BISSELL Spinwave 2039A review

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, 2039A reviews

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, 2039A reviews 

Last updated: 15th July 2018

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, 2039A reviews

BISSELL Spinwave 2039A is a low price powered hardwood floor mop, using 2 counter-rotating microfiber pads to scrub the floor so you do not need to scrub manually. Apart from scrubbing activities, the unit has a built-in sprayer for treating stains on hard floors.

This model is an alternative to hard floor steam mop if you floor type is unable to steam.

The best part of this unit is that it is cheap and sturdy, the 2 spinning pads are very useful for removing the dirt and stain on bare floor surfaces, the head is swivel and it is lightweight for maneuvering.

It is recommended for users who can’t use the steam mop and for users who want to wet clean the floor after vacuuming daily.


BISSELL Spinwave 2039A review

BISSELL Spinwave 2039A reviews
BISSELL Spinwave 2039A reviews
BISSELL Spinwave 2039A bottom view
BISSELL Spinwave 2039A –
bottom view

Check for the technologies and benefits of BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, 2039A below

Technologies and benefits of the unit

Constructions: an upright floor mop with 2 spinning pads for cleaning the floor (wet/dry cleaning) and suitable for sealed, hard floors like tile, linoleum, vinyl flooring, and hardwood floors type. Similar Models: 2039, 20391, 20391, 20395, 2039Q, 2039T, 2039W

Free your hand from cleaning the floor

  • This unit has 2 spinning pads that will scrub the floor by using a motor of 0.9 amps.

Flexible for many floor types

  • This unit is safe for use on the hard wood floor and sealed floor types like laminate, vinyl…
  • 2 types of microfiber pads included
  • One is scrubby pads for more scrubbing activities on tiles, wood floors
  • Another is soft touch pads for dedicated sealed floors

Big detergent solution tank that is easy to fill (28 oz)

On-demand sprayer for you to attack stains

Lightweight and swivel head for easy maneuvering

Benefits of BISSELL Spinwave 2039A

This unit fills the gap between a vacuum cleaner and a steam mop. After vacuuming, your floor might still have fine dust and to some users, it is very irritating that requires them to wet clean the floor by hand. This unit allows you to clean multiple floor types gently on a daily basis after vacuuming. A steam mop is designed for routine cleaning (once a month for example) therefore a powered floor mop is more flexible, that is why BISSELL Spinwave 2039A is very popular with a very high rating

Pros and cons of BISSELL Spinwave 2039A


  • A great option for injured person to clean floors effortlessly
  • Compact design, washable pads
  • Long cord and cheap price


  • You should vacuum the floor to avoid sand, glasses to damage the floor when using this model due to the circular motion of the pads

Specifications of BISSELL Spinwave 2039A

  • Warranty: 2 years limited
  • Power Rating: 0.9 Amps
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Power Cord Length: 22′

FAQs of BISSELL Spinwave 2039A

When the pads are spinning, does the cleaning solution sling everywhere?
Answer: Nope! It sprays right in front of the machine and you glide right over it. My floor drys really fast also. I love this thing.

Question: Is the 3 year protection plan by amazon on top of the 2 year manufacturer warranty or they overlap?
Answer: I suspect they overlap but do not know for sure.

Question: Does this sweep or pick up any debris?
Answer: No, that is my only complaint about this machine—you have to sweep the floor very well before you clean it with the spin wave.

Question: does it leave streaks on hardwood floors
Answer: I have not experienced any streaks.

Question: How long does one bottle of the formula last?
Answer: One bottle lasts us about 4 months. Our house is entirely wood floor.

Question: Can you wash the scrubber pads or do they have to be replaced each time?
Answer: You just throw them in the washer and dryer to clean them. They come out great.

Question: Can I use mr clean multisurface cleaner
Answer: You can use any liquid in the “cleaner reservoir”

Question: Does it work as vacuum as well ? Or Do I need to 1st use vacuum and then use this machine ?
Answer: You must vacuum first. This only has pads that spin and clean, no vacuum.

Can Spinwave be used on polished travertine floors
Answer: I’D THINK U CAN. I don’t have travertine floors but it works very well on my wood floors. Any hard surfaces will work fine in my opinion.
I’ve tried this Spinwave on our huge leather sofa (with leather polish), although somewhat softer surface than floor, but it was great!! Effortless polishing, no arm pains, and do… see more

Question: Is this dual voltage?
Answer: It is a plug in unit

Question: Does it make the floor shiny?
Answer: I would call it a satin glow

Question: Has anyone had luck finding a more aggressive pad to put on this machine? I feel like it floats above the floor and isn’t getting a good enough scrub.
Answer: Yes,
I ordered off amazon a more aggressive pad, it wasn’t made by bissell, but attaches great.

Would this work on concrete floors? We just built a home and did wood stamped concrete flooring.
Answer: Yes, it would. I use mine on wood, tile, linoleum. It can go on a flat floor surfaces.

Question: what is included with just the spinwave mop?
Answer: Good question! With the mop 4 pads and 2 bottles of trial size formula are included.

Question: Could this be used for cleaning yoga mats?
Answer: As long as they are heavy weight enough to not wrinkle up, then yes it should

Question: Does it run on batteries?
Answer: No. Only electric

Question: I’m wondering, if this puts water on the floor to clean, how is the water soaked up, or do the pads just absorb the water?
Answer: It is a very light spray, you only spray when you want. The pads and machine are better than anything I ever used. My floors are dry in minutes. I recommend getting one

Question: Can I use tap water?
Answer: yes you can use tap water with this cleaner.

What is the difference between the models 2039 and 2039A?
Answer: Sorry, but I have no idea.

Question: Does this have scrub brushes that will clean grout? I want to be able to buff a pergo floor and scrubb grouted tile in bathrooms. Tks!
Answer: This machine does an excellent job gently cleaning hardwood floors. It isn’t meant to scrub grout.

Question: I have wood-look tile floors that have a slight grain texture- does this do a good job on that?
Answer: Yes it does! I love this spin mop. It does an awesome job cleaning floors.

Question: Is it ok to use liquid based cleaner on hardwood floors when the manufacture says to avoid liuid cleaners?
Answer: Hi Diane – we always recommend following the floor manufacturers recommendations for cleaning. If they do not recommend wet cleaning, we’d advise to follow their cleaning recommendations.

Question: How does it work on pet urine stains?
Answer: Sorry I have not even took it out of the box yet been too busy so I can’t tell you and I don’t have pets

Question: Can it be used as just a steamer without using any cleaning solution?
Answer: No, It’s not a steamer. You can use it with the cleaner to clean the floors and then change the pads and squirt a floor shiner product (I use Rejuvinate or Quick Shine) and my 1940’s hard wood floors look amazing! The best part for me is my back doesn’t hurt after cleaning and shining my entire house like it did using a mop.

Question: is this safe for use on bamboo flooring?
Answer: Yes, this polisher works great on any type of flooring (other than carpeting, of course). This machine is the best investment I’ve ever made!

Question: Can I use a solution of water and vinegar with this?
Answer: I have only used the Bissell recommended products. I would guess you could use water and vinegar. Can’t imagine it could ruin the solution container or the pads.

Question: Are the pads machine washable?
Answer: Yes!

Can i use on floating floor
Answer: I didn’t try on floating floor but I try it on a floor have not a lot water and it’s work good

Question: I have duchateau oiled hardwood floors. i know i can use this to clean the floors before oiling them but can i also use the it to apply the oil?
Answer: Don’t think I would do that it won’t spread even

Question: can you apply wax with it
Answer: This machine is not designed to apply wax to hard floors.


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