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Dyson V6 trigger FAQs

dyson v6 trigger reviewCommon questions and answers about Dyson V6 trigger

Question: what does the “power cord” mean in product? is it charger or battery?
Answer: Its the charger for the battery.

Question: what kind of attachments come with the machine?
Answer: Only 2, the brush and the thin one.

Question: Is it only 110V ?
Answer: No

Question: Can I use my attatchments for my upright on the handheld?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does this include a storage and charging station dock which can be mounted to a wall?
Answer: It does not this include a storage and charging station dock which can be mounted to a wall.

Question: does it have a warranty
Answer: It has a 2 year warranty from an authorized dealer. How it works is that you have to buy it from an authorized dealer but if you don’t they will not honor the warranty.

Question: recharge time
Answer: Never really timed it. For the way we use it, it seems quick. We use it a lot in a home sitting. Sorry I can’t give you better info on time.

does this vac cleaner have dual voltage? 220 volt?
Answer: Yes. You can use it on 220v without any equipment.

Question: Has anyone seen any info on how to take care of the battery? i.e. leave it plugged in when not in use, or always make sure you drain it completely etc
Answer: For these kinds of batteries, you’ll get better overall life of them if you make sure they’re completely drained upon arrived, then do a full charge. Do this again two or so more times.
After that, you can charge it whenever you like.

Question: I am looking for a small vac to clean up cat litter. Is this vacuum worth the price?
Answer: It is high priced, there is no doubt about that, but I really like the brand and they stand behind their product.

Question: can i buy the handheld then convert it to a full floor vacuum if i buy the rest of the parts?
Answer: It is cheaper to buy the full floor model directly.

Question: Can you overcharge the battery
Answer: Hi Linda, We leave our’s on the charger all the time.

Question: do attachments from upright animal Dyson work with this handheld?
Answer: Hi They should or with an adapter.

Question: have 220v power?
Answer: Yes, the charger works with 220v power. you’ll just need a proper socket adapter (2 pin). This product is confirmed to work in Israel.

Question: Is this the type of battery where you can keep it plugged up all the time and it does not decrease the battery life?
Answer: I’ve had mine almost a year and it stays plugged it. My daughter has had hers for at least 3 years and hers stays plugged in as well with no battery issues. I love mine and she does too!

Question: Why will my Dyson not charge mounted on the wall
Answer: I’m so sorry,I’ll have to get one to find out. I just plug mine in,that works well

My battery will not charge. Has anyone else experienced this?
Answer: No. Mine works well so far. You should send a email to Dyson, they response fast.

Question: 220v? possible?
Answer: My supplied charger is set for 110v only … I would suggest checking with Dyson directly for the availability of a 220v charger – they are a worldwide supplier and do a lot of testing in 220v countries …

Question: Does it pick cereal crumbs?
Answer: Hi Yes it does.

Question: So the vacuum last 20minutes with a full charge?
Answer: Yes, 20 minutes on a full charge and it does charge relatively quickly. The 20 minutes is reduced by using the turbo boost button which is for really ground in dirt. However, normal usage 20 minutes. It is a Dyson and therefore you know it is going to work just fine

Question: Does it pick up pet hair on furniture
Answer: Yes

Question: Do you know if this handheld can work on 3 motorized head of V6 (soft head,regular motorized head and mini motorized head)? Thanks
Answer: Yes they all work on the V6 Trigger.

Question: We have a v6 and are headed north for the summer (fl now) can i leave my dyson in a hot garage for the season?
Answer: You should not have a problem however Dyson have somewhere on their website where you can’t store it in certain temperatures.

Question: may i know the voltage?110 or 220v
Answer: 21.6V

Question: Can I purchase the purple long wand stick for this product also instead of bending getting to hard to reach places.
Answer: I went to a local vacuum cleaner dealer and found a used extended wand for $15. It has been a life saver!!

Question: Can you use with charger on
Answer: No you can’t.

Question: How well does this hand-held vac do with cat hair? I have 2 long haired kitties who shed much.
Answer: We have cats (and dogs), but we have the big Dyson (the one specifically for pets) to pick up the cat hair from the carpet. The hand held does great on picking up the fur that gathers in corners on the hardwood floor, and on the couch, but the couch is leather, so it vacuums right up.

Question: Does a charger or any accessories come with the model
Answer: Comes with charger,the attachment shown and crevice attachment.

Question: is charger included?
Answer: Yes

Question: how long will the charge last?
Answer: About 15 minutes to 20 minutes, depending if you use it in “max” mode or regular mode.

Question: Where is it made? Thanks.
Answer: Mine was manufactured in Malaysia.

