cleanview 1831 reviews

Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner and Carpet Cleaner, 1831 reviews

Bissell Cleanview Upright 1831 reviews

Last update: 20th July 2018


cleanview 1831 reviews

Bissell Cleanview 1831 is a low priced vacuum unit from a famous brand. This model belongs to the Cleanview series of Bissell (other popular models such as Bissell Cleanview 9595A, Bissell Cleanview 1819). It has all of the fundamental features of an upright vacuum unit such as big cleaning path, picking up the debris with only one stroke (Onepass technology), standard dust bin size (2.0 Liters) and standard weight (15.4 lbs). There are 4 main tools that goes along with Bissell Cleanview 1831 including TurboBrush Tool, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool and Extension Wand. It has 2 years warranty from Bissell.

Recommendation: people who are looking for an affordable, reliable vacuum with limited budget, home with carpeted surfaces and pets.


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What is the best benefits of Bissell Cleanview Upright 1831?

  • Great price. It is super cheap actually.
  • Very popular & high rating from consumers. This is one of the most important factor why we highly recommend the model 1831 when someone is looking for a home-vac under $100 range.
  • It cleans amazingly the carpets from low pile to high pile. This is the best value of Bissell 1831. There are a switch dial on the brush head for you to adjust the brush height to fit from bare floors to high pile carpets
  • Removing the dirt is easy
  • When dealing with hair, it does a great job too.

How Bissell Cleanview Upright 1831 work?


The Bissell Cleanview Upright 1831 is constructed as a classic upright home vac. It has a low profile brush head, an upright canister for dust storage), fingertips control and a long hose for attaching the tools.

Technology and features of the model

  • OnePass Technology 

OnePass Technology is the core technology of Bissell Cleanview series. It is named Onepass to indicate that the vacuum can be able to pick up debris with only a single stroke, while others need to move back and forth for a few times to pick up the whole debris on the surface.

  • Powerful, Multi Cyclonic Suction System

Bissell Cleanview uses a cyclonic air system to give more suction power. Today, most of the upright vac units on the market use this technology when designing the air system.

  • Multi-Level Filtration

This unit is a bagless upright vac and it uses foam, washable filters at pre and post motor position to capture the dirt and debris. It does not have HEPA.

  • Powerful motor

Bissell Cleanview 1831 model use a motor of 8 amps rating.

  • Large-Capacity Dirt Bin

The dust bin size of the 1831 model is 2.0 liters. For your rough estimation, a casual upright vac will generally have the dust bin size of 1.5 liters to efficiently clean the whole home with 1800 sq ft at once without the need to empty.

  • Versatile, Multi-Surface

The switch dial on brush head allows you to clean carpets and area rugs easily, no matter what pile height they are

  • TurboBrush Tool for picking up pet hairs

This is a useful tool for picking up hair on stairs, upholstery and car. It use rotating brush to agitate and lift up the hair.

Performance (Demo)

Here you can view the performance of Bissell Cleanview series. Video credited to Bissell brand

Performance (real results)

When vacuuming the carpets and area rugs, this unit remove a lot of hairs and debris, like in the photo shown below.

cleanview 1831 performance photo

Bissell Cleanview 1831 compared with other models 

Lets’ compare most popular, highly rating models in the Cleanview series : Cleanview vs Cleanview Plus vs Cleanview Plus Rewind vs Deluxe Rewind ( model 1831 vs 1822 vs 1825 vs 1819, respectively). Generally, they are differed by motor use, triple action cleaning, automatic cord rewind and dust bin size.

Comparison table

Cleanview ModelEdge to Edge CleaningAutomatic Cord RewindCord LengthTank CapacityWeightTools Warranty
183125 ft.2.0 Liter15.4 lb.TurboBrush Tool,
Dusting Brush,
Crevice Tool,
Extension Wand
2-Year Limited
182230 ft.2.0 Liter15.4 lb.TurboBrush Tool,
Dusting Brush,
Crevice Tool,
Extension Wand
3-Year Limited
182525 ft.1.0 Liter15.4 lb.TurboBrush Tool, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Extension Wand,3-Year Limited
181927 ft.1.0 Liter15.4 lb.TurboBrush Tool,
Dusting Brush,
Crevice Tool,
Extension Wand
3-Year Limited


Rating and customer feedback 

You can read hundreds of customer reviews and feedback of this model from site here.


Bissell Cleanview 1831 is a cheap home vac that has a lot of benefits such as reliable, multi-floor cleaning capacity, good for pet owners. It also have some limitations such as no fancy features (HEPA, swivel steering, auto retractable cord).

Bissell Cleanview 1831 troubleshooting and FAQs

I have a great pyrenees that sheds terribly. my current vacuum gets horribly clogged within seconds. is this good for pets with long hair?
Answer: Hi, yes it is. We have a cat as well and it does an awesome job

Question: what is weight of vacuum
Answer: It is about 15 lb.

Question: Does this model have a belt?
Answer: Yes it has a belt.

Question: It´s a 110 v or 220 v ?
Answer: 110v most all vacuums are. 220v are for ovens, dryers, and washers.

Question: I see good reviews for pets. How is it on switching from carpet to hardwood floors
Answer: I have never used any vacuum on bare floors, so i wouldnt know off hand. All I know for sure is the suction power can handle bare floors based on how it tackles the carpet.

