Deik Robot Vacuum reviews

Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner reviews

Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Smart Mopping and Water Tank, Self-charging; Drop-sensing Technology, High Suction and HEPA Style Filter for Pet Fur and Allergens reviews

Last updated: 16th August 2018


Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a robot vacuum cleaner with a wet/dry feature, meaning that you can wet cleaning the floor by attaching a wet microfiber pad. Deik robot vacum unit is very popular and its price is super sweet, just less than 200 bucks only.

Deik Robot Vacuum reviews

This unit is featured by a high motor power (1200 Pa), big dust bin (650 mL), HEPA filter and built-in water tank for wet cleaning.



  • 2-in-1 robot vacuum and wet/dry mop
  • V-shaped motorized brush provides agitation for both bare floor and carpet
  • 5 cleaning modes – (1) spot cleaning, (2) auto cleaning, (3) edge cleaning, (4) scheduled cleaning and (5) turbo boost cleaning
  • Large 0.65-liter dirt bin
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 90 min run time
  • Built-in gyro sensor helps it navigate in an efficient cleaning path and avoid bumping into furniture
  • 1,200 Pa suction
  • 1-year warranty

FAQs and troubleshooting of Deik robot vacuum cleaner

For the moping function can you use floor cleaner instead of water in the tank?
Answer: I never try that,but I think it could be

Question: It will beep every 2 minutes on the dock. Why and how do I get it to stop?
Answer: I think it does this when it is not in the docking unit just right.

Question: Can mopping be scheduled?
Answer: I think so. I just got this less than a week ago and am still trying to learn it. Sorry

Question: How difficult it is to clean the hair stuck in the brush or cleaning the brush in general?
Answer: Not at all difficult, everything disconnects and reconnects easily.

Question: Is the mop pad washable and thus can be reused?
Answer: Yes it is, i wash by hand. There are two mops in the box.

Question: I have not seen many reviews on “mopping”. Can someone share insights on this. Can it mop well small particles which keep getting stuck on feet?
Answer: It’s just ok. The trick is to run the vac to sweep, recharge, then mop. I find the circular feature on the vac is good for mopping but its just okay. You’re better using this feature on small areas, letting dry, cleaning the mop head, repeating. All in all, use the mop feature to spot clean.

Question: How do i clean and maintain machine
Answer: Onces a month check the water and filter and you should be good

Question: Does it require a connection to the internet?
Answer: I don’t think so

Question: does it find its charger easily?
Answer: Mine can’t find its charger at all and banged into everything the 5 minutes it worked. Now it won’t stay on the charger. It just rolls itself off. It’s defintiely going back!

Question: We have a pretty high ft from out tile to carpet, will it be able to make it up over it?
Answer: It will only work in one place onces it’s complete. You’ll have to raise it to continue

Can i use my own hardwood floor cleaner in vacuum for when using the mopping option?
Answer: Yes you can, depends on what type of flooring cleaner

Question: Does it need wifi?
Answer: No WiFi needed

Question: I have a rug and carpet in the same room. Will it mop and vacuum accordingly?
Answer: I have not used the mopping feature yet. The book says to move rugs before mopping. The vacuum works great. It goes right onto the rugs even on carpet. If the carpet is thick it may get a little stuck but you can help it get on the rug. On hardwood, it has no problem getting on the rugs.

Question: We have some rubs that are low to medium pile, but I’m afraid they are too tall for the robot to climb onto. Any suggestions?
Answer: NO i wouldn’t recommend it. Vacuum would preferred to be on as flat surface as possible. For it to make as most deep clean

Question: Can this robot pick up fine glitter?
Answer: I’m sure it *should* but ours didn’t work at all so it was returned.

Question: Does it pick up dog hair
Answer: It does i good job with animal hair.

Question: How long is the first charge?
Answer: It runs depending on the surface but it runs about 1.5 to 2 hours

Question: Can you add a cleaner to the water tank?
Answer: Yes…I added Lysol, bleach, and Mr.clean with a little water and it worked perfectly.

Question: Is this multivolt? Can be plugged in 220v?
Answer: Yes. It can be plugged into 110V – 220V AC.

Question: does it work with alexa dot?
Answer: YEs, should be comparable

Question: What is the height?
Answer: About 5”…really liking this thing…

Question: Is it single room? Or able to clean all house? What’s the schedule options that I am able to do?
Answer: Can clean whole house, can program to clean at different times, auto return to charging station when needed, several cleansing patterns

Question: how do you store it in between you keep it on the charging station with the unit on?
Answer: Mine backs off of the charger when it is charged. I then turn the vacuum off as it seems the battery would be draining if the machine is still turned on even tho it isn’t vacuuming. I am still learning how to best work it, only had it a couple weeks.

Question: is the warranty for this product 12 month or 15 month why do we needs to buy the echo dot ?
Answer: 12 months and you don’t have to buy the echo dot it’s optional.

Question: Does it know to stop mopping at the carpet?
Answer: Returned it

Question: Can I use it in 220V 50-60hz area?
Answer: AC100-240V 50-60

Question: I set it up for the first time for charging. Can not tell when it is charge or not but it keep having a beeping noise continuously. Is it normal ?
Answer: It is normal, it is charging if it beeps.

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