Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum Lightweight Bagless reviews wont answer these quwstions

Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum Lightweight Bagless reviews wont answer these quwstions

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update January 23, 2018

Is there an on/off button, or do you have to hold a lever in all the time it is turned on?
Answer: There is an on/off button.

Question: Will this work for a motorhome with moderate dirt and dog hair, and fairly short napped Carpet?
Answer: No, you’re gonna need to invest in a better vaccum more suited towards dog hair. My dog who is a chow chow pit bull mix, doesn’t shed a lot, but this vaccum doesn’t pick up hair very well.

Question: I want to vac *car*. but will that wear out filter? how long does filter last? anyone needed to replace it? does it wash well?
Answer: It’s good for vacuuming the car. It washes good but you need to dry really good before reusing it.

Question: Would this work well for kitty litter that gets tracked outside of the litter box?
Answer: Definitely !!

Question: Is this a canister or does it require bags?
Answer: There is no canister and it does not need bags.

Question: is it durable?
Answer: Absolutely yes, I had one for couple years. This is my second one.

Question: Does it lay flat to go under a bathroom vanity and will it vlean under a baseboard?

Answer: Yes. The handle goes down all the way. If you would like one you can find Mr. Sweeper in the listing of sellers for this product. Fast Shipping and 30 day Satisfaction Guaranty! Thank you, Mr. Sweeper,

Question: Is this better than the dirt devil?
Answer: I haven’t owned a dirt devil. It won’t pick up pet hair though. I have a small dog and so I wanted it to have more suction.

Question: Is this dual voltage? For 220v
Answer: Hi Ice – this vacuum is not dual voltage and designed for 110v only.

Question: Can this product be use in Japan (voltage)?
Answer: You may need an adapter, because U.S. plugs are polarized, which is not required in Japan.
What is the difference except colors in these 3 vaccums – prices vary 24.99, 43.41, 39.94?
Answer: I too ordered the blue one and absolutely love it. It picks up every bit of dirt and and hair on my floors. You might want to read the write ups on the Amazon site to see what the difference is. . I paid 24.99 for mine and it does exactly what it says it will.
The bottom half comes right off, the filter cleans ver… see more

Question: Does this vacuum pick up small amounts of kitty litter? It’s on a tile floor
Answer: I am sorry i have not tried that but all the dust and small pieces on the floor it picks it up.

Question: How much does this vacuum weigh?
Answer: 2.6 pounds. Sightly more than a quart of milk.

Question: Is the height adjustable?
Answer: no

Answer: It has to be plugged in, so you would need to either use it close to a power outlet, or with an extension cord plugged into an outlet.
By BrittJean on November 16, 2017

Question: can you use on furniture?
Answer: Yes, for the price it’s a good vac.
By Charlie Brown on November 17, 2017

Question: does it work on bedbugs
Answer: I have NO idea.

Question: Does it stand upright on it’s own?
Answer: Yes it does, Sara!

Question: How many volts is this? I’m looking for a 12 volt.
Answer: You -could- get a ‘A/C power inverter’, so you can use corded things in car (or anywhere, with portable ‘jump start’ battery)
Needs 220+ watts tho (small 80watt inverters won’t work).
A/C inverters are COOL to have! MANY uses!

Question: Can a 5 year old use this?
Answer: Too heavy and tall. I could see a ten year old using it well enough.

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