Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer REVIEWS

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Frequent Asked Question

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Frequent Asked Question

Last updated: 16th July 2018

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer REVIEWS

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Is this worth to buy?
Answer: Well, I thought the same thing…BUT you know Dyson makes quality products and this hair dyer is the same high-end equipment. It’s very quiet but dyes your hair so fast.! Even on the highest heat setting, you won’t do damage your hair. I have bought many hairdryers in my time and by far this is the best one. I’ve owned… see more

Question: To those saying you can use it with a transformer for 220 volts, have you actually tried it? Any changes performance/sound/etc?
Answer: No.

Question: Is it loud?
Answer: Not at all. That’s why I bought it for my wife. Her old was was so loud it would wake up me in the morning. #lovethedyson

Question: Does this hair dryer work for european and american voltage. i purchased mine in the us would it work in european voltage?
Answer: It will explode don’t try it!!

Question: Wich countries you can use it in?
Answer: All of our machines are built for use in the US with the 110v. They cannot be used anywhere else.This was thier reply they asked if they could check out other ciuntries but I don’t know your needs. Is quick and they are very helpful check out their site.

Question: Is it loud?
Answer: Nope. That’s one of the great things about it.

Question: Does anyone have a review of the diffuser for curly hair?
Answer: It is a great hair dryer!! I have it for a long time and I love it! Note: I have curly hair!!!

Question: Can i use this in 220vlt?
Answer: I wouldn’t. Since it doesn’t have dual voltage, you’d need a converter and the plug. The cord is thick with a battery boost on the cord. Love the dryer but I don’t take it internationally.

Question: Is this suitable for a professional barber or stylist?
Answer: Yes.it is a great dryer, just expensive.

Question: Is this duel voltage, ie uk 220 and usa 120
Answer: No, it is not.

Can this work from 220-240 voltage?
Answer: yes, this can work from 220-240 voltage.

Question: I want to know made in where is it
Answer: Malaysia

Question: I noticed one of the comments said it is Japan mode which is 100v, not 110v. Does anyone else experience the issue as well?
Answer: it works without any troubles at New York city

Question: Do you really need a power adaptor with this?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Small dryers pull my long hair into the air intake (esp. when trying to dry the roots). Does this one pull hair into the intake?
Answer: I’ve had that same problem. This dryer is different. On a normal dryer the intake is on the back part of the dryer on the Dyson it sits on the bottom of the handle (which is longer than a normal dryer) and it sits below your hand at a good distant close to the cord. I haven’t had this issue with this dryer not even once.

Question: How loud is this product when turned on (in decibels)?
Answer: Don’t know how load but Quieter than lot of the others, that said it their is a lot of wind noise from the volume of air! If that helps.

Question: What’s the weight of this hairdryer ?
Answer: 1.8 pounds

Question: Does it works in 220 volts?
Answer: 110. If they sell it in europe it may.

Question: Can you turn the heat function off?
Answer: Yes

Question: Does it have a add on nozzle?
Answer: I am assuming you mean the diffuser or the direction tip? Yes.

Question: Is this strong enough to use on a golden retriever with lots of hair?
Answer: Yes! This hairdryer is powerful. I have thick hair and it dries my hair in 15 – 20 minutes. If you remove the attachments it will tangle the hair so be sure to use them.

Question: Does it come with case?
Answer: You can buy a case that holds attachments plus the hair dryer. I order mine from QVC and I got the dryer attachments plus 2 products and a case (which Dyson actually makes for this dryer). So yes there is a case.

Question: Is this new it’s its original packaging?
Answer: Yes it’s new sealed in original box never open

Question: does it suitable for 220V?
Answer: Sorry it’s 120v only

Question: Dose it can work on 220v?
Answer: 110 v only – you need a transformer

Question: At his price shouldn’t it come with a beautiful cabana with 8 pack abs to dry my hair for me?
Answer: We all have priorities. I have a lot of hair, and this dryer cuts the time it takes to dry it, to about half of what it used to take. Also, it’s so light weight, it doesn’t make my arm so tired. So, it’s worth it to me.

Question: Hi. Does it work on 110v?
Answer: Yes it has 3 prongs and it runs on a 110volts. I’m here in the u.s.

Question: Does come with diffuser
Answer: Yes

Question: Does it have dual voltage?
Answer: No, but my gf was very THANKFUL that she got it …….just get a converter

How quiet is it?
Answer: Quiet enough to where you can hear someone talking when it’s on. Not sure how else to describe its quietness.

Question: How do you expect the average person to be able to afford this hair dryer?
Answer: There will always be some who can’t afford the finer things in any category…sorry, don’t shoot the messenger…just the way it is and has always been. Now, that said, even if you are middle class, or lower middle class, if the item is important enough to you, you will find a way to purchase one for yourself. I have… see more

Question: How has the cord worked for at-home users? It seems long, especially with the box thing on it, and like it would be cumbersome to put away daily.
Answer: I’m not sure what box thing it is. Mine doesn’t have it but there is nothing about the dyson hair dryer that I don’t like!

Question: Does anyone else have an issue with their hair dryer turning off constantly?
Answer: Yes

Question: Does it make sound?
Answer: It does make some sound. Far less than a regular hairdryer and higher pitched though.

Question: Does it work over seas if you are traveling the switch to 240 v ?
Answer: Yes,it works with a transformer.

Question: Is this a us model (not a japanese model)? can it work well in 120v?
Answer: US version

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