bissell 1806 powerfresh deluxe steam mop

Bissell 1806 PowerFresh Deluxe Steam Mop reviews

Bissell 1806 PowerFresh Deluxe Steam Mop reviews

Last updated: 16th August 2018

Bissell 1806 PowerFresh Deluxe Steam Mop reviews

#Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A reviews

Bissell 1806 PowerFresh Deluxe is a low price steam mop which earns a high rating because it has all of the classic features that you need for.

The Bissell 1806 is affordable (under 100 range), has variable steaming control level, heat up in 30 seconds, uses scent disc for bringing a fresh smell after steaming.

The downside of this steam mop is that it does not have additional tools for above surface cleaning like the Bissell Powerfresh Pet unit.

Let’s check for the technologies and benefits of this Bissell 1806.


bissell 1806 powerfresh deluxe steam mop
bissell 1806 powerfresh deluxe steam mop

Technologies and benefits of this Bissell 1806 steam mop


Bissell 1806 PowerFresh is one of the classic steam mop, which is constructed for hard floor steaming such as tile, hard wood, ceramics and more. The model uses removable microfiber pad with scented discs to sanitize the floor and to bring the fresh air without using harmful chemical. It also has a on-board brush to tackle the spots and stains. Like any steam mop this model has variable steam levels.

bissell 1806 powerfresh deluxe steam mop reviews
bissell 1806 powerfresh deluxe steam mop with spotboost brush for stain steaming


The Bissell 1806 PowerFresh uses a 1500W power (12 amps motor) to create the steam. Actually, most of Bissell steam mop models uses the same power therefore you might expect all of the steam mop from this brand delivers powerful steaming equally.

Variable steam control 

The Bissell 1806 PowerFresh has 2 steam levels which is suitable for ceramics, tiles, laminate.. You can adjust the steaming level that fits with your floor type to remove the stains without harming the floor.

Microfiber pads plus scented disc

Bissell steam mops always use microfiber pads (washable) with scented disc to bring the fresh air to the floor, this is the key difference between bissell models and other brands. While using scented disc in a steam mop is optional, users feel that steam mop with scented disc is better because it can bring the fresh air to the home without using chemical sprayers.

Lightweight, wide cleaning path

The model has a cleaning path 12’’ and it is just about 5.7 lbs therefore it is very easy to move around.

2 years warranty from Bissell is another plus point.

Specifications of Bissell 1806 PowerFresh

  • Warranty: 2 year limited
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs empty; 6.9 lbs full tanks
  • Power Rating: 12 amps
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Heater: Yes
  • Heater Ready Light: Yes
  • Heater Warm-Up Time: 30 seconds
  • Power Cord Length: 25 ft
  • Automatic Cord Rewind No
  • Surface Type: Bare Floors, Hard Floors
  • Surface Cleaning: Sealed Floors, Vinyl, Bare Floors
  • Cleaning Path Width: 12 inches
  • Tank Capacity: 19 oz
  •  Carpet Glide: No
  •  Swivel Head: Yes
  • Cleaning Area: Bare Floors, Hard Floors
  • Variable Steam Control: Yes
  • Storage Hook No
  • Carpet Attachment No
  • Carry Handle: Yes
  • Pad: Microfiber

Pros and cons of the Bissell 1806 PowerFresh


Bissell 1806 PowerFresh is one of the cheapest steam mop that works. It is ready to use with all of the required features for a floor steam mop. That’s why it has a very high rating from users.


This model is designed for floor steaming only, therefore if you need to clean above surfaces such as kitchen countertop, you should choose a model with above floor cleaning tool such as the Bissell PowerFresh Pet steam mop. Besides, it does not have carpet glider, therefore you can’t steam the area rug or carpet with this unit.

