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Dyson 303117-01 AM10 Humidifier Frequent Asked Questions

Dyson 303117-01 AM10 Humidifier Frequent Asked Questions

Is anyone having trouble getting the top section to latch correctly to the base after refilling? Its next to impossible. The company said its normal.
Answer: I’ve never had an issue. It does click in fairly hard but always works.

Question: Can you clean the air Filter?
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Answer: The filter can be cleaned on this model

Question: Does it make a sound when it automatically shuts off? I have a different brand and it wakes me when it beeps as it shuts off in the night.
Answer: No. It is silent

Question: If you have two same dyson humidifiers, can you use one remote control to control both of the unit?
Answer: I don’t know.
I returned the unit because I didn’t like it

Question: Has anyone found mold?
Answer: No, Dyson recommendation is that you clean the water container with a solution once a month. It’s a very easy process!

Question: Want to how gallons it uses and does it damage wood furniture
Answer: No humidification Can I refund now?

Question: Does it make you feel colder when you use it in winter?
Answer: No, and it is absolutely the best humidifier I’ve ever had. I’d buy it again

Question: Can i use this in china? chinese voltage is 220v and 50hz.
Answer: No problem!!

Question: Do you need to buy filters for this particular humidifier?
Answer: No. That is the beauty of this humidifier.

Question: I heard this unit controls the room temperature to a maximum of 70 degrees. Can someone verify how effective this unit is as a heater in a cold room?
Answer: it does not function as a heater. They have a unit that does but it is not this one. This is just a humidifier.

What’s the Voltage range on it? Is it 100-240V?
Answer: I dont know. Please do your research before buying one – we have had ours for a month and it leaks. We are returning ours.

Question: do you notice much cooling of the air around the humidifier?
Answer: Yes, around the humidifier is a little cool

Question: Hi, Has anyone with the white Dyson humidifier experienced any yellowing or discoloring of the plastic?
Answer: no probably your water IMHO

Question: Can you see any mist coming out of the unit?
Answer: yes, mist is coming out of the unit. Probably not enough to effectively change the humidity in the room.

Question: How is this better than a $65 humidifier?
Answer: It is a big humidifier with fan providing cool mist and it covers a bigger area. Very Quiet. You can put it on the floor or table top. Stylish! i think that’s all it is!

Question: All the blue lights seem to work and our room seems better humidified, but the water level didn’t appear to go down the first night. Why?
Answer: The water level always goes down in my unit . You should call Dyson they gave great customer service.

Question: Seeing as its not mentioned at all on here, anyone know the tank capacity?
Answer: Will not last the night

Question: Does it come with remote control?
Answer: Yes it does. You can use it to set the fan speed. Humidity level. And timers.

Question: what is the room size?
Answer: Doesn’t matter about room size. My unit did not work after 2 months. Very poor design. Would not recommend this unit. Other less expensive humidifiers are offered on Amazon

Question: Will this be able to cool my room in the summer?
Answer: Yes and no. No, because it’s not designed to do that. Yes, during summer I add iced water into the bucket, it’s kind of tricky to do it but it works well.

Does this unit require filters or wicks or cartridges?
Answer: negative, it does however require some regular maintainence (especially if you have hard water). you can look up that tutorial online on youtube. if you use distilled water you shouldn’t have to clean it as often tho.

Question: Where is it made?
Answer: It is made in Malaysia

Question: how long it will take to ship this item,it is out of stock
Answer: We have it in stock.

Question: How do you clean it and how often does it need cleaning
Answer: I rinse the inside of the bottle with hot water, you can add other cleaning agents to it if you like.

Question: Does the structure contain mercury/lead?
Answer: no

Question: What’s the voltage level? only 110v? it can be used in usa directly?
Answer: Yes. 110V.

Question: is the unit too big to put on a console table?
Answer: We have it on a small table and it works fine–not too big

Question: Humidifier not misting or using any water
Answer: It works very well, I’m satisfied!

