Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner, 1543A reviews wont answer these questions

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner, 1543A reviews wont answer these questions

update January 23, 2018

doe it have have adjustible steam setting?
Answer: Yes it has a high and low setting

Question: Is this only for people with pets?
Answer: No. If you want your floor clean use this

Question: Does anyones mop leak from the power cord while steaming ??
Answer: I bought one for my mother and she doesn’t have any problem with her’s so i guess you might need to send yours back for a replacement or repair. i bought a extended warrantee because when you deal with water and electricity things can go wrong.

Question: How many pads does it come with?
Answer: One smooth and one textured

Question: How does the roller on this vacuum do with long hair? Does is get tangled easily or frequently?
Answer: GOod question, Matt – the Symphony does not have a rotating brush so no hair to get tangled in it!

Question: can you vaccum caperts eith this combo
Answer: No just floors

Question: I’m confused, the amazon listing has three different options for “style name”: 1. all in one vacuum, 2. something steam mop water and 3. steam/vacuum. what’s the difference?
Answer: Hi William – those are bundles available to purchase. They all include the machine, one includes a bottle of scented water and one includes an extra set of mop pads.

Question: Does it work on carpets too?
Answer: Yes, not for deep cleaning but for light cleaning and vacuuming. I love my symphony

Question: Can you use this on a carpet? If so, how? Do you take the steam pad off?
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Answer: You can use it to vacuum a carpet. You can’t use the steam mop features on carpet

Question: How much does the unit weigh?
Can the Bissell 1543 be used on tongue and groove laminate flooring?

Answer: it should just fine on laminate flooring, not sure if it will affect the tongue and groove since they keep the laminate flooring together.

Question: Is it safe for hard wood floors?
Answer: Yes

Question: Does this include the terrycloth pads?
Answer: Yes, two pads are included with the steam mop.

Question: How long does it take to heat the water?
Answer: Heats up quickly

Question: Is the vacuum suction effective for long human hair? I have long hair.
Answer: Yep! I have 4 hair large dogs. It’s wonderful

Question: 1132a vs 1543a which has more power/suction?
Answer: I do not know.

Question: How much water does the tank hold?
Answer: The water tank holds about 12.8 oz of water.

Question: Can this be used on marble floors?
Answer: I’m sure that would be fine but I would recommend an entirely different vacuum and Steam Mop all together because after a few months of having this it started leaking anytime I fill the tank

Question: can i use on tile and throw rugs
Answer: Tile,wood,vinyl flooring, cushioned rubber mats yes. Carpet…not really.

Can we use this to steam and vacuum the area rug’s?
Answer: No, it’s only good for tile floors

Question: Can you add some disinfectant to the water?
Answer: You can. I mix equal parts Fabuloso floor cleaner and water and it works great. Leaves my floors cleaner and smelling amazing !

Question: Is there rubber on the bottom to help corral pet hair?
Answer: The front has raised edges for the hair to go in between and gets sucked up anything that doesn’t get sucked up gets captured in the mop section. If it’s of any consequence my wife loves this thing!

Question: Can it be used on hardwood hickory floors
Answer: Not sure, I have tile and Pergo laminate.

Question: can i use it on tile floors
Answer: I have 3,000 square feet of 24×24 tile floors and it works great. I change the removable fabric heads about every 1,000 square feet to avoid streaks.

Question: How loud is this vaccuum? I would like to use it after the kiddos go to bed but do not want it to wake them up.
Answer: It’s on a low MED scale of noise.

Question: Is this vaccuum very loud?
Answer: It’s about as loud as a regular vacuum

Question: Can it be used on laminate floors?
Answer: Hi Missy – Yes this cleaner is designed for hard floors including laminate.

Question: Interested in this 1543. Will using steam in this, remove pet stains from my low pile careting?
Answer: This vacuum/steamer is for tile and wood floors only, not used on carpets. It only releases steam which the mop wipes, it does not release water and then suck up remaining water and dirt.

Question: Is the suction on the vacuum only setting strong enough to pick up cat litter?
Answer: I’m not sure as I haven’t tried to vacuum cat litter. It does pick up pet hair.

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