Question: does cord have a rewind?
Answer: no

Question: Can you adjust the height for different types of carpeting?
Answer: Yes , it has different setting from floors to high pile carpets.

Question: Can you use the handheld for under sofa cushions? Thinking about getting the vacuum and handheld bundle.
Answer: I either did not get the bundle, or did not keep track of the attachment for that job. However, there is a long hose on the vacuum that I sometimes use like a shop vac. This can go under furniture. So, I am pretty sure, with the right attachment, this would work for you.

Question: What is the size of the box? Can I fit in a luggage?
Answer: The box measures about 4 feet by 2 feet. I doubt it would fit in luggage.

Question: Does it reach edge of floors or does it leave a border of dust?
Answer: It does have a pretty good edge cleaner. Picks up dust and dog hair along baseboards.

Question: Is this the same as the 9595a?
Answer: No it is not the same in features and benefits.

Question: Are the 9595a filters compatible with this model?
Answer: Yes, they are!

Question: What is its power?
Answer: It’s power is a lot suction power, very powerful not noisy.

Question: What’s onepass technology?
Answer: In my opinion, guessing it means that it has very good suction in one pass….it does that! Very good suction!

Question: The carpet cleaning – how does this work?
Answer: It dose the job and it like a vacuum just better

Question: Does it work well on tile floors also?
Answer: That I do not know, but I do have plastic carpet mats. They do have grooves and, I vacuum those all the time; and it works flawlessly. I also have linoleum floors and that works well to (depending on what’s on the floor).

Question: Do i need to buy filters?
Answer: No, however I bought a fabreeze filter.

Question: Is this a vacuum cleaner and rug cleaner?
Answer: No. Vacuum only.

Question: Can the roller be removed for cleaning (long hair) without tools?
Answer: Yes
does this vazzum have a retractable cord?
Answer: No it does not….but The best vacuum I have ever owned for suction, light weight & easy clean up.

Question: I bought one of these about 8 months ago, the suction has stopped when I use the hose, and when I use it on the bare floor – it spits out the back. ??
Answer: Have you taken the container apart and cleaned it? Also smack out the air filter like a chalk board eraser and see what that does.

Question: Does vacuum only come with filters?
Answer: Filters are built-in. No extra filters provided.

Question: How wide is the vacuum head, where the roller is?
Answer: 13 1/2 inches

Question: Can I use that vacuum on laminate floor
Answer: Yes you can, and you can set it to a higher power for that.

Question: Bissell 1831 vacuum. Wood floors?
Answer: I prefer to use it on carpet.

Question: The vaccuum is giving off electric shocks. What do I do?
Answer: Hold a piece of metal on the other hand.

Question: Does this perticular package “vacuum only” come with a filter already? Or do i have to purchase one separately?
Answer: it already comes with a filter.

Question: is this good on hardwood floors?
Answer: A bit loud but ok

What is the difference between this model and the 1834?
Answer: That I do not know. Since I never had the 1834 I couldn’t tell you, I’m sorry. But what I can tell you is that the 31 has shown it’s self to be a great buy. We had a shark before this and it seems to do better than that even.

Question: Does it do bare floors too?
Answer: It has an option on the dial for bare floors, but the brush keeps spinning, making it not the best option for bare floors. I have a seperate vacuum that’s made specifically for my hardwood and tile floors.

Question: Is it easy to clean clogs out of the hose?
Answer: Yes

Question: Hi. What is wrong with the used/good condition vacume?
Answer: Nothing is wrong with those ones. They’re just open box returns.

Question: How long is the manufacturer’s warranty?
Answer: Two years but you have to fill out a slip and send it to Bissell

Question: How well does this work on hardwood floors?
Answer: We only have carpet; Italian Tile floors in our home. But it worked great on all the tile that runs down the hallway, thru the breakfast nook, kitchen & dining room floors. It picked up debris along the edges & in the grout joints too.

Question: Can anyone suggest an extension hose that fits this vacuum?
Answer: I don’t no what you mean

Question: what filter do you use for this vacuum?
Answer: No filter needed.

Question: I can’t figure out how to hook up the attachments. Do I remove the hose at the top or the bottom? Help!
Answer: It is removed at the bottom
I have a cat and need a vacuum that’s going to suck up the cat litter that sometimes gets on my carpet, any other cat owners that have tried this guy?
Answer: I have 2 cats that constantly shed and trail traces of litter. This Vacuum does the trick.

Question: What are the Differences between 1831 and the 1819?
Answer: No

Question: What are the amps?
Answer: 8 amp motor.

Question: Does this vacuum lay for under furniture cleaning?
Answer: No

Question: How is it on carpeted stairs?
Answer: this is the best vacuum I ever used. It’s great on carpeted stairs but the vacuum cleaner it self is awkward to maneuver on the stairs.

Question: how does it do at keeping the fine dust in the can and not all over my black leather couches.
Answer: I haven’t had any problem with any fine dust showing up on my brown leather. The dirt/dust seems well contained in the can until it is physically emptied.

Question: Has anyone tried this on kitty litter? my cat is very old and likes to track it everywhere!
Answer: I use it to get kitty litter off of laminate, carpet and kitty litter “rug” in front of the litter boxes. It does well on the carpet and litter “rug” but doesn’t always pick up everything on the laminate.


Bissell Cleanview Upright 1831 reviews
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