BISSELL Proheat Essential Carpet Cleaner and Carpet Shampooer, 1887 reviews wont answer these questions

BISSELL Proheat Essential Carpet Cleaner and Carpet Shampooer, 1887 reviews wont answer these questions

update January 23, 2018

What temperature does the heatwave technology maintain the water at? I need to kill any bed bugs in the carpet.
Answer: Hi Amber – this machine is not designed to kill bed bugs. You may want to contact a professional for dealing with bed bugs.

Question: Does this come with any type of warranty?
Answer: Hi Topaz – this cleaner comes with a 2 year warranty.

Question: What cleaning solution would you recommend for this? Have some stubborn stains on carpet from previous owners. Don’t know how old the stains are.
Answer: we add vinagar to the bissell solution. if the stain is still there, try the original liquid dawn (turquoise) and just make sure you rinse well. that dawn can be used to get stains out of clothing as well. remember it was used on ducks when there was an oil spill.

Question: Machine not sucking up water from catpet
Answer: Make sure vacuum lid closed, and clean. Other thing is it is full, empty water

Question: How big in the attachment for upholstery? I need to clean them all not only spot clean..
Answer: Not big enough

Question: Is it true that if you buy a machine on Amazon; that the manufacturer voids the warranty???
Answer: Good question, our warranty is valid with any new machines purchase direct from Amazon.

Question: Can I turn the brushes off or do I have to use them every time I clean the carpet?
Answer: Hi AUb – the brushes will spin when the machine is in use, they do not turn off.

Question: To rinse off cleaning soultion does the tank have to be dumped and only fresh water poured in to tank or are cleaning solution and water separate?
Answer: Only one tank, i usually use all the cleaner, then rinse.

Question: what is the cleaning width of this maching?
Answer: It is a little narrower than the vacuum cleaning width that I own. I think it is a typical width for an at home carpet cleaner. The machine works well for me and pulls up a lot of dirt from a shag carpet.

Question: Is this a combination shampooed and vacuum?
Answer: It’s only a shampooer and it’s a great one!

Does this cleaner work well on high pile or shag carpet?
Answer: Yes my carpet is shag and it works well. Pulls a lot of dirt up.

Question: Can you turn off the heat?
Answer: Just don’t add hot water to the tank.

Question: Do these components eventually rust like the Hoover cleaners?
Answer: No they do not, this is the second one i have bought, gave 1st one away, never had any rust.

Question: produce vapor
Answer: No this the worst nightmare buying this cleaner. The service is bad on warranty too.

Question: what is the wieght of machine?
Answer: Good question – this cleaner weights about 20 pounds.

Question: Has anyone had this for multiple years of use? What’s the lifespan on these units?
Answer: I only had mines for a year and it is still working good

Question: Can you use it with cold water too?
Answer: I dont see why not, but it has a heater, but it will clean better with hot water

Question: Where does the hose go when vacuuming carpet?
Answer: There is a bracket on the back you wrap the hose around, like the power cord.

Question: Hello, may i use as daily vacuum for carpets ? or is a “cleaner” . i want something that i can use daily as vacuum and for deep cleaning also.
Answer: It is not a vacuum. It is to shampoo your carpets only.

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