Question: Hello, can this vacuum be used outside to pick up occasional leaves/tree needles etc?
Answer: I would think not. This is small and hand-held…what we used to call a dust buster. It’s perfect for the car or indoor clean ups. Perhaps you should check with Dyson.

Question: How much will cost to replace the battery? looks like you have to send to manufacture for this operation.
Answer: Hi You would have to call Dyson. That’s how they handle all their handheld vacuum’s

Question: does anyone use this one for removing cat or dog hair? I need something to get cat hair of Cat-trees and sofas
Answer: Very effective for removing dog hair from a suede-like chair.

Question: Can you get an extension wand for it. I find them for other modles but this one.
Answer: I did get an extension wand, works great. It’s either purple or blue and a few feet long. I got it here on Amazon.

What’s the difference between this and the Dyson V6 cordless animal? Does this one pick up dog hair on couches and car seats as well?
Answer: I am not sure what the difference is between the two, but the v6 trigger picked up everything including dog hair on the couch.

Question: How long will a full charge last before the vacuum is used? I’m going camping and it would be sitting in my car for a few days before I use it.
Answer: Hi It should keep it’s charge if not using.

Question: how long is the crevice tool?
Answer: The length is 24″

Question: Does this come with a motorized brush attachment like the V6 Mattress?
Answer: No isn’t doesn’t! Just the basic brush attachment

Question: I need something super powerful to get imbedded golden retriever hair off my couch, think this will do it?!
Answer: It might using the brush attachment. It certainly won’t do as well as a good plug in vacuum.

Question: What comes with the vacuum? Some ads show it with an extension wand for floor cleaning, but there is no parts included list.
Answer: I’d expect you’d get what’s in the picture and nothing else as I didn’t. I’m not a fan of this item anyway. I’ve switched to Shark brand products. Check out that Shark Rocket.

Question: does it work with dc59 attachments
Answer: I believe it does, but the one I had has sold, sorry, but I do have the dyson V6 moterhead plus, which is also the same as the dc59, but is more money.

Question: Can you add a long attachment?
Answer: Yes, they sell them separately

Question: can it be powered from a wall socket?
Answer: Yes it can with the power cord

Question: can this model be connected with aHandheld Slim Extension Tube of dc59?
Answer: I think it can

is there a way to “lock” the on button so you don’t have to hold the red button down the entire time it’s being used? My finger starts cramping 🙁
Answer: I have the Dyson DC58 V6- there is no way to lock the trigger button on.

Question: How do I stop vacucun going off and on when I put max button on
Answer: I have never experienced this problem.

Question: I have the animal canister Dyson and want to get the handheld, will my attachments work on the handheld? even the long retractable stick?
Answer: They should with or without the adapter.

Question: Should you always plug the charger in (battery) after each use ?
Answer: That would depend on how long you used it. The expected battery charge lasts 20 minutes. If you only use it for 5 or 10, you still have half your

Question: Is the power supply international 110v-240v or 110v only ?
Answer: 110 to 240

Question: My country the supply voltage is 220v. will the dyson work or do we have to have a 220/110v adapter?
Answer: Pretty sure you would need the adapter. Check Dyson’s website, that should give you enter information.

Question: What type filter does it have?
Answer: Hi It has a small washable cone filter.

Question: Can you use this for carpeted stairs (with lots of dog hair)?
Answer: You can but it doesn’t come with the turbo brush so it won’t be as effective.

Question: can i use this to pick up broken glass?
Answer: Yes….be careful emptying.

I ordered the v6 and got the dc58. it says they are identical. but, did i get an older model, one lying around?
Answer: Well I think they are the same thing, totally identical in the key parameters. And I also received a DC58.

Question: Is it compatible with accessories of v6 animal? 220v ok?
Answer: Hi It is compatible. This battery it is for 110 volts

Question: Is it possible to charge while mounted on the wall mount?
Answer: Yes you can

Question: is the suction actually as strong as advertised (“3 times as much as any other hand vac…..”)
Answer: Suction may be “strong” but without a rotating brush dog hair will not be sucked out of much of anything.

Question: Does the 2 year warranty apply if you buy it through Amazon?
Answer: Yes,I am an authorized service center. We service everything we sell, Jim

Question: does it work on mattresses
Answer: Am sure that it does though I’ve not yet thought to try that! You can use lots of different attachments and it is a wonderful Dyson. Thanks for another good idea!

Question: Could this suck up Cheerios?
Answer: better not applied for material with stickness

Used it for the first time and I’m guessing after battery became weak, it then cycles on and off? Is that normal?
Answer: Mark, if you feel you’ve charged the vacuum completely but the suction cycles on and off, that’s actually a sign of a blockage. The vacuum has a safety feature that will do this so that the motor won’t overheat. Do you still have your manual? It explains how to clear blockages.

