Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A reviews wont answer these questions

Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A reviews wont answer these questions

update January 23, 2018 I have ceramic tile floor, do you think it will work well with this kind of floor?
Answer: yes, it will do on ceramic title. we have tile and it picks up everything

Question: There is a foam ring insert around the filter. Is this part of the design or is this packaging material?
Answer: I believe it’s part of the filtering system. I take it off and clean it when I empty the plastic container. Seems to catch a lot of fine dust.

Question: Does it work with urine on tile
Answer: This is a dry vacuum, not a wet vac, shop vac or steam cleaner.

Question: Is it 127 volts?
Answer: 120

Question: does it pick up cat litter
Answer: I don’t have a cat but I have a Parrot and it picks up sun flower seeds. I love this Vacuum put I wish it had a longer cord.

Question: I am considering this vacuum for my son. He lives in an apartment with a cat and has a hardwood floor. Is this better than a cordless sweeper?
Answer: No, I think a cordless sweeper would be a better choice.

Question: does it clean carpets well?
Answer: I have only used it on my throw rugs. Not really made for wall to wall carpets

Question: Does this vaccum have a large capacity container or is it more like a dust buster size container?
Answer: It’s more of a larger dust buster size container. I use mine for getting up pet hair, so I empty the container after each use anyway.

Question: does it pick up dust well
Answer: Yes! Love this!

Question: what filter does it use?
Answer: I haven’t used any filters because the container just comes off to empty

Can this vacuum be used on wood laminate w/o scratching?
Answer: Yes that is all I use mine for

Question: Can this vacuum be used on laminate wood floors w/o scratching?
Answer: Sorry I don’t know. My house is all ceramic tile.

Question: is there some trick to getting the head of this vacuum to stay attached?

Question: How many amps does it have?
Answer: 6 amps. Great power and best sweeper we have ever used to clean up dog hair from 2 Golden Retrievers!

Does it also work on tile?my whole house is tile.
Answer: Yes, works great on tile 😄

Question: Does it work on rugs as well?
Answer: Not unless the rug is flat with very little nap. It was made for just bare floors. But it does an excellent animal hair pick up.

Question: How loud is it?
Answer: Sounds like a normal vacuum.

Question: does this item go under furniture?
Answer: It will go under furniture to the extent the canister will allow. A super vacuum for pet hair and dust on hard wood floors.

Question: how does it work on rugs
Answer: It dose not work on rugs

Can someone tell me the height and width?
Answer: Sure thing – this vacuum is 3′ 7″ tall and 11″ wide at the foot.

Question: Does it work on area rugs?
Answer: If it’s low nap it can, but not really well

Question: I don’t want to use a broom, ever. Will this work even in bathrooms? As in, tight spaces around toilets, etc.?
Answer: Don’t throw away your broom. This will not take the place of a broom for tight places or for sweeping underneath low furniture, but it is Great for open spaces or going around chair legs, and you can get corners if there is enough room to maneuver. It does not have the flexibility of a broom. You will need a broom for … see more

Question: There are many 5 Star reviews for this V cleaner. A couple say it leave scratches on an engineered wood floor. Does it?
Answer: I have not noticed that to be the case. The wheels may need to be cleaned /wiped down from time to time. We have not had to do that. It is a light easy to use vacuum great at picking up pet fur. I do not use it for anything else.

Question: Does it have rubber or plastic wheels? I was told that I should never use plastic wheels on my new laminate flooring, because they can scratch it.
Answer: we have cork, laminate & tile floors no problem
This is our second one in 5 years the wife wore the wheel assembly off the first one

Question: What can I do if it broke with in the first 60 days?
Answer: I would check with your Amazon account and find out the name of the company that you bought it from. Then call them and tell them what happened. Hopefully they will give you some type of replacement of refund. Good luck!

Question: Will this vacuum go under a bed to vacuum?
Answer: No it does not.

Question: How does this do in tight spaces? Particularly inside corners where there isn’t a lot of space to maneuver.
Answer: Because of how it’s angled I think it’s great for corners.

Question: Is this supposed to come with a foam filter? Or was I supposed to buy it seperately?
Answer: All filters included

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