Deik Robot Vacuum reviews

Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner reviews – FAQs and troubleshooting (Part 2)

Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner reviews – FAQs and troubleshooting (Part 2)

Read Deik robot vacuum cleaner reviews

FAQs and troubleshooting (cont.)


Question: Does it have a sensor to avoid falling down stairs?
Answer: I don’t know because my house has just one level .

Question: Does it work with 220v input voltage?
Answer: No, it is a 110 volt system

Question: Does this work on medium pile carpet?
Answer: Sure. The robotic vac does a fine job on many surfaces. Medium pile carpet should be no problem.

Question: How do you buy the mop cloth replacements for the Deik Robot?
Answer: from Amazon

Question: Does this work on dark floors? sounds like the sensor reads the color black as a drop-off and stops.
Answer: I have dark brown wood floors and it works

Question: Reporter has difficulty finding the power charging platform What solution?
Answer: Contact the guys they will offer to replace, alternatively just connect cable directly to robot when it is done.

Question: bumping into walls?
Answer: Doesn’t bump into walls but if you have table with very thin legs such as a massage table then it will bump into it but not too hard.

Question: It comes with the trailing bar and mop attached. Do I have to remove the mop before letting it vacuum or sweep?
Answer: It helps

I’m looking for any info on what depth of rug this vacuum is able to clean. Will it clean a shag area rug? And if not, will it get stuck?
Answer: No it won’t and yes it will.I returned mine

Question: Is there a decibel rating for this vac? I work from home a lot, and I need something quiet. Thanks!
Answer: I cannot tell you exactly how many dB, however I can tell you that is not noisy. I also work from home and doesn’t bother me at all. To give you an idea, is less than a regular vacuum

Question: What is the decibal while running?
Answer: It’s very quiet for a vacuum – much quieter than Dyson or Hoover uprights I’ve used

Question: does it vacuum, mop and dry all in one pass?
Answer: I don’t know. Bought it as a Christmas gift. Sorry.

Question: What does the flashing red/blue light mean?
Answer: It is charging. When the lights go out, it is fully charged.

Question: How well does the mop work for smears/smudges?
Answer: oh I didn’t had that experience because I just owned this vacuum for 1 week, was everything working good, vacuum so clean, mopped so good, but the battery stop working! I don’t know why! I returned! will find something else!

Question: Would this work on a workout mat with a lot of rigids? Would it be able to get into the valleys of the mat?
Answer: I believe it would. I have not tried it on the work out mats, but I have the door mats that have those pockets like you’re describing to help with the dogs tracking dirt in the house and it sweeps that up. It has even sucked up a dog toy and I was impressed with that. Hope this helps.

Question: Does this product have virtual walls?
Answer: No it doesn’t, the manual suggests using furniture to block the path

Question: Is it compatible with google home voice instructions
Answer: No. It is controlled by an infrared remote and also can be set to work from a built in timer.

Question: I have a large room with hardwood floors, but also with a circular rug under a table. Does it really avoid moping rugs somehow?
Answer: I am so sorry, I cannot answer your question. We purchased it for our daughter for Christmas. And here quaging you a,VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Thanks you.

does it sweep and wet mop at the same time?
Answer: Sorry. I don’t know; I bought this as a present for my mom.

Question: will this mop and vacuum at the same time?
Answer: Yes although the mopping is just to freshen up really, it doesn’t substitute a good old fashioned clean

Question: What does the middle indicator light mean? The vacuum goes 6 inches & stops with 3 blue lights flashing
Answer: I don’t know but email the help center. Here is the

Question: If you have hardwood floors with area rugs, can the mop feature distinguish between wood and rug areas?
Answer: I don’t think so. Besides that. It doesn’t puck up much anything and it goes to corner…don’t know how to turn around and stuck there and burned my carpet. Not recommended to anyone

Question: Mine gets stuck in corners and can’t find the station when it’s right next to it. Is kind broken or am i expecting to much from this machine?
Answer: The docking station thing is true, not broken but unfortunately one of the cons of this robot. The “stuck in the corner” thing I don’t know, you have to be more specific.

Question: Has anyone successfully purchased spare parts?
Answer: No I’m trying to purchase replacement HEPA Filters but can’t find customer service phone number anywhere in manual.

Question: How does this model do with dog hair? I have multiple shedding beasts that shed short hair anytime they move.
Answer: I don’t know. I am having much difficulty operating the device. I may have to contact the company for clearer operating instructions or return it.

Question: Is the mop pad machine washable?
Answer: I have not used the mop pad yet but mine came with two…I would guess that you could wash it out by hand

Question: Thinking of buying one. Does it just use water when mopping or soap also?
Answer: You can only use water.

Question: Can someone please measure theirs for me?
Answer: 13 3/4 inches

Question: Will this work to clean my hardwood floors? I a worried about it leaving scratch marks
Answer: it works well on my hardwood floors, I didn’t see any scratch marks.

Question: How long does a charge last?
Answer: I feels like that once you charge, it lasts 1 and half hour .. not 2hours but it works a lot 🙂

Question: what is the run time?
Answer: Around 1.5-2 hours

Question: Have a 10 x 12 kitchen floor. Will the mopping funtion keep it clean….or will I have to give it a good hand mopping?
Answer: It should do fine. Mine runs 1 time a day and I have bee blown away how clean it keeps my house

Question: Is there any smell to this.? Like in Pads or the paint on the machine? I cannot use any type of fragrances due to my illness.
Answer: Nope. The only smell would be if you used a carpet deodorizer or scented floor cleaner in the mop function. I barely even smelled plastic when it came out of the Box.

Question: Does this device detect the difference between carpet and hard floors?
Answer: Yes. It will go from hardwood to carpet on it’s own power if the carpet is not too thick and automatically adjust suction power.

Question: Does it damage baseboards? Is there an accessory if it does?
Answer: no, it is an excellent unit! I love it!

Question: How long have you had yours and how long did it continue to work well?
Answer: I purchased 2 of them and returned both after one week. They both malfunctioned every time I used them. I had to babysit them constantly.

Question: How long does it take to charge? Mine has been charging and its still not fully charged.
Answer: 18 hours first charge.

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