Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum – Frequent Ask Questions

Anyone know length of cord and hose?
Answer: The cord length is 31ft. Fully extended, the hose is about 9 feet long but with the suction of the vacuum pulling back on the hose they usually do not stretch out to the fullest extent.

Question: I have just bought a dyson ball multi floor 2 upright vacuum (early december, 2017). what is the model number for this machine?
Answer: Item model number 227633-01

Question: is this model good for high pile carpets?
Answer: No; Dyson’s are not recommend for high pile carpets. I recommend you visit your local vacuum store and try out different models.

Question: How does it work on high density carpet?
Answer: Does well. Just not well with small area rugs

Question: Is it too powerful for small area rugs?
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Answer: It’s not great for them.

Question: Does it pick up golden retriever hair?
Answer: I don’t have pets.

Question: What is the height of the head at the edge? I need to know if it will go under my cabinets.
Answer: The yellow edge of the machine is under 2″ tall but this only goes back about 1 1/2″ on the head before you hit the silver motor piece which is about 4″ tall.

Question: Does it work for long haired carpet
Answer: my daughter’s room has a shaggy long haired carpet and it did not suck the dust very well. only works on the floor and regular carpet. i hope that’s helpful.

Question: How quiet is this vaccum?
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Answer: It’s moderate. A bit noisier than my Miele but not by much. The noise level of this would not be a factor if I were to purchase again.

Question: What is the suction power?
Answer: The vacuum has the most suction power I have seen compared to other vacuums I owned. It is so strong that you have to keep it away from lose cables and fabric, because it will grab it and not let go. Also, small area rugs cannot be cleaned with it as it will lift it up and hold on to it. But owing to its power, it remo… see more

Has this dyson an italian plug?
Answer: no its a standard US plug. but i would contact Dyson as they may have an adapter.

Question: This product has an italian plug?
Answer: No, standard US plug

Question: How is the pet vac different from the all floor?
Answer: I do not have the pet vac …From what they tell me its attachments . The Multi floor is so strong we had to take out a rubber seal on the sole plate ( See You Tube ) Nothing but NOTHING beats a Dyson

Question: Is the dyson multi floor 2 battery operated
Answer: No!!
By Amazon Customer on November 27, 2017

Question: Does the Dyson Pet Grooming attachment fit this vacuum?
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Answer: The Dyson groom tool can be used with all Dyson uprights and canister vacuums. However, it is not compatible with cordless, handhelds, DC21 motorhead , DC22 motorhead, and DC23 motorhead. It’s suitable for long and medium haired dogs.

Question: Is it hard to clean the hair from the bristle?
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Answer: It’s not any harder than any other vacuum I’ve had, nor any easier. Cleaning the tank out and all of that is easier though.

Question: How does this vacuum compare in size to a dyson dc25
Answer: I do not know the Dyson dc25, but this Dyson is portable and lightweight.

Question: How does this basically compare to the Allergy model (same size ball, performance, etc.)?
Answer: Same

Question: can this vacuum thick carpeting?
Answer: Yes done a great job too…

Question: how thick can the carpet be?
Answer: My carpet is thick and it doesn’t have a problem works great, easily the best vacuum I’ve ever owned hands down …. I don’t know about some seventies shag but works great on my carpet no issues at all I can’t see it having a problem with anything you throw at it seriously hope I helped !

How does the instant release wand work?
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Answer: When the vacuum is in the upright position the suction is through the wand, which is positioned just behind the upper handle. When the vacuum is in the down position (for vacuuming) the suction is through the head. To release the wand open the round ventilated cover of the wand behind the handle and pull up on the wa… see more

Question: Will this help suck up fleas and flea eggs from hardwood and carpet?
Answer: I don’t know, I sent mine back because it was faulty.

Question: Since it automatically adjusts to each flooring level, does it easily roll onto and vacuum small scatter rugs?
Answer: No, unfortunately, our experience has been that this Dyson has such powerful suction that when we try to vacuum our two small scatter rugs in our bathroom, it sucks them up into it, and they get stuck.

Question: model number
Answer: Dyson Ball multi floor 2

Question: We have two dogs and, hence, a lot of dog hair. Does the exhaust outlet blow dirt on the floor around while vacuuming?
Answer: It mostly blows air out of the top of the handle. It’s a terrible vacuum. Not recommended.

Question: Are Dyson Vacuum cleaners both 110v and 220V?
Answer: Not generally. Some are. Please check the detailed information regarding specific models.

Question: Is it normal for the vacuum to smell like is burning? I just got it and turned it on and inmediatly smelling like that and the ball is burning hot?
Answer: Hi That is not normal. Please call the store at 800-442-8227 and ask for our vacuum specialist for further details.

Question: Is it good on laminate floors?
Answer: works ok on hardwood.

