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Common questions and answers about Dyson V6 top dog

Can the charger for dyson top dog be use for 110v to 220v ? I know the charger for the the dyson trigger is 110v-220v
Answer: the charger for the the dyson top dog is 110v-220v too

Question: Has anyone tried this with a wand? we have the dyson v6 trigger (purple) and we have a wand and was wondering if it’s interchangeable. thanks!
Answer: As a matter of fact, no. I stupidly thought that my old attachments would just work with the new handheld – eh, nope. So I contacted the company and asked if they have an extension tube: they sent me one (for $30, I think) but that turned out to be collapsible, not a wand.

Question: Does this handheld come with a wall mount or does that need to be purchased separately?
Answer: Wall mount is not included.

Question: How long and how high is this Dyson hand held?
Answer: Hi It is 11 1/2 inches long and 8 1/2 inches high.

Question: Is there a wand that fits this
Answer: Hi They do not make a wand for this unit.

Question: How long does it take to charge?
Answer: Hi Katy, It takes 3.5 hours.

Question: How much does the v6 top dog handheld vacuum weigh?
Answer: Around 1.3kg

Question: Is this 110 or 220 volts
Answer: The charger plugs in to 110. The vacuum runs off internal lithium battery.

Question: does it work for stairs?
Answer: Hi Yes it does.

Question: Do I need to use another adapter Hong Kong?
Answer: Hi Yes you need an converter.

Question: How loud is it compared to other handheld vacuums?
Answer: Yes it’s considerably louder

Question: Can you charge the vacuum and use it while it is plugged in? Since the battery last up to 20 minutes!
Answer: It isn’t a very long cord and so I think it works best for quick clean ups I use mine every day for quick clean ups. I use my regular dyson for bigger jobs.

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