Question: Is it automatic off?
Answer: Hi It has a sleep timer for automatic shut off. Please call the store at 800-442-8227 and ask for our vacuum specialist for further details. Thank you Scott

Question: Is there white powder around humidifier?
Answer: We have not seen any.

why does the white/silver humidifier have a trough to take out to clean and the other colors do not?
Answer: Hi Ariel, They are the same machine. It’s just a different color. Please call the store at 800-442-8227 and ask for our vacuum specialist for further details. Thank you Scott

Question: Does this ultrasonic humidifer affect pets hearing? i have a small pet.
Answer: I have a small pet as well and I can say for certain, that it does not. It’s extremely quiet.

Question: is this a ultrasonic humidifier?
Answer: I believe it is, but I advise against buying unless you want white powder all over your house as their is no filter for getting rid of minerals. Why they didn’t put one in for that price, I don’t know. You either have to lug Distilled Water all the time or buy a Distiller like I did. Up to you??

Question: does it cause white dust in the home? i have hard water.
Answer: I’m not sure but if you have hard water you will probably have to clean it a lot. It gets residue inside of the machine and stops working frequently.

Question: Is this humidifier safe to place directly on a carpeted floor?
Answer: No humidifier should be placed directly on a carpet.

Question: Would this be recommended for a baby room?
Answer: It’s cool mist(room temperature) coming out from the fan if this is what you want, it works.

Question: If the voltage is 220 volts can apply?
Answer: No

Question: I want to know the rated voltage of Humidifier, thx.
Answer: The voltage is standard U.S 120 Volts A.C. If you mean the consumption in Watts it’s 55 but that probably depends on the fan speed you select but 55 is rated.

Question: Does this purify the air?
Answer: The product description should address this, but no it doesn’t.

Question: When running this in the winter time does this cool down your home the fan and is it noisy
Answer: No really. And it is not noisy comparing with other humidifiers

Can this also dehumidify? For this price it should do both.
Answer: No it doesn’t. Trust me it’s worth every penny.

Question: Is the plug two prong or three prong?
Answer: two.

Question: Will this make my cat. Feel better. I live in the south
Answer: It all depends on you & your cats’ symptoms. You might need a DE-humidifier? Call & ask your Vet & your regular Doctor what’s best for you both, PLEASE!!! If you don’t have either, it’s EASY to pop your head into BOTH a GOOD pet & human clinic or 2, runs symptoms past someone knowledgeable with a few minutes on their h… see more

Question: Does the power adapter works under 220v?
Answer: I am using it in the United States, and the voltage is about 110volts, 60Hz, Very quiet unit and works well

Question: Is it also a fan
Answer: It is a fan also, but not a powerful one. If you buy it, I highly suggest buying a Water Distiller for around 299 bucks. Other wise you will be lugging gallons of Distilled Water home all the time because of all the white dust it throws out. That is unless you have very soft water. They made a big mistake not adding a … see more

Question: Does this cycle on and off or oscillate during use? (had another humidifier that did and it kept me awake)
Answer: When you set the desired degree of humidity, it will cycle on and off – but it is pretty quiet. We’ve had many humidifiers, some ran so loud that our sleep was disturbed. The Dyson is quieter than any other we’ve had.

Question: How large is the water container? On low (01) and 70% humidity is runs out of water overnight.
Answer: This thing holds about 3/4 Gallon of water Weather depends on how long before it runs out. Mine will run out of water in 5 hours if the temp is below 15 degrees It will last all night if the temp stays above 38. Bad thing about this is the white dust it throws out unless you use distilled water. They did not put a fil… see more

Question: Does it use regular tap water?
Answer: Thats what I put in it, just verify your source is a good one so that you get loads of calcium built up in the unit.

Question: is it easy to clean?
Answer: It’s crazy but you just wipe down. No filters etc

Question: Can you add inhalents similar to the Kaz and Vicks humidifiers?
Answer: Unfortunately no! The manual states that it is potentially damaging to the humidifier to add inhalants and oils into the reservoir. Only clean cool water. But that aside, it is an excellent humidifier! I’ve owned a number of different ones and this definitely is the best one!

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