BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution 1548 reviews wont answer these questions

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution 1548 reviews wont answer these questions

update January 23, 2018

Do I have to rinse after carpet cleaning with the solution?
Answer: Nope.

Question: Can the piece covering the top of the rollers be removed for easy cleaning? Like on the 1986?
Answer: Yes, it can!

Question: DoesProheat 2x revolution deep cleaner heat the water or not? If not why do you continue to put the word heat in your descriptions????
Answer: I am not sure I can answer the question.

Question: doe it work well on Burber carpets?
Answer: Do not know. I would assume so. Do a small inconspicuous test first

Question: Does this machine have the tool for tile or jard floors
Answer: I don’t think so

Question: Is this model good for those that have no pets but just normal everyday food stains, dirt on the carpet?
Answer: YES! I had a stain from my grandsons spilled something on the rug. I didn’t have a cleaner and I had just tried to get the mess up by blotting and damp cloths. I didn’t get this cleaner for almost one year after the stain appeared. I used this cleaner on the stain as soon as I got it and the stain came right up. T… see more

Question: Our carpets need stretched and have the expected bumps etc. Will this machine work over those or am I going to have problems because of those?
Answer: I think any carpet cleaner with a decent amount of suction will struggle with those.

Question: Can anyone tell me the voltage? IS it 120 -240 v or just 110?
Answer: Hi Leah – this machine is designed for 110v.

Question: Is there a problem with the bottom of Carpet cleaner getting clogged with the 2(vacuum and cleaner) the same hose opening?
Answer: I’ve had mine for a few months and use it a lot. I have several dogs in house and the worst is that the hair get stuck(it is wet) on the upper part of the brushes housing. As up continue to clean it is push out (as a whole) like a slot machine and laid back on carpet. This is easy to pick up BY HAND. Try to NOT PICK it… see more

I need a carpet cleaner with attachments but have no pets. What can you recommend ?
Answer: The Bissell 1548 is the best I have worked with.

Question: Does it have 2 separate tanks
Answer: Yes it does! The top one is for a liquid cleaning tank and the bottom is for the dirty dispenser

Question: Does it have a heater to heat the water
Answer: It does not. This machine uses our HeatWave technology which helps to maintain the temperature of the water placed in the tank. We recommend using hot but not boiling or microwaved water in the machine.

Question: does this come with the hose attachments?
Answer: When I purchased mine from another company (BestBuy) My Cleaning machine did come with some hose attachments and 2 small sample bottles of cleaner.

Question: Does this have a separate tank for soap
Answer: No, same one. But I can sure tell you that this is absolutely the BEST carpet cleaner that I have EVER used. Got stuff out of my bedroom carpet that had been there for 20 years and had been shampooed MANY times prior than this time with other cleaners.

Question: what is the difference between the 1548 model & the 1986 model?
Answer: I don’t know

Question: will this clean shag carpet?
Answer: it will be soaking wet, but yes, it will.

Question: can i use any brand shampoo
Answer: Yes

Question: Is this run on 110 volt or 220 volt ? Looking for international
Answer: 110

Question: I need the belt for this carpet cleaner
Answer: Bissell website, Wal-Mart and Amazon Carry the belt. Just search under model number
will this work with burbur carpet? have burbur in my basement and on my pontoon
Answer: It has worked on mine.

Question: how wide is cleaning head
Answer: 12 inches

Question: 100/240v (v=voltage) or 110~220v ac ?
Answer: Standard 110

Question: This provides heat?
Answer: You start out with hot water. I don’t think it provides heat.

Question: Does it have a clean water rinse as part of the cycle or do you have to re”wash” with clean water?
Answer: It has a single water tank where you put water and cleaner in at the same time. There is a variety of cleaner (soaps) that can be used (from regular to pet/stain types), and, an antibacterial peroxide based that can be used in it. With the mixture ratio of water to cleaner, we’ve never had to re-wash/rinse with just water.

Question: Can I use this for my car seats? (Transport dogs in my car so needless to say, very stinky from wet dog, slobber, hair, vomit and urine)
Answer: I haven’t tried it but I would imagine you could. It has the hand held attachments to use on furniture.

Question: is it 220v-240v?
Answer: Hi Rasha – this cleaner is not 220v – 240v. It’s designed for use on 110v only.

Question: Can this machine clean tile
Answer: This machine is a “Carpet cleaner” so I’m not sure how well this would work on tile. It should work okay for tile but me personally I wouldn’t use it on tile.

Question: I purchased this product a year ago and it worked fine. Now I use it and the dirty water tank does not fill..Any suggestions?
Answer: I would say check to make sure the seals are in place on bottom of tank and where it connects to the steamer. Another thing to check might be if the intake area is clogged and needs to be cleared out. Also check to see if there is a difference between using the hand held attachment and the main unit.

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