Question: How do I tell my V6 is charging?
Answer: It has two blue LEDs on either side of the handle at the base of the battery compartment that illuminates when charging.

Question: Regarding electricity input, has this product an input of 220 V ?
Answer: Hi you would need a converter for this model for 220.

Question: Can I keep it on charge
Answer: what do really mean by that question I am little lost with the question

Question: Is there an extension I can use to clean baseboards while standing?
Answer: Not with the unit I bought. Perhaps they sell an extension as an accessory.

Question: What is the difference between the V6 and the DC58?
Answer: Sorry. I do not know the difference.

Question: Can this be used on hardwood floors? Does it come with any sort of “soft” attachment?
Answer: absolutely. And yes as to the presence of a “soft” attachment.

Question: can it be left on charge in the docking station
Answer: I leave mine plugged in when I am not using it.

Question: Do you have to hold down the switch with your thumb while using the vacuum, or can you switch it on and it stays on until you switch it off?
Answer: There is no continuous on switch. But there is no thumb switch, either, unless you have a very long thumb. It is held on by exerting pressure with your “trigger” finger.

Question: Will the dc 65 attachments fit this v6?
Answer: I bought the 65 unit, and the v6 part broke. I bought the v6 and all the attachments, the extended floor and hand piece for the old unit work just fine.

Can you leave the V6 on the charge all the time?
Answer: I believe that you can. You can also go to, you can chat with them to make sure.

Question: Would this be good for getting pet hair off the steps and dog bed?
Answer: Yes in fact that’s what my wife uses it for

Question: Does anyone know the 2 motorized tools comes with DC59 (the main carbon fiber motorized floor tool & mini motorized tool) works on DC58?
Answer: I will advise that I contacted Dyson to see if those tools were available for the DC58 and was told they were not compatible … I purchased the DC58 and am very pleased with its performance … nothing cleans computers and their keyboards better … ;~)

Question: What kind of battery does it have?? Lithium or other
Answer: Your answer is Lithium battery. Enjoy your dyson v6 trigger handheld vacuum

Question: Is this from the Ghostbusters?
Answer: Yes, definitely. If you want to run around your house in a sheet, someone else can vacuum it off you. Have fun.

Question: how do you tell if it is charging
Answer: There is a light on the vacuum itself, not the charger.

Question: How do you get the bottom lid to open versus detaching the entire tub? I actually have the product already, but I’m a bit confused.
Answer: See page 8 of the Operating Manual, under the section called EMPTYING THE CLEAR BIN, third bullet point. “To release the dirt, push the red button by the clear bin. Press once to open the bin base. Press a second time to release the clear bin from the main body of the machine.”

Question: Will the wand on the dc35 fit the v6 trigger model?
Answer: The tools/attachments are interchangeable, but the wand isn’t

Question: Should charger mount be in a cold garage?
Answer: Ours is inside, but don’t know why not.

Does it charge on 110volts or 220volts
Answer: charge on 220volts

Question: I already have the dc39 animal canister vac. know if i can attach any of those attachments on this?
Answer: Hi You may be able to with an adapter

Question: what does it come with?
Answer: Charging cord, nozzle and brush.

Question: Does it also plug in
Answer: I’m not sure what she means, but it has a charger that plugs into a wall outlet and then into the Dyson V6 Trigger.

Question: Dyson v6 swivel attatchent dont work on older dc58 model but the smaller v6 attatchment works and spins…Why?
Answer: Hi Because the swivel attachment was not made for the older DC58.

Question: We have a DC 35 stick vacuum. Will the attachments that we have for the DC35 work with the DC58?
Answer: I’m pretty sure the DC58 has the same adapter shape as the DC35. some people say they aren’t compatible but others claim it works 100%. It definitely looks identical and has the electrical “prongs” at the tip of adapter so it should work with powered attachments (including the stick). I haven’t tried it myself, though..

Question: Can I buy DC58 instead of DC59, and buy motorized floor tool (separate, if there is any for this). DC59 is too expensive for me.
Answer: The floor tool from the DC44 is compatible, yes. Although if you’re looking to save money, consider getting the DC44 instead.

Question: Do you need to clean this or change a filter to maintain? Also how does it charge? Plug/in, station? Thanks
Answer: can you clean the filter on a dyson 50 our do you need a new one?

Question: how much power it has?
Answer: I have used an 18 volt Black & Decker for years until the charger went south. This device is considerably more powerful.

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