Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 reviews

Dyson Air Mulitiplier AM06 Table Fan,10 Inches reviews

Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan reviews

Last updated: 16th July 2018


Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 is a table fan that delivers powerful airflow without the use of spinning blades, therefore it is considered as a safety device for the home with infants and kids.

The Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 is a re-make from Dyson AM01 by adding a sleep timer, a quieter motor that can reduce the noise up to 70% compared to the AM01 unit and consume less than 40% power.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 reviews

While a casual table fan with blade is 10 fold cheaper than Dyson Air Multiplier AM06, let’s check for the benefits of this unit to see whether a table fan with such expensive price is a good choice or not.


Technologies and benefits of Dyson Air Multiplier AM06


A bladeless table fan. This Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 uses Dyson air multiplier technology, drawing the airflow from the motor at the bottom and maximize it via the whirl. The machine is a safer alternative if you have infants at home. This is not an air conditioner.

The mechanism of a Dyson air multiplier vs a normal fan

Quieter than AM01

This model is 75% quieter than the previous model AM01. When compare the noise level created by Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 vs other brands, you can see a big different. Dyson AM06 is super quiet when using at low mode and when using at maximal mode it is just under 60 dB.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 noise level

Bladeless design

The unit does not have the spinning blade so it safe for children

Sleep Timer

You can program the fan to turn off at preferred intervals from 15 minutes to 9 hours so you can save the electric energy during the night

Less power consumed

This model consumed less than 40% compared with AM01

Pros and cons


  • Quieter and efficient in energy use
  • Sleek design


  • Expensive

Compare Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 vs AM07

Dyson Air Multiplier AM06
Dyson table fan vs tower fan

Actually, these two units are the most popular bladeless fans. Both have the same features (powerful airflow, same motor power, and sleep timer feature). They only differ in the design while the AM06 has a circular whirl (table fan) and the AM07 is a tower fan design.

FAQs and troubleshooting of Dyson Air Multiplier AM06

I am living in brazil which the power supply is 220-240v. do you spell it in this voltage?
Answer: It is US 110v.

Question: Is it rechargeable?
Answer: Hi No it is not, It is corded.

Question: What if you have a pace maker ?
Answer: Check with Dyson support, I’m not sure.

Question: My fan worked perfectly for 2 years but now there is a whine when the fan is on. Anyone else have this problem?
Answer: I have only had my fan for a couple of months now. At first is was really quiet, however it has become slightly louder now. No whining sound, just slightly louder.

Question: I got this fan but the power button on the fan doesn’t work but the controller does, is this normal?
Answer: No it is not normal. You should check for Dyson support to resolve your issue.

Question: Is this supposed to make a high-pitched “Whirring” sound when on? Trying to tell if my refurb is working properly.
Answer: No, it is not supposed to do that; when I turn mine on in the morning, it may have an elevated-pitch spin-up for 2.5-3 seconds, but I wouldn’t consider it high-pitched at all.

Question: does it come with a remote?
Answer: Yes, controls speed, oscillation and you can set a timer with remote.

Question: Would this fan be a good option instead of installing ceiling fan in bedroom
Answer: Depends on the size of the room. I use this fan as a desk/night (sleeping) fan and it covers a good area within 5 or 6 feet or more if you put the fan at a higher setting but the sound is much larger than a ceiling fan at the highest setting. For larger rooms use a ceiling fan.

Question: How heavy is the base? And how easy is it to knock it over? Seems a little top heavy…
Answer: It’s very stable (not top heavy at all) unless of course, you knock it over by hitting it. I have mine on a kitchen counter penninsula and all three sides of the counter are open and we’ve never had an accident. I love this fan!

Does the motor put off any heat?
Answer: I’ve had the Dyson Air Multiplier on for several hours now and there is no heat noted in the area of the motor.

Question: Is this just a great fan that recirculates the air in the room, or does it produced cool/chilled air? this is for family in puerto rico without ac.
Answer: Recirculates. Does not cool. But it is efficient and quiet. No moving parts so safe.

