Bissell 1819 Cleanview Rewind Deluxe Upright Bagless Vacuum reviews wont answer these questions

Bissell 1819 Cleanview Rewind Deluxe Upright Bagless Vacuum reviews wont answer these questions

update January 23, 2018

What attachment to use for vacuuming under the bed?
Answer: The turbo brush attached to the hose gets under the bed

Question: How well does this suck up human hair? I’m shedding constantly and cannot find a vacuum that is powerful enough
Answer: Does really well with dog hair so I don’t see why it wouldn’t do good with human hair

Question: Does this work on hard floors
Answer: Yes

Question: Can the roller be turned off?
Answer: I don’t think so.

Question: Ok for carpet? Pets?
Answer: This vacuum is the absolute BEST one I have EVER owned! I am amazed at how much dust it ‘sucked’ up after having just used my other vacuum cleaner on the rug just the day before. I thought my other one was good at cleaning (it was a Dirt Devil, similar to the Bissell), but when I saw all the dust/dust bunnies in the … see more

Question: Is it a wet and dry vacuum?
Answer: No…its not a shop vac.

Question: how easy is the hose to use and reconnect?
Answer: Have had NO problem at all. Great vacuum. Lightweight, great suction, cord rewind, three filters, vacuum’s very close to the wall i love that. Bought mine for $99.

Question: Does this have a hardwood mode to prevent the brushes from spinning?
Answer: Although there is a setting for bare floors, the brushes spin whenever the motor is running.

Question: How much does it weigh
Answer: Hi Katherine – this vacuums weighs about 16 pounds.

Question: Cleaning hair from bin
Answer: Yes, I have a golden retriever so I gets lots of hair! When I open the door over the trash sometimes all the hair doesn’t come out so I reach in with my hand to pull the rest out manually. Sometimes I have to pull the whole purple center out to get the hair out of there as well.

Is there a switch to change from floor to hose
Answer: No. There is only an “on/off” switch and dial to change the level of the floor brush. The brush stays on no matter if you’re doing floors or using the hose.

Question: Where is the on/off switch located?
Answer: On the front portion of the handle. While sweeping your thumb can turn it on and off.

Question: Does the dirt and hair get stuck up in the top of the bagless container? On our current one you have to dig it all out and it is so messy!
Answer: I have 2 cats and have not had any trouble with hair getting stuck in the top. Have been super happy with the vacuum and it’s suction power.

Question: How is it with pet hair?
Answer: how is it with a lot of pet hair

Question: Can it clean under bad does it go flat to roll under bed?
Answer: no it does not go flat

Question: Difference between this and the 1332 model?
Answer: I’m not sure but I love this vacuum cleaner

Question: How does this vacuum do for hair? Long human hair and pet hair?
Answer: Please refer to my review

Question: how heavy?
Answer: Not heavy, I’m a kinda normal (new normal) sized 70 yr old woman and it is easy to use. Another reviewer mentioned the speed of the rewind, that person was right it whips back into vacuum so watch where your hands are when you rewind (in my case it hit my wrist)

Question: Does this vacuum have Hepa filter or special filter for allergens?
Answer: Good question however this vacuum is not a sealed HEPA system. It does feature multi level filtration with a washable pre motor filter and a pleated post motor filter.

Question: how wide is the cleaning path?
Answer: Around 12 inches or so

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