Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner reviews wont answer these questions

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner reviews wont answer these questions

update January 23, 2018

Is there a wall mount I could buy to hang it on the wall when not in use?
Answer: I don’t know – good question though!

Question: How is the suction?
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Answer: I have only used it once but the sunction surpassed my expectations for its size. Great for spills and pet accidents

Question: What is the type of battery that it uses? li-po or ni-mh?
Answer: Hi Andre – this cleaner uses a Lithium Ion battery.

Question: Will this work on a mattress?
Answer: Yes but best if used immediately!

Question: Can this be used on a mattress?
Answer: Not sure, it sucks cleaning fluid from carpet. Pillow top mattress is an uneven surface, may not seal enough to create suction.

Question: Window tool fits what model?
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Answer: Hi Domenick – the window tool will fit the 2003 (this model) but only comes standard with the 2002. It can be ordered separately directly from BISSELL.

Question: is this safe to use on oriental wool carpets?
Answer: Good question, Bronwyn – We’d recommend checking with your carpet manufacturer for their recommended cleaning method.

Question: can it get pet hair off the couch?
Answer: I have not used the pet stain eraser vacuum on my couch yet. I have used it on my carpet and it works very well. Sorry to not be of more help.

Question: does it only spray when the spray button is pushed
Answer: Yes

Question: DOes this unit have to use Bissell solution or can it use other formula from other companies?
Answer: I use different ones and it’s no problem

Does this actually work for dog urine?
Answer: I don’t have any pets but was told by friend who has one that it was great on pet stains (assume urine). I used with the Woolite INSTAclean Pet Stain Remover on some old carpet stains (grease, food, drinks) and it got all of them out using the stain remover and the portable cleaner. Love these 2 things!

Question: does this work well with other stains as well?
Answer: yes, like a wet vacuum

Question: What can be done about many of these units leaking?
Answer: Hi Mary – if your machine is leaking these quick steps will help:

Question: Does this only clean pet stains? Or can it clean food stains too?
Answer: I would think it can do both although I’ve only used it for a fresh dog accident.

Question: How is the bissell pet stain eraser better than the bissell spotlifter?
Answer: Don’t. Know never tried. The spotlifter.

Question: how long does it take to charge?
Answer: HI Katie – this portable cleaner takes about 4 hours to charge.

Question: how long does it take to charge?
Answer: around 4 hours from completely uncharged to full charged

Question: Does this come w/ 1 yr warranty for free and then u pay 6.93 for extended warranty?
Answer: Hi Christine – this cleaner comes with a two year manufacturers warranty. An additional warranty can be purchased from Amazon.

Question: Does this unit have a replaceable rechargeable battery?
Answer: Yes

Question: Could it be used in a tile room?
Answer: Probably but I don’t know why you would need it. It has a brush to scrub carpeting

Does it really clean set-in old dried urine stains in light-colored carpet?
Answer: I have only used on fresh stains and it works great. Only wish I had this earlier with my other dog.

Question: Does this work on number two spots?
Answer: you bet as long as solids are removed before cleaning

Question: Are the bristles powered or motorized in any way?
Answer: Hi Dennis – the brushes are stationary.

Question: Can the unit stay plugged in the charger between uses or will that harm the battery?
Answer: It’s a Ni Cad battery, so no you should not leave it plugged in between charges. It will shorten the life of the battery.

Question: There seems to be a lot of complaints about leaks. Is this a manufacturing defect or can something be done to avoid this problem?
Answer: I’ve really only had it dribble a bit when I haven’t let the liquid in the front section be fully sucked in to the rear holding tank. Make sure everything is properly closed back up after you clean it and you shouldn’t run in to any trouble.

Question: Can I use this on a mattress?
Answer: I haven’t used mine yet but I would tend to think you could–what other options are there?

Question: Will this work on hardwood floors?
Answer: This product is essentially a vacuum with a scrub brush and cleansing solution dispenser attached. So while it would certainly spray and scrub the effected area, the vaccum function wouldn’t work as well on hardwood floors. You might be better off with a steam mop on hardwood and tile.

Question: Will this work on baby spit up?
Answer: I don’t see why not! Works great for our doggie messes.

Question: Does this heat the water/ solution to clean?
Answer: Good question however no this machine does not heat the water. We recommend using hot but not boiling or microwaved water in the machine.

Question: How does this work with car upholstery
Answer: I’ve used it once to clean up dirty paw prints on the fabric upholstery in our truck. It worked great. Just make sure to provide yourself some extra drying time before sitting on the seats.

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