Question: does is have a light and is the cord retractable
Answer: Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a light and the cord is not retractable.

Question: Is this good for shag rugs?
Answer: yes

Is this corded or cordless ??
Answer: Corded
By Matthew Hoffman on September 2, 2017

Question: Does this vacuum have a cord or does it sit in a charger
Answer: has a long cord that wraps up along it’s side

Question: is this vacuum bagless?
Answer: yes, and canister is easy to empty

Question: What size is the box it comes in?
Answer: Hi Ben this is the machine dimensions 41.93 x 15.59 x 13.39 inches so a little more then this. Dyson does not publish the box size. Please call the store at 800-442-8227 and ask for our vacuum specialist for further details.

Question: How does this compare to the Dyson Animal 2?
Answer: Hi The animal has more attachments. Please call the store at 800-442-8227 and ask for our vacuum specialist for further details.

Question: Anyone have a bad experience buying a used product?
Answer: Yes. It’s our 2nd or 3rd dyson, and it sucks up our carpet/rug. The other one did not. It’s too strong if we no longer are able to vacuum an area rug. If it’s not for household use, they should tell the customer.

Question: Do you have to buy any extra attachments for it to switch from carpet to hardwood floors?
Answer: No, it goes from hard floors to carpet without any attachments.

Question: Is the vacuum loud or quiet?

Question: If i purchase the dyson ball multi floor 2 upright vacuum off amazon does it come wth the two cleaning tools?
Answer: Yes, this thing works great.

Question: Will my old Dyson accessories work with this hose?
Answer: yes
Hell large is the container 4 dust and do you have to empty it often?
Answer: Hi It is .42 gallons.

Question: Does this vacuum lock up right so it does not roll away? That is why I do not like the shark I bought.
Answer: The vacuum locked in the upright position will not roll on average carpet, but it would roll on a vinyl or a hardwood flooring that either has a slight incline or is forced.

Question: Dog owners: does this vacuum start to smell like dog dander after a while?
Answer: You must clean out all the filters, as shown in the instructions, and you can also vacuum a little baking soda to trap the smell. Take the ball apart also as shown, and clean it out thoroughly.
If that doesn’t work, contact customer support, and they will Either help you, or exchange it.

Question: Does the vacuume itself work on stairs, or can you only use the stair tool?
Answer: It’s difficult to use the entire vacuum for stairs. I also own a Dyson Cordless Vacuum which is amazing for stairs and many other tasks (such as vacuuming up kitty litter). Here is the URL for this great vacuum. No, I don’t work for Dyson. I just know a good product when see it.

Question: I can barely move this vacuum across the carpet…????Is their an adjustment? Help!
Answer: I’m having the same issue. I found myself pulling it back with both hands. I’m exhausted after just 10 minutes. I thought maybe I was just out of shape. Lol. I guess it’s a little reassuring that I’m not the only one having this issue.

Question: Help. Dyson works great on the hardwood floors but on the carpet I cannot pull back. It will push forward but it completely locks when pulling back.??
Answer: Is your carpet really thick? I can use mine on regular carpet but not on a thick bathroom rug. I assume you are using the floor setting for the floor and the carpet setting for the carpet. On the floor setting you can see the bristles on the roller because they do not move. On the carpet setting the roller spins so… see more

Question: Can vacuum be put flat close to floor to reach unreacheable places? Like far under a bed. Thank you!
Answer: You would need to purchase the Dyson Flat Out attachment, which is currently retailing for about $50.

Question: What is the model number on this particular vacuum?
Answer: The model number on my Dyson Ball Multi-Floor vacuum is 227633-01

Question: Is this vacuum safe for laminate floors?
Answer: Absolutely

Question: Does pet hair get stuck in the bin when you try to empty it?
Answer: Sometimes, especially if it is light and fluffy cat hair. I open the canister over the trash can and knock it against the side. I re-purposed a narrow wooden stick people use for stuffing little pillows and toys – I can then make the stuff fall down if knocking the canister doesn’t get it all. The Dyson really does … see more

Does this vacuum have a light on it for dark places?
Answer: Hi No it does not. Please call the store at 800-442-8227 and ask for our vacuum specialist for further details.
Question: does this have a retractable cord?
Answer: It does not

Question: Is this vacuum cleaner easy to push on carpet?
Answer: Yes and easy to maneuver too.