Performance the Bissell 1806 PowerFresh

bissell 1806 powerfresh deluxe steam mop performance before after
bissell 1806 powerfresh deluxe steam mop performance before after
bissell 1806 powerfresh deluxe steam mop performance
bissell 1806 powerfresh deluxe steam mop performance

Compare Bissell 1806 PowerFresh vs 1940, symphony, Powerfresh pet 

comparisonPowerFresh DeluxeSymphony PetSymphonyPowerFresh Lift Off PetPowerFresh PetPowerFresh
Variable Steam Control yesyesyesyesyesyes
Microfiber Pads222222
Scent DiscsYes - 2 Spring Breeze DiscsNoNoYes - 2 Odor Eliminator DiscsYes - 2 Odor Eliminator DiscsYes - 2 Spring Breeze Discs
SpotBOOST Brush
Above Floor Cleaning Tools
Vacuum Feature
Disposable Pads

Recommendation of Bissell 1806 PowerFresh

  • Recommended for users who are finding a low price steam mop for bare floor and hard surfaces that works.
  • Against for users who are looking for a multifunctional steam mop. Another suggestion if you need to steam carpets, rug, kitchen countertop,…, will be Steam Cleaner Multifunctional Steamer from Light ‘N’ Easy -a well renowned UK brand.

FAQs and troubleshooting of Bissell 1806 PowerFresh

Can this be used on luxury vinyl planks? I’m not worried about the moisture as this floor is waterproof but about fading or warping from heat.
Answer: I have only used it on laminate and tile. I can’t think the steam would be hot enough to ruin your vinyl, but it wouldn’t hurt to check with their web site.

Question: does the pad stay on?
Answer: Yes, the pad stays on. However, if you place them in the dryer once washed they will shrink over time. Of course, the smaller they are the harder they are too get on. Eventually they won’t fit at all. I wash mine without using fabric softener and lay them on top of the dryer until they dry. They will dry overnight.

Question: What’s included in the 2 year limited warranty per the “from the manufacturer” diagram (not protection plan)?
Answer: I don’t know the answer. Sorry.

Question: Can you use it on carpeting. My mother has synthetic carpet in her living room and would like to steam clean the high traffic areas. She’s 83.
Answer: only used on linoleum

Question: Does this steamer use the same mop heads as the previous model?
Answer: I do not know the one I purchased was my first. But I can say it cleans and washes well. One was included and then I purchased extra, I still haven’t used my extra. I hope this helps!

Question: The bundle packages comes with a cleaner. Do you use one with this machine?
Answer: No I just use water

Question: Can it be used for carpet cleaning
Answer: Not sure as we didn’t purchase it with carpet cleaning in mind.

Question: Does it come with carpet gliders or do I have to purchase separately?
Answer: This is not for use on carpets.

Question: How do you empty the tank? It seems weird to just hold it upside down over the sink- is there a better way?
Answer: I never empty it -does it need to be emptied? It’s plain water

Question: how many steam holes on base and are they all over or just in one or two spots?
Answer: There are NO holes in the base; there’s a modified “T” shaped opening from which the steam is evenly distributed across the base. I’ve had mine for over a year and I find it to be VERY efficient… there is a LOT of steam.

How much water does the tank hold?
Answer: I just pour a 16.9 oz. drinking water in!!! Perfect fit!

Question: Must use distilled water?
Answer: I use our reverse osmosis water. Works perfect!

Question: does it leave streaks on dark shiny laminate flooring? is safe on laminate?
Answer: Yes it is safe and no streaks but my floor is brown. Dries quick so I say no streaks.

Question: Do you have to buy the bundle to get the washable pads for the mop?
Answer: No you do not need to buy the bundle package. The mop comes with I think 2 washable pads

Question: Does the floor base put out steam from multiple jets or just one in the center as one reviewer described?
Answer: I am not entirely sure, but even if steam does come out of one port, it is evenly distributed across the pad. Whenever I use my steam mop, I get a wide portion of hot steam distributed from the mop head.

Question: Does the steam express evenly across the head or just from the middle?
Answer: The steam comes from like a “t” in the middle but is very well distributed for even cleaning. Well worth the dollars spent. I hope this helps

Question: Can I use this on white porcelain?
Answer: I don’t see why not, I use it on my white ceramic tile all the time.

Question: Does this have a water filter that needs replacing? I used to have a Bissell steam mop years ago that had a water filter.
Answer: No filter on this one, this is an amazing mop i’ve had for a few months now and I have a big german sheperd and it cleans all the messes lol

Question: What kind of water does it need?
Answer: Plain tap water is fine….or use distilled water if your tap water has lots of impurities.

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