Best steam mop deal

Best steam mop deal

Last update: 16th July 2018

Steam mop cleans, sanitizes and polish hard wood floors, tile floors and even carpets without using chemical. There are over 120+ steam mop models from big brands such as Bissell, Shark, Hoover, Light N Easy, Dirt Devil, SKG, O-Ceda, Vonhaus and so on, but not all of them are rated the same. Let’s have a look at best rated steam mop and the best steam mop deal on this month.

What is today best steam mop deal?

Today best steam mop deal is Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 is among top choices, with over three thousand feedback from users. This unit has all of the feature that a steam mop should have, including start steaming in 30 seconds, XL water tank (450 ml), 2 sides microfiber pad and the steam-on-demand trigger. It is also ultra-lightweight and super affordable. The discount of this model makes it an irresistible steam mop unit you would love to have for sure.

Steam mop for carpet deal

Not all the steam mops can work on carpet surfaces. If you need to steam carpets and rugs, you should choose a model with a carpet glider included. Let’s check for the best deals in this extent.

Light N Easy is a well known brand with a history of over 60 years. This steam mop unit is a multi-functional device, allowing you to steam for a lot of surfaces not limited to the floors. You may find it useful when steaming oven, cooking top, garment or window. It works effectively on carpet surfaces too. This unit has a standard water tank (about 340 ml), 3 different steam levels, lightweight (about 6 lbs.) With over 1,000 feedback with super high rating, Light N Easy steam mop is a perfect choice for all purpose steaming.

SKG steam mop is also another popular choice. Despite this model is just appeared recently on the market, SGK steam mop receive a high rating from consumers. This unit also has multi-functional benefits and its triangle head shape allows to clean the edges and corners better. However, its weight is 2 fold compared to Light N Easy unit.

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