Question: 5 year warranty also for the open-box $292 Dyson too? Or just the usual 6 month warranty on a refurbished?
Answer: Hi It’s 5 year for brand new in a box from an authorized dealer only. Please call the store at 800-442-8227 and ask for our vacuum specialist for further details. Thank you Scott

Question: Does this vacuum come with a retractable cord? Where does the cord go?
Answer: Hi It does not. It wraps in the back. Please call the store at 800-442-8227 and ask for our vacuum specialist for further details. Thank you Scott

Question: Can we vacuuming the crashed glasses with multifloor ??
Answer: I’m not sure, you might break parts inside, I’d rather do that with a regular broom

Question: Is it 50/60 Hz ?? and is this latest version or model from dayson?? is it work on 220 v or 110 v Please answering me:)
Answer: Hi This is a 60 Hz and 110 volt machine. Please call the store at 800-442-8227 and ask for our vacuum specialist for further details. Thank you Scott

Question: How many amps is this vacuum?
Answer: It has 11.6 to 11.7 amps

Question: Will it clean (fit) underneath my kitchen cabinets or is the front of it too high? I don’t want to have to pull out a tool to clean underneath.
Answer: It has very good side to side suction and the front is about 4in high so if the head fits underneath it will clean. And honestly the tools are attached to the vacuum and very easy to switch too so don’t fear the tools, welcome them😉 Hope this helps!

Does anyone have parts number for this vacuum filters?
Answer: There is a small latch when you unhook the canister from the little vacuum part. . It has a small hook like thing, and if you pull that up it will reveil a blue filter with little water drains on it. It is totally washable, and you can even ring it out!!

Question: How much does this unit weigh empty?
Answer: Hi It weighs about 20 pounds.

Question: Is there a soft rollerhead for hard floors that can be used with this vacuum ?
Answer: This vacuum uses the same roller head for hard-wood floors as carpet and does not scratch the wood floors. It auto-adjusts height for floor/carpet height and is very effective at picking up dirt from hard wood floors, tile floors and carpets.

Question: Is there a soft rollerhead for hard floors that can be used with this vacuum ?
Answer: Hi John, No there is not.
Question: Can anyone tell me if this vacuum will work on 220 volts?
Answer: Hi John You have to buy a converter for this to run it on 220.

Question: Does it work with 220V?
Answer: Hi No you would need a converter.

Question: Just bought this vacuum and was wondering why the brush bar stops working on my carpet?
Answer: Hi Krista, Could be a couple of things your belt could be broke or the brushroll is bound up or the switch for the brushroll doesn’t work.

Question: How can I lock the vacuum so I can lean the vacuum back, with the head up, to move to a new location?
Answer: Hi Yes you can.

Question: Where is this product made?
Answer: I am not sure, it seems the company produced the product from different parts of the world at different times. I suppose I could take the time to research my model and serial number to exactly where it was built. The others I’ve owned are in a landfill somewhere.

Question: How how long is the cord?
Answer: Hi It is 31 foot long.

Is there a switch to turn the beater bar on and off when going between carpet and tile?
Answer: Hi Yes there is.

Question: How well does it work on a shag carpet?
Answer: It works well on a carpet, but I sent mine back for other reasons.

Question: What is the main difference between the Multi-floor 2 and the Animal 2?
Answer: The Animal2 is slightly larger with more suction power.The Multifloor2 rides on a smaller ball design and seems harder to push on medium pile carpet.If you have mostly carpet go with the Animal2.

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Question: Was a top filter supposed to be included?
Answer: Hi Andrew, It is suppose to come with a filter.

Question: I have a rug that can only be vacuumed without the rotating beater. just want to confirm that i can turn it off manually.
Answer: Hi Yes you can turn it off.
Question: How difficult is the hose to use? Some complain that it’s stiff and “1/2” hard plastic? How long/flexible is it?
Answer: Hi It’s not to difficult it will extend from the wand. It has good reach but it’s an upright your limited with reach.

Question: How loud on carpet/floor? Tolerable? My old Dyson is close to 80 decibels which is insanely loud; >85 is bad for your ears?
Answer: It’s not loud at all, watch my video review (familyoffive familyof5) on here and I show it running on the end of it.
Question: Can you turn off the beater brushes on this model?
Answer: Hi Kal, Yes it does.

Question: I went online to register mine. it says it is not a valid serial number. How do I register the Dyson for their 5 year warranty
Answer: Hi Steph, I would either call Dyson or mail the warranty card.

Question: What is the suction on this model?
Answer: Hi It depends on how clean you keep it.

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Question: How long is the cord?
Answer: 31 feet.

Question: What’s changed since version 1?
Answer: The Multifloor2 is a more compact vacuum riding on a smaller ball design.

Question: Is this kind of like a mewer model DC25?
Answer: Yes it is!

Question: What attachments does this come with?
Answer: It comes with a stair tool and a combination tool.

Question: Which attachments come with this vacuum?
Answer: Combination tool and stair tool. Here’s a link from their website for more information:

Question: Does this have a filter that needs to be cleaned?
Answer: Yes.

Question: How long has this model been out?
Answer: Just a few months.

Question: What all is included in the box? I mean what accessories does it comes with?
Answer: Combination tool and stair tool.


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