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Dyson 360 Eye reviews

Dyson 360 Eye reviews


Dyson 360 eye – a robot vacuum from Dyson that give twice suction power * (mentioned from Dyson)
Dyson joins the innovation of smart home by delivering its first vacuum robot called Dyson 360 eye, which has a 360-degree observing capacity. This robot vacuum is packed with advanced features and it is great only when you can stomach the price because it is near $1000 range, too expensive at the moment. If you compare to Roomba, they will show the same quality but Roomba has a more breathable price.

dyson-360-eye reviews


The good point of Dyson 360 eye

It is packed with whole features for convenience when using such as wifi connected, Dyson app, voice control and 360 vision. Besides, it uses cyclone technology for collecting microscopic dust and a radical motor V2 which has double suction powers.

The bad point of Dyson 360 eye

First, about the price, it can be one of the most expensive robot vacuum cleaner on the market. You can have a similar robot vacuum at lower price such as Roomba or Neato Botvac.

Benefits of Dyson 360 eye (regarding performance)

Similar to any notch-top robot vacuum, the Dyson 360 eye connect to Dyson App so you can control the vacuum cleaner via your phone or tablet. It is a nice feature for any smart home because you want your home cleaned before you arrive there. So the connection to wifi is an adorable of Dyson 360 eye and other top level robot vac in general.
The cleaning performance of this model is very great because it uses root cyclone technology which can capture invisible dust and this is important to those who have allergy. Besides, the Dyson 360 eye use motor V2 which is twice suction power so it can clean the dust with only one stroke.

360 eye technology allows the vacuum to observe the surrounding and it connects with mapping feature so basically, this vacuum cleaner will define where the need to be cleaned and it clean with no backtracking. As a result, your room will clean within a shorter time.

Downside of Dyson 360 eye (regarding performances)

This robot vacuum is taller than most of the rivals such as Roomba or Botvac (it is 4.72 inches tall while Roomba is about 3.5” and Botvac is 3.9”). Will this a major problem? It depends on the user home situation. If you have some low-profile furniture, make sure the robot vacuum can go under there. With Dyson 360 eye, when tested on multiple types of furniture at home such as bed, table, chair,… it can work perfectly even it has a higher profile than others.

Second, this vac needs to be charged more frequent, it can use for only 45 minutes after a complete charging time. When compared with Roomba 980, it is a big difference (Roomba 980 can run for 120 minutes). Recently iRobot releases the Roomba 690, which is also wifi connected ,60 minutes using time and its price is just around 1/3 of Dyson 360 eye.

Third, this model has a loud noise when running compares to Roomba and Botvac.

Final though of Dyson 360 eye

This can particularly be an innovation of Dyson to join the robot vacuum market, and it is a great machine when talking about advanced features. However, there is some other high-quality robot vacuum with the cheaper price that you can look for to save the money, such as Roomba 690, Roomba 980 or Neato BotVac.

Is it relatively tangle-free? Is maintenance a hassle?
Answer: In all honesty.. any vacuum that has a “brush bar/roller” is going to experience some level of tangling, it’s a bit hard to avoid. In my experience the only motorized tool that is virtually tangle-proof is Dyson’s accessory strategically named the “TANGLE-FREE TURBINE TOOL” which is for their upright vacuum line.

Question: what is the different between this $999 and the earlier $1500 models?
Answer: Since this item is still in its early release stages, its not readily available at all times, even by the manufacturer. The $1500 models were likely the ones released in JAPAN back in October of 2015. There were also some people taking early pre-release orders before the “official” release here in the U.S.
Hope this h… see more

Question: How does this thing do under furniture? It looks ridiculously tall for a bot vac.
Answer: Does really well under furniture, we have a very low couch it does not go under. Everything else he fits under

Question: Wats the voltage? Up to 240v?
Answer: Yes, our stock is from UK/EU

Question: Hi. This robot is capable of pulling long hair?
Answer: Not sure I completely understand. Hair on the floor that needs to be picked up or swept up? Yes.

Question: what is the voltage of it?
Answer: 115v

Question: Is dyson 5 year warranty valid if vac bought from amazon?
Answer: Actually the Robotic vacuum by dyson is covered under a TWO (2) year warranty, which actually is one of the best in the industry. The competition only offers 6months warranty on the battery and 1 year for parts and labor.
Now to address your question directly… As long as you purchase the item in NEW condition and t… see more

Question: I have a shag rug with pieces on it about an inch long, will the eye 360 get caught?
Answer: It depends the hardness of your rug, for instance this robot climbs crazily on my flat leg chair and always stuck on the steel which is making it useless if you want him to clean the house without our present

Question: How long the battery lasts? How long full charge takes?
Answer: Around 2hours and half works great

Question: Will it push past a bedskirt or a leather flap r c it as an obstacle? Does it get caught on sharp edges?
Answer: Most of these robotic vacuums, including the dyson will see an obstacle and slow down to prevent any damage to the item but continue forward until resistance is met (they bump into it and a sensor is tripped).
I’m not sure what you mean by sharp edges, but if you’re referring to a drop off, the sensors on the undersid… see more

Question: Does the robot require wifi to clean or to set a schedule?
Answer: It does not require Wi-Fi to clean. But to set a schedule, it needs wifi.

Question: Does it make coffee in the morning while cleaing the home?
Answer: I believe that’s one of the settings, but we don’t use it. Mine is set up in the mode to fetch my bourbon and smoke in the afternoon.

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