Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner reviews wont answer these questions part 2

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner reviews wont answer these questions part 2

Last updated: 16th July 2018

Does this come with detergent or do I need to buy it separately?
Answer: You will need to buy stain remover specific to pet stains if that will be your use.

Question: Is this the 2054 model ?
Answer: Yes this is – the difference is the color and where it’s sold.

Question: How many attachments are supposed to be with it?
Answer: I received a power charger, the device and two small shampoo containers. Mine was refurbished.

Question: Will it clean older stains, or must it be a fresh pet accident?
Answer: Good question, Janell – this portable cleaner can clean old and new stains!

Question: Can you use this to suck up the urine before cleaning or do you need to soak up the urine with a towel first?
Answer: Actually I spray the area and then vacuum it up. I do go over it a few times, and that seems to work for us.

Question: What other carpet formula can be used with this machine, or does it have to be the Bissel brand portable machine cleaners offered?
Answer: I used ‘Insta Clean with Oxy Pet Stain Destroyers’ and it worked great! I think you could probably use any brands with it.

Question: Can the unit be used upside down and sideways ?
Answer: Yes. The vacuum works as any normal vacuum leak. It is only the spray function that you must use right side

Question: My dog peed on my memory foam mattress while I was away. I’ve tried vinegar and baking soda, but the smell is still there. Would this work?
Answer: I think it will work! When I purchased this, I also purchased the pre-stain treatment as well that I sprayed and let sit for a good 10 minutes to break up those enzymes in the urine. Then, I used the Bissell with their cleaning soap, and the stain and smell came right out. It extracts really well.

Question: Will this work on tile as a steam mop up for puppy puppy puddles?
Answer: Hi Kim – this machine is not designed to clean hard floors.

Question: Could i use this to buff the paint on my station wagon? Including the wood grain on the side?
Answer: Why would even think that could use on paint.
It is a carpet cleaner with no moving brushes. Only use on carpet!!!!!

Does this work on old, set-in stains?
Answer: For my set in cat pee carpet stains it definitely did. I did had to run over it twice and letting the cleaner set in for a couple of minutes also really helps.

Question: Does it come with the battery?
Answer: Yes. You just charge it to full power when you get it. Then you can plug and use. Works very well.

Question: does this work on wood floors
Answer: Hi Robert – this portable cleaner is designed for cleaning soft surfaces.

Question: Will it work on shag carpet/rug?
Answer: I returned mine. It doesn’t suck the water out very good.

Question: What is the year it was manufactured? Thank you
Answer: this machine was manufactured in 2017.

Question: What Stain Remover to you buy to work with this?
Answer: Resolve carpet cleaner is the best-even just using plain water works well.

Question: Will it work on older stains?
Answer: Maybe a little it’s excelent with new pee

Question: Will this work on bed foam/sponge?
Answer: I wouldn’t buy it just for that because I doubt it could work much better than cleaning and blotting the foam. But basically it sprays cleaner then suctions it back up along with the urine or whatever caused the mess, so I guess in theory you could use it on thick foam. If the foam is strong enough to hold up to being … see more

Question: Can I buy a charger for it
Answer: That I don’t know. It’s so small I just keep it plugged in.

Question: Is the cordless portable carpet cleaner include a charger or is if battery operated?
Answer: Its cordless with a charger you plug in. It says the charge lasts 15 minutes but I haven’t had to use it that long to test it. Works great!

Can i use small amount of detergent?
Answer: I don’t see why not.

Question: Can you use hot water instead of cical solution?
Answer: Yes, if you like you can clean with hot water only.

Question: Where can you buy a charger for it? Lost mines.
Answer: Get part number and go to Bissell website for part

Question: What is the difference, besides the price, of this unit and the deluxe model?
Answer: Hi Kathleen – the deluxe version includes the window cleaning tool.

Question: Can you use this on microfiber sofa?
Answer: I don’t see why not. It is very lightweight. It is akin to the old dust buster.

Question: How well does this work on high pile shag rugs?
Answer: Have not used on high pile rugs. I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

Question: Is this a glorified shop vac? Having no moving brissles, what makes it better than a shop vac and a can of cleaner?
Answer: The Pet Stain Eraser is much easier to carry around than a shop vac! I bought one because my senior cat has “accidents” on my living room carpet. After picking up as much as I can with a paper towel, I use the Pet Stain Eraser to take care of the residual stain and smell. It does a great job in a very short time. Th… see more

Question: I am trying to litter train my kitten. Will this help clean up any poo stains left behind in the carpet? I’m tired of scrubbing.
Answer: Yes. I’ve used it for all sorts of pet stains. I really like this product. It’s easy to use and gets the job done.

Question: How does the sucking power compare to the plug in models (spot blot & green machine) ? How do you measure the sucking power?
Answer: It doesn’t suck as well. I sprayed some additional water on the spot to aid the cleaner. It took quite a while to remove the 1/3 C of water cleaner mixture. I had the plug in model in the past and it was much better.

Question: I have a repeat urination stain on the carper that is light but had soaked in deep. Will this remove the odor?
Answer: I would think it would depend on how soon you were able to clean up the spot. The suction on the Bissell Pet stain eraser is great.

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