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Dyson AM09 Fan Heater Frequent Asked Questions

Dyson AM09 Fan Heater Frequent Asked Questions

Last updated: 16th July 2018

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FAQs and trouble shooting of Dyson AM09 Fan

Does it really have cold air that can cool down a small room
Answer: Is not just a fan,not air conditioner,so it will blow your room temperature

Question: how much watts does it normally consume and how much in heating and cooling?
Answer: Sorry but I have no idea

Question: how much watts does it normally consume and how much in heating and cooling?
Answer: The maximum wattage consumption for max heating is listed on the specification page in the owners manual or on the specifications page where you are purchasing this item. Remember that it consumes little wattage for cooling.

Question: how much watts does it normally consume and how much in heating and cooling?
Answer: The unit consumes about 1500W of power which is typical of any residential heater.

Question: Is it meant to heat/cool long range or could you be fairly close to the unit and be comfortable (especially in heat mode)?
Answer: I think it does both fairly well. It does not have exposed metal coils that appear to heat up and get red like most space heaters so it feels safer in close quarters. It also does a good job heating an entire large room like a living room or large bedroom because of the relatively decent power of the fan. I left the fa… see more

Question: Is it ok to use in a bathroom?
Answer: Yes, we have two one in each bathroom. Work great.

Question: Does this create white noise like a normal space fan/heater?
Answer: Yes

Question: Is this heater safe for a bathroom?
Answer: yes it is safe as long as you do not run any heavy electric power drawing appliances (hair dryer) at the same time the heater is on

Question: is this for worldwide ? Can I use it in Hong Kong ?
Answer: No it’s 120V. You will need a converter

Question: Is this wifi ? can control with alexa ?
Answer: Very good

does this has air purifier?
Answer: NO. This is a heater/cooler unit. Air purifiers require filters, which must be changed from time to time. The Dyson is not that sort of unit. Best wishes,

Question: is it International Voltage, can i use it in Hong Kong?
Answer: Not sure I live in US but it is a very good product. I recommend it.

Question: how much voltage?
Answer: 120 Volts as I live in the USA. I am sure it is available in international voltages.

Question: Is the voltage 110V from 220V?
Answer: 110v

Question: How tall is this? Is it tall enough to sit on the floor? Or is it countertop height?
Answer: Can work both ways your choice! It is Great!

Question: is this safe for the bathroom?
Answer: Yes

Question: Does this have WiFi enabled?
Answer: Nope, its just a heater and a fan.

Question: How high can the heat be set. I want to use this to kill bedbugs which requires over 117 degrees ?
Answer: It doesn’t get that hot.

Question: After few weeks worth of use my dyson heater started making a high pitched sound. The sound is coming from the fan. The lower the speed the lower the
Answer: I do not have that problem. Sorry, I cannot help.

Does the thermostat allow the heat to turn on and off as room temperature changes
Answer: I believe that this unit continually blows out the desired set air temperature and runs this way until the unit is turned off. It does not sense the room air temperature. Please consult with the online owners manual for specific operation features.

Question: If room gets too hot will the fan come on?
Answer: No and I would not buy this if I were you. A vornado is much better and about a third of the cost. I am sorry I bought this.

Question: Does the warranty cover if being used outside of the United States?
Answer: very good

Question: Would this work in a 8x8x9 greenhouse. when i do a search the dyson am09 shows up. my panes are 10mm
Answer: My room is 20×20… it warms my room up nicely in the winter with the door closed… sure wish I could help you out with your question for your Greenhouse but I’m not sure with that. But I love mine. It’s not too loud. And you can use it as a fan or a heater… I got my 2nd on on QVC for about $90 cheaper.

Question: Is it a problem keeping this close to wall? Would that impede air intake? I’m thinking 6 – 8 inches
Answer: Have not had a problem with airflow a few inches away from wall. The base keeps fan portion from backing against and hitting wall.
However this unit tilts forward and back as well as rotates. If you plan on tilting it back and having auto-rotate, you will need to pull it from the was a few extra of inches.

Question: What is the wattage on this?
Answer: Apparently, 1500.

Question: Does am09 come with voltage transformer? i want to use it in taiwan, does it support the voltage level of 110v in taiwan? thanks
Answer: No voltage transformer. It runs on 110/120 volt alternating current, 60 cycle. If that is what your power is in Taiwan, it should work fine.

Question: will it work with 220v as well?
Answer: They make 2 versions, US 110V and 220V EU. I never seen the option on Amazon. You need to ask Amazon if they sell both.

Question: Is the device energy efficient
Answer: Not in the heat mode.

Question: Is there a Manufacturer’s warranty?
Answer: Yes there is a a manufacturer warranty which initiates upon registration of the item at Dyson.

How does this effect your electric bill.
Answer: Your use of the Dyson Heater will determine the effect on your electric bill, if you use it just to warm you up for a short ( a couple of hours) period of time each day not so much impact on your bill. However, if you try to heat your space all day and evening, the effect could be significant.

Question: is the heater mode noisy or quiet?
Answer: Very quite. Nice machine….

Question: What is the consumption while in cool mode?
Answer: Not very much, but I would not get it if I were you. I bought 2 of them and they work okay. If you want a better heater and fan, get a vornado. They are much more powerful and they cost about $100.

Question: What is the temperature Range? How cold does it get? and How fast does it take to reach the desired temperature?
Answer: This is not air conditioning. It is a fan. It moves air but it does not cool the air.

Question: can this unit cool
Answer: It can cool,but just like a regular fan

Question: I bought a table fan/heater. Used it twice and it no longer works. What do I do
Answer: Contact Amazon, they tell you how to return it.

Question: can it cool the room?
Answer: Yes and it is quiet.

Question: Do I need to attach the base plate with this?
Answer: It came with one, I did. Appears to be more stable if you do.

Question: Does the heat mode have a low setting for warmer nights?
Answer: Yes and you can also just use it as a fan with no heat..

Question: Does this heat and cool a small room well.
Answer: Only heat or room temperature fan

Question: Is it loud? I have the 05 model which pretty noisy 🙁
Answer: I don’t think it’s loud at all, on medium speed or lower almost silent

Question: Besides aesthetics and dual heat/fan – why should I buy this over a $50 unit with 1500 watts?
Answer: This unit can direct air anywhere in room. I love the cool feature and the remote control possibilities.

Question: How do I get an user manual?
Answer: It comes in the box

Question: I noticed different price comes with the different color of the same type AM09, is there any function difference among the three colors?
Answer: No difference.

Question: With what voltage does the fan work?
Answer: Not sure exactly but normal house plug

Question: Does unit get warm / hot to touch?
Answer: No

Question: Whether it is the international voltage ?
Answer: No.

Question: Is this energy star or is it energy effecient?
Answer: Tehre are no stars on the box.

Question: Can someone help me to solve the error code H2?
Answer: It is possible that your fan is blocked or the filter need to be washed. The Dyson fan AM09 has a built-in system to stop the machine if it was overheating. You can unplug the fan, check for air blockage, filter and wait till it cool down and restart. Hope it helps.

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