Question: Does this actually work better than the other fans?
Answer: Yes

Question: How strong is the cooling? I get so hot I need a power fan on table 3 feet from me.
Answer: Outstanding, I often have to ask my wife to turn the setting down.

Question: Aside from oscillating does it tilt?
Answer: Yes it does.

Question: Can the fan be turned on/off, etc. with a switch on the actual fan, or must the remote be used?
Answer: It can but there are more options with the remote

Question: would this fan do ok in a bathroom with with lots of steam ?
Answer: Absolutely!

Question: How to clean inside the lower part of fan where vents are.
Answer: get a dust cloth and clean it dry…it will pick up all the dust on the vents.

Question: Is this fan UL certified?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does this do hot and cold?
Answer: it depends the temperature surrounding it, it’s mostly cold, but if air is hot around it, it will blow almost cold air.

Does this have a removable filleter? If so, how often does it need to be removed? Is it metal or 250 dollars of plastic?
Answer: don’t know about a filter. it is both plastic and metal

Question: How long is the cord?
Answer: 3’long

Question: why are the prices different with the colors
Answer: Different sellers and supply and demand

Question: How many volts is this?
Answer: Hi,it is 110 volts.

Question: Can this fan be used in Italy?
Answer: I would think yes, if you have the right ac adapter.

Question: Is fan safe inside a tent for outdoor camping? Will be dry inside and fan cord will be inside while plugged to extension cord coming from outside.
Answer: As long as it is kept dry. Much safer than a bladed fan.

Question: No way can I put AC in my small tent trailer. Any opinions on how much (if at all) this unit might help 100+ deg…? Using shore power of course!
Answer: I am extremely happy with this “fan”. It’s quiet and produces steady air movement even on the lowest of 10 power settings. However, my understanding is that air movement may reduce the “feel” of temperature by around 10 degrees or so. check into building a small make shift swamp cooler

Question: Where is it made?
Answer: It is made in Malaysia.

Question: When the fan oscillates, what is the range of rotation? Mine only rotates 45 degress total.
Answer: Mine rotates 45 degrees too

Question: How quiet is the motor ? i have searched for a fan that doesnt rattle or tic in the slightest the sounds keep me from falling asleep unless dog tired
Answer: This is very quiet and the best fan I could ask for. I love it!

Question: Is this only a fan or purifier, or both?
Answer: Just a fan…been happy with it.

Question: I have a pm01 which is noisy when turn on to higher level. who has a pm01 & now owns a pm06 – is it more quiet? is it worth to replace pm01 to pm06?
Answer: I have an 06 & find it to be quiet on all levels

Question: Compare this AM06 with the AM07, which one has a better and stronger air flow? which one is more quiet?
Answer: Both models use the same motor and they have the same features. The main difference is the shape in which AM06 is a table fan and AM07 is a tower fan.

Question: How hard would this be to pack in a large suitcase? Could you protect it in bubblewrap or would you need to pack the whole box?
Answer: The box is quite a bit of space and the fan is two pieces that easily come apart are very light weight and could easily be transported in a suitcase

Question: My condo gets bad circulation, occasionally I’ll get a good breeze but it’s rare. Could I put this close to/in a window/ to pull in outside air?
Answer: Yes, but if it’s hot air outside your going to be pulling hot air inside. If you live up North where it’s cool during the day but you want circulation, it’s perfect. The air conditioner is average in the bedroom and once I turn the fan on it circulates the air real quick and I keep it at 5 on speed.

Question: If i unplug this fan from the wall while its working, will it resume operation automatically when i plug it back in? or do you have to hit on again?
Answer: You will need to hit “on” again, but once on it will stay at the same speed level you chose prior to shutting off power.

Question: Is the light able to turn off?
Answer: The answer is unfortunately, no. We love the fan, but that is the only flaw we have found.

Question: can I use it for 220voltage ?
Answer: the power input is 120V – 60Hz – 0.4A. it plugs into a normal socket.

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