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Shark ION ROBOT 720 Vacuum (RV720) reviews

The Shark Ion Robot 720 is Shark’s innovative robotic vacuum cleaner which is designed for home with pets. This unit is controlled by a remote (Shark Ion Robot 750 is controlled by a phone app) to schedule the cleaning routine. The best part of Shark Ion Robot 720 is that it uses a self-cleaning brush roll which is tangle-free to capture the pet hair, girl hair, dust and allergens without being clogged. For edge cleaning, you can attach the dual spinning brushes to the unit to pull off dirt from stair corners. The model uses a Li-ion battery for running maximal of 60 minutes per charge which is quite sufficient to clean the entire home. The model also features smart sensors to identify obstacles and floor types to prevent falling off. Last but not least, this unit is quite affordable (about 300 dollar price range) and very durable. On the downside, Shark Ion Robot 720 does not have wifi connection therefore you can not control the unit while you are not there and the running time is about 60 minutes which is shorter than rivals like Roomba or ILIFE (The updated version Shark Ion Robot 750 has added this feature )

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