dyson v6 mattress reviews

Dyson V6 Mattress Handheld Vacuum reviews

Dyson V6 Mattress Handheld Vacuum reviews

Last updated: 16th July 2018


Dyson V6 cordless unit has five popular variations called V6 trigger, V6 top dog, V6 car + boat, V6 child and V6 mattress. Among these units, Dyson V6 mattress is the only unit that has HEPA filter and wide nozzle tool.dyson v6 mattress reviews

The Dyson V6 Mattress Handheld Vacuum has the HEPA filter because the mattress as a lot of dust, mite dust, and dead skin, a HEPA filter will be more efficient to keep the allergen inside.

The model is featured by Dyson V6 motor power, 15 cyclones arranged on 2 tier for massive suction power and a Li-ion battery for 20 minutes run time. The model has a motorized mattress tool which can agitate and remove the dust from mattress, upholstery and reduce the dust mite on these surfaces.


Compare Dyson V6 cordless vacuum series

 V6 TriggerV6 Baby + ChildV6 Top DogV6 Car + BoatV6 Mattress
Dyson V6 Motor
Run timeUp to 20 minutesUp to 20 minutesUp to 20 minutesUp to 20 minutesUp to 20 minutes
Crevice tool
Soft dusting brush
Mini motorized tool
Stiff bristle brush
Extension hose
Wide nozzle tool for upholstery and large debris
HEPA filtration to capture allergens

FAQs and troubleshooting of Dyson V6 Mattress Handheld Vacuum

What comes with
Answer: Crevice tool, upholstery brush, rotary brush.

Question: Does this come with a charger?
Answer: Yes it has charger together. Same like cell phone’s charger

Question: Can this be powered directly from a cord?
Answer: Sadly, it cannot. One of the few things I don’t like about this otherwise amazing vacuum. Seems like an oversight.

Question: Does it include attaching pipe that connects the body and head?
Answer: Yes. What you see is what you get

Question: Can you use this on sofas?
Answer: Yes. The power of vacuuming is strong enough to clean the sofa.

Question: Can i use this v6 mattress vacuum cleaner with 220 voltage?
Answer: Yes. …and 50 or 60 Hz. You need a plug adapter appropriate for your country.

Question: Does this work on bed bugs
Answer: I don’t have this problem but it should work.

Question: Hello, We are purchasing Dyson V6 mattress vacuum from Amazon to ship to Qatar. I believe the voltage here is 220V, can the vacuum be used with 220v?
Answer: Yes, it works. Model:64506-07

For international buyers does it come with two years warranty from Dyson?
Answer: It does not.

Question: Is anyone knows what kind of charger can use on V6 matters? Or where can find it (I lost mine…)
Answer: I checked mine and unfortunately can’t read it. I would suggest that you Google “Dyson.com” there are many parts dealers and I’m sure you can find another charger.

Question: Does this have international warranty?
Answer:  It does not.

Question: Hello, i am using a dc61 cordless handheld in hong kong, just wondering if the tools are compatible between this v6 mattress handheld and my dc61?
Answer: I am pretty sure all tools are compatible with each model vacuum regardless of what market they are obtained in. The only variable is the plug adapter used to plug the charger into the power. Except for the physical plug the charger is compatible with all world voltages and frequencies.

Question: Can I leave the Dyson mattress cleaner plugged in until I need to use it?
Answer: Yes I don’t see why you can’t

Question: Where is this made currently (country)? In 2017 is it still Malaysia or elsewhere? Thanks!
Answer: Hi Their all still made in Malaysia.

Question: Is that a real motorized attachment or do the brushes spin with the suction of the vac like on the dc 50 animal vac?
Answer: I’m not sure if it is a motor, but this unit sucks (figuratively). You will only get a few minutes of work before the battery dies, and it takes forever to recharge. Find something else.

Question: Does the V6 Mattress cleaner come with a charger and is it a good choice for vacuuming steps and stairway? Thanks!
Answer: Yes, of course, charger is included. One attachment with rotating brush is intended for cleaning mattresses. It may not be perfect for a thickly carpeted stairs but suitable for thin carpet or bare floors imho.

Question: Does the V6 Mattress cleaner come with a charger and is it a good choice for vacuuming steps and stairway? Thanks!
Answer: Hi Yes it does and yes it’s very good for stairways.

Question: Other than the mattress tool, what brush tools are included?
Answer: There is a brush tool and a crevice tool. You should know, also, that the battery only lasts for about six minutes before it dies after a full charge.

What is the shipment box size for Dyson handheld vacuum V6 mattress, is it same with product dimension size specified?
Answer: No, that’s the product size with a head on only.

Question: If i buy the v6 mattress vacuum in amazon, can i use it in hong kong? does it has international warranty?
Answer: YES, you can use it but no international warranty (HK dyson announced not to give support anymore)

Question: Will it work fine in Japan, at 100 V, 50 Hz? And if no, will it work fine 50 Hz in case one will use a 120/100 V convertor?
Answer: Hi It works with 120 volts it doesn’t mention the hertz. It should work with japan

Question: This must be made in England or something…. if its Chinese the price really needs change….
Answer: it made in malaysia

Question: Do i really need to buy a v6 mattress vacuum if i already have the v6 motor head?
Answer: It’s supposedly stronger for sucking in dust mites.

Question: Can you use it to vacuum harwood stairs?
Answer: I don’t see why not. There may be a better tool available in their other offerings of the V6 series but the ones included in “mattress” model should be ok.

Question: Does it matter what setting you use such as “max” to clean your mattress? I have a memory foam mattress.
Answer: I have a CAL King Numbers I use MAX I would suggest using MAX on Memory Foam the power last long enough to do my King

Question: Is this available ship to korea? if it’s possible is it free shipping??
Answer: Yes, it is possible.

Question: What extension tube will fit the v6 mattress handheld vacuum?
Answer: I don’t know what extension tube will fit, but I will tell you that the battery for this thing only lasts for about 7 or 8 minutes on a full charge. I regret buying it.

Question: Can it still work while charging? Seems like battery only last 20 min on half power and 5-6 min on full power.
Answer: Hi It can not be used while under the charge.

Question: Has anyone used this with the dyson v6 cordless vacuum attachments with success. i want to use this on my v6 animal when my battery runs out
Answer: Hi The attachments fit but the wand won’t fit.

Question: what’s the warranty if shipped internationally? because the delivery option is available.
Answer: There is a 2-year warranty that Dyson provides with the product.

Question: Just for cleaning mattress, is this one better than the v6 with mini motorized head?
Answer: it is supposed to have a better performance especially the V6 mattress has HEPA filter.

Question: Does anyone has an original photo of the power adaptor used on this dyson v6 mattress product? need to know the voltage as i’m using it in singapore.
Answer: It will only be used for 110 volts, you would need a converter for 220 for this machine

Question: What is the difference between this motorized mattress head with mini motorized head?
Answer: Hi Only only difference is the color.

Question: Are there any floor tools that can be attached to this to convert it into a hard floor sweeper? Also, a docking station for this?
Answer: Yes, you can hack it. See my photos in the review section.

Question: Can I buy a 220v charger and not use a converter?
Answer: There is a saleman giving a safe answer for him but it is incorrect. I am using 2x Dyson V6 in Singapore. One of them is the mattress version. The adapter is able to take 100 to 240V. You just need an adapter because the pin type is for US socket and not the UK standard.

Question: Do I have to buy any other things to clean the mattress or only need this cleaner?
Answer: No need buy the things to clean the mattress!

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