6 and a V7 and have not had this issue with either unit

Question: Does it include all parts that are featured in the pictures above?
Answer: Yes. It cones with the power cord for charging, a wall mount, and two attachments. I love this vacuum!



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