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Dyson V6 car +boat FAQs

Dyson V6 car +boat FAQs


Dyson V6 car boat is a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning tight spaces by using Dyson powerful motor and a lot of accessories for removing dirt in corners.

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Common questions and answers about Dyson V6 car boat handheld 

Does any of you have find a wand to go with this?
Answer: Hi Dyson made this as a handheld and the wands from off the other ones will probably won’t fit.

Question: Does the charger come with it or do you have to order it separate?
Answer: Charger comes with it.

Question: Will the 12v charger on this model work on the V7 Motorhead?
Answer: Hi Katherine, It should.

Question: Does this vaccum with a charger ?
Answer: Does it come with a charger? Yes

Question: Does it come with a spinning brush? Thank you!
Answer: This is my second reply,because one person said no. It DOES have one. You have to order the car/ boat vacuum . It comes with attachments.

Question: whats the differnce between this and the “top dog” handheld they both have same specs? Also would this work great for inside house, upholstery etc?
Answer: I bought it for the house and I love it. Will use it for the car too

Question: what battery do I order for the extra?
Answer: Correction to my prior entry. The unit does have an interchangeable battery. To access it – Remove the clear bin first> unscrew the two philip screws>One on the front and back of the handles.
After you do that, the battery will release.

Question: How wide is the mini motorized tool?
Answer: Hi Eric, It is about 6 inches.

Question: How do you best maximize the battery? Do you leave it constantly on the charger or leave it off/use it until its dead then recharge?
Answer: I would recommend to use as normal and when your done with using it just put it back on the charger till next time. Pl

Question: Does this vacuum come with a car charger or a house charger?
Answer: Mine came with a house charger. BTW, I love this thing! It gets all sorts of ick off boat carpets.

It is deliver to your house in a Dyson vuccum box right?And also what type of tools do it comes with?
Answer: I receive it perfect and on time with all the tools that you need for a vacuum, still don’t have the chance to use it I keep you updated.

Question: Can you use this while it is plugged in and charging?
Answer: No you can’t

Question: Does it do a good job with sand in the car carpet?
Answer: My husband said it does a great job. The only downside is the battery don’t last long.

Question: Does the long crevice tool fit onto the extension hose? Or can you only use the crevice tool directly on the machine?
Answer: The crevice tool does fit onto the extension hose,and crevice tool can be used directly on the machine

Question: Does the charger work on voltage of 220, please?
Answer: Yes, the adapter works on 100V-240V, 50/60Hz.

Question: Will I be able to use animal, or other dyson handheld, accessories with this?
Answer: This Dyson handheld comes with a bag full of accessories, most of which are that same as the other models. However, the long tube accessory that comes with the V6 model does not work with this model. The suction, power and mechanical design of this model if far superior to the previous hand held models. I own both of them.

Question: Does it come with the wall-mountable docking station? My previous dyson cordless vacuum did, but can’t find if it does with this new model…
Answer: It does not. Just a charger that plugs into the wall.

Question: Does it come with a car charger?
Answer: No, only 110 volt

Question: Is the battery life good enough to clean one car? Also, do you lose battery life even when not in use?
Answer: If you run the Dyson DC 58 on Max, battery life is only 6 minutes. I use the wall mount ($28), so always in a charge mode, and it does not discharge in the off mode while in the wall mount. Great around the garage, cordless, and can use it more often than my shop vac.

Question: Hi, lost charging plug… where/how do I buy xtra charger
Answer: I would call Dyson directly, I do not have number, if you have a computer I would google Dyson , for parts and service, I’m sure they will take care of you ! If no sucess, I would go to your closest Dyson repair and service center, where you will find a license repairman/ service center for Dyson products.

When i use this on max it only last for about 5 minutes. does this happen to anyone else? i haven’t tried it without max since this is my second time.
Answer:  Yes if you use the Max button it will cut the battery life to to about half the life. I recommend you don’t use it .

Question: how long is the cord
Answer: The unit operates cordless. The cord is only needed to charge it’s internal battery, and can removed when you want you want to operate the unit. I’d guess the charger cable, however, is about 6 to 7 feet long.

Question: Why doesn’t the Dc58 have am extension tool like the dc59?
Answer: Hi That’s how Dyson packaged it.

Question: Would you say this is good enough to make up for the fact that a charge doesn’t last that long?
Answer: Yes, I still love it.

Question: Has anyone been able to find an extension tube that fits this vacuum? In case you want to reach some higher up, hard to reach places?
Answer: This particular model comes with one, so I haven’t been looking

Question: How power colds is it because It’s 220 volt
Answer: Normal American socket, anyway 220 volt is also fine in other district with the adaptor

Question: What’s the difference between this and the dyson v6 trigger?
Answer: I am not sure, but be forewarned if you think that attachments from different Dyson models will fit this one. I was disappointed that nothing is compatible.

Question: I am going out west with my kids for six weeks. Is this vacuum small enough to take with us? How long does it take to charge after it’s fully dead?
Answer: Hi Yes it is. It takes about 3.5 hrs to charge.

Question: How long does the battery typically take to recharge after it has reached its 20 minute limit?
Answer: I haven’t really used it until the battery has fully discharged, however, after about ten minutes use ( on high power) it takes approximately an how to fully recharge.

Question: Anyone know if the power adapter will work in europe? (does it support a range of input voltages 120v – 240v?) thank you!
Answer: I just checked the adapter, and it accepts input voltages of 100v-240v.
considering it says car and BOAT, does that mean it can suck up water and areas that are wet with debris?Question:

get this one specific to car when the household can be portable
Answer: Hi It does come with different attachments that maybe some of the other models don’t come with.

Question: What is the part number for the correct docking station for the V6 Car and Boat Dyson?
Answer:  This does not come with a docking station.

Question: This unit will charge with 220v on my boat?
Answer: Very good product, tks!

Question: Does it come with the charger? Or I need to purchase separately?
Answer: It’s doesn’t come with doking station
Only adapter for charging

Question: What about the sigar jack charger that should be included?
Answer: It’s not needed, since it runs on battery and is rechargeable off a wall outlet.

Question: Can you leave the charger plugged in without damaging the battery?
Answer: Not sure what you mean…perhaps you mean while using it? If thats it my answer is no and the charge is pathetic …it runs for seven minutes.

Question: what is the model number?
Answer: V6

Question: What car seat is that on that picture?
Answer: I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question. Picture? Car sear?

Question: how hard is it to replace battery?
Answer: I never tried to since I just got it.

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