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Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner Frequent Asked Questions Part 2

Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner Frequent Asked Questions Part 2

How to get fine dirt out of mesh part
Answer: I shake out as much as possible and then use a can of compressed air to get the rest. It works really well. This Dyson is awesome!

Question: Have you ever had to take it apart to clean it deep? I had to do it twice with my Dyson 17 Animal.
Answer: I take my Dyson completely apart about once a month to deep-clean the unit.It’s easy to do and requires no great investment of time. Again, because it is used in a many-multiple animal household, I feel any vacuum I use ( now ONLY Dyson) requires extra vigilance and cleaning in order to keep it performing at its best.A… see more

Question: does this vacuum come with attachments?
Answer: Hi
Yes this comes with attachments.

Question: Difference between fuscha and purple colors on the 41 Complete?
Answer: Mine is fuscha. I don’t know anything about a purple one. You need strong muscles to push this heavy thing around.

Question: I have a shag area rug (which also happens to be my dog’s favorite place to eat her treats and nap). Is this a suitable vacuum for this type of rug?
Answer: If it is not attached to the floor, the beater bar will suck up rugs like a teenage boy eating pizza. The good news is that you can turn off the bar, but if it is super thick it may not get very clean.

Question: how to change the sole plate wheel on Dyson dc65
Answer: I don’t know, but I bet a call to Dyson would help you.

Question: Is it the 2014 model
Answer: Not sure

Question: What year is it?
Answer: I’m guessing 2015 since I just bought it

Question: How does this compare to a Shark?
Answer: No comparison!! This vacuum is the most powerful one I have ever owned. I own an animal hospital and have 6 cats and 3 dogs at home and I simply couldn’t live without a Dyson. This is my 3rd Dyson ( Animal ), as my daughters keep stealing them from me. Don’t hesitate on this purchase!

Question: does it work with 220v?
Answer: No problem.
Does this work on high density soft carpets?
Answer: If you are talking about the shaggy 70s but softer newer carpet. I have not seen this work well with the Dyson, but to be fair I have seen too many vacuums that are very good on that type.

Question: Is it able to vacuum under the sofa
Answer: If the couch is not right on the floor yes

Question: I have 2 giant breed dogs that shed their undercoats all over. Will this pick up their hair? Will it clog up?
Answer: Plain and simple….yes and no

Question: Does this come assembled?
Answer: No but it can be assembled very quickly

Question: does the D65 pick up animal and people hair without clogging up the vacuum?
Answer: Yes. I’ve had mine a few months now with lots of girls in the house no problems with clogging

Question: is it housekeeping approved?
Answer: Yes, it is approved for both hard floor and carpet use.

Question: what accessories come with this machine?
Answer: Stair tool,Combination accessory tool, Tangle-free Turbine tool, and Soft dusting brush

Question: Why the need to purchase the articulating floor tool if dc41 is so good on hardwood floors?
Answer: I was referring to the attachment that is used on a fabric couch to remove animal hair.

Question: If the dyson is sold through Amazon but shipped from a company not listed under authorized dealers, is the warranty still good?
Answer: Just registered the vacuum. It only asks for serial number and date of purchase, not the seller. So my guess is it should be OK unless the serial number is not legit, or has been registered already.

Question: Dyson DC65 AMINAL-Does it work on Europa Voltage (220V)?
Answer: Only with a voltage adapter
does both dc65 multi and dc 65 animal come with the same deep cleaning brush
Answer: yes

Question: what is the difference between 65 multi floor and 65 animal
Answer: The only difference is the color and what attachments come with it

Question: How long is the cord?
Answer: Cord Is 35 Feet long.. Great Vacuum

Question: who gurantee that it won’t scratch my wood floor because I live in rented apartment?
Answer: On a wood floor you would not use the rotating brush. I have ceramic tile and it doesn’t scratch. I recommend for any floor

Question: Will the Tangle-free Turbine tool vacuum carpeted stairs or is it just for upholstery?
Answer: yes it performs well on stairs

Question: Does this thing clean up cat LITTER? My current one kicks the litter behind it to a new spot instead of picking it up.
Answer: I am responding as being the owner of four indoor cats with four covered litter boxes. Yes, even with covered litter boxes, some of the litter gets kicked out onto the surrounding carpet and concrete basement floor area. The dyson will pickup most scattered litter with some litter “kick back” so several passes maybe … see more

Question: Is the “dc65 animal plus” different than the “dc65 animal complete”?
Answer: Yes the DC65 Animal Complete comes with more tools.

Question: Is it good with dog’s hairs?
Answer: Excellent with the hair of our three inside dogs

Question: does this have a HEPA filter?
Answer: Yes it does.

Question: This is my first dyson, what should i expect and not expect?
Answer: excellent cleaning, easy clean canister, powerfull hose vac, excellent extension appartus tools, and east

Does long hair get tangled in it?
Answer: No. There is a separate attachment that comes with it that you need to use for picking up long hair.

Question: my house is mostly tile but I do have a few rooms with carpet. how is this on hard floors and can you move close to corners/walls, etc.?
Answer: I was not thrilled with mine. If you’d like, you can see my feedback on the Dyson. I have yet to get rid of it, but will soon. It will vacuum carpet and hard floors. It will get reasonably into corners. But, it’s a big, lumbering thing. I’m going back to my Miele canister, which is far superior.

Question: does this vac have suction control? (button or other means of changing the amount of suction; eg, less suction for drapes)?
Answer: no

Question: My Dyson Animal dc41 just died (Feb 06, 2015) It has a 5 year warranty and I do not know what I can do
Answer: Good luck with it. Mine broke to. The piece of flex tube that connects the swivel head to the upright broke and they would not fix it. I clocked it up as a loss and bought a shark navigator. The shark in my opinion is twice the vacuum at a third of the cost. Let’s face it, everything is made of plastic these days

Question: is this vacuum self propelled?
Answer: I don’t know if dyson says it is but I can tell you that it is hard to push on plush carpet so I doubt it

Question: How long is the hose?
Answer: I want to say around 5′

Question: I have an old dyson animal and was wondering if those attachment would work with the new animal?
Answer: It appears that new attachment diameters are smaller (approx. 1.34″ OD vs. 1.44″ OD of the old). I haven’t tried yet, but maybe you could rig a small piece of PVC as a reducer or adapter. Bummer, I know.

Question: I am lost between the DC41 animal complete and the dc65 animal Do they have the same suction power?what’s mainely the difference between them?thanks
Answer: I have the DC65 Animal, the suction is awesome. I think the “Complete” has extra accessories.

Question: I am lost between the DC41 animal complete and the dc65 animal Do they have the same suction power?what’s mainely the difference between them?thanks
Answer: I don’t know about the dc65 but I have the DC41 Animal and I love it. it has great suction power. I have a cat and lots of hair and what use to take me several (about 20) minutes to get the hair off of “his” chair now takes only a few minutes (3 or 4). I am very happy with the DC41

Question: Question 1: Motor has been burnt. Because of the volage difference between Korea and Usa
Answer: Contact Dyson and see what they can do. They have been helpful both times I have contacted